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Uninvited Guests at the Westminster Dog Show

Written by PETA | February 12, 2008

I talked a bit yesterday about the ad we have running during the Westminster Dog Show, which is like a great big frat party for dog breeders, but what I didn’t mention was that we also had a team on the ground waiting to greet attendees, and inform passersby exactly what the breeding industry means for animals. The demonstration—which involved body bags to symbolize the millions of homeless animals who won’t be getting a mention at the dog show and signs reading “Breeders kill shelter dogs’ chances”—was a big success, and the pics are really striking. Here’s what PETA VP Daphna Nachminovitch had to say about the protest:

“Breeders churn out puppies for a buck and go so far as to oppose spay/neuter laws that can save animals’ lives. All dogs are created equal, but millions of wonderful mixed-breed dogs across the country are paying with their lives because of purebred mania.”




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  • OlejaBusiorBum says:

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  • babs says:

    so what happens to breeds? do they become extinct? I only have rescue mutts but there are responsible people protecting the breeds. I think licensing needs to be strict for breeder but I think they serve to protect the breeds. Id hate to see them all disappear

  • Ted says:

    WTG! Peta! so proud of ya!

  • Luke Swanhart says:

    Considering there are MILLIONS of homeless cats and THOUSANDS of homeless dogs all across Florida I’m doing everything I can to get HB541 passed. I don’t like the title “mandatory sterlilzation” because all this is is no different than a fishing license renaming it would make it sound less harsh but is the same thing. This bill if passed into law will promote pet ownership responsibility but there are very very serious COMMUNITY HEALTH issues when it comes to strays HOMELESS CATSDOGS ARE EPIDEMICAND OF VERY SERIOUS PUBLIC HEALTH CONCERNSPLEASE READ FOR OUR SAFETY!! Re BREEDING ANY CATDOG SHOULD REQUIRE A LICENSE DUE TO EPIDEMIC OF HOMELESS ANIMALSenvironmental AND Health hazards very seriousAND IS VERY DESTRUCTIVE FOR OUR ECONOMY IN ALL LEVELS!!!! IF WE ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE A FISHING LICENSE I do not understand why Florida allows people to breed animalsany kind of dog and catwhich are animalswithout a license. That is why we have lawsto protect the people. Please pleaseread thisyou really need to understand the public health risks and horrendous expenses of uncontrolled breeding!!! THE HOMELESS ANIMAL POPULATION IS QUITE DRASTIC AND EPIDEMIC IN FLORIDA. Why DO we have laws? To protect society. For safety. Well this is a very very very serious safety issue! +++VERY SERIOUS COMMUNITY HEALTH RISKS!+++ Though we never had bird flu before we certainly are not immune from it. 1 Bird flu comes from migratory birds. 2 CATS CAN CATCH AND SPREAD BIRD FLU TO OTHER CATSother mammals too even humans httpnews.nationalgeographic.comnews2004090902040902birdflu.html A bird flu virus killed 26 people in Asia and led to the vast slaughter of poultry several months ago. Now a new study says the flu can also infect cats and that cats can spread the flu to other cats. The finding raises the possibility that they may eventually spread the flu to other mammals including humans. The new research suggests that domestic cats are at risk of disease or death from the avian virus. The cats can also play a role in the transmission of the virus scientists say. “That cats could so easily be infected and could transmit the infection to other cats means that in areas where poultry are infected with H5N1 virus cats could act as vectors” said Thijs Kuiken a veterinary pathologist in the department of virology at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam Holland. “Cats could transmit the virus from one poultry farm to another or could transmit the virus to people” said Kuiken an author of the study described in tomorrow’s issue of the journal Science. 3 WHAT DO CATS EAT? You got itbirds and SICK BIRDS from bird flu other virus or other parasites make EASY PRAY! SICK CATS!! 4 HOW MANY HOMELESS CATS IN FLORIDA??? MILLIONS. Homeless cats are EVERYWHERE. Dumpsters. Schools. Parking lots. Stores. You name itliterally everywhere. And people just keep on letting them breed and they keep on coming..oh well there’s no need for a license so they do it. Simply because they can. There are cases people are calling 911 because homeless dogs form PACKS. They attack people. Children. Law enforcement handling such situations can be extremely dangerous for the officers. COSTS The seriousness of escalating costs of dog pounds costing multiple millions of dollars PER COUNTY EVERY SINGLE YEAR that county funds also pay for schools and law enforcementwhich the STATE must contribute to education and law enforcement is facing cut backsmeanwhile DOG POUNDS COST MORE EVERY YEAR millions per county every year! I have written enquiries to every single County in the State of Florida and I can tell you on the average it costs each county over a million dollars a year to man a dog pound. I can provide you the data I have not all counties responded or even refused to respondbut many have. Here are some examples MiamiDade spent TEN MILLION DOLLARS in 2007 33000 animals killed In Polk County FL $2.4 MILLION was operating costs for 200725331 dogscats impounded 18662 were put to death. Lake County FL 2007 $1.75 million in operating costs and 10442 animals were killed. Escambia County FL 2007 $1384840.00 cost16176 dogscats impounded 11725 killed. 2007 Hillsborough County $8353604.00 cost. 33263 impounded26727 KILLED. Animal services in Pinellas County FL cost $5439310.00 2007 19209 dogscats impounded. 11228 killed. Jacsonville FL alone killed 24000 dogscats last year costing millions of dollars. Those figures are when the economy was in much better shape. Well homeless animals have tripled if not quadrupled since 2007. Therefore the cost of dog pounds have increased accordingly!!! HB451COMMON SENSE APPROACH TO HOMELESS ANIMAL POPULATION EXPLOSION EPIDEMIC IN FLORIDA SUPPORT HB451PLEASE COSPONSOR MANDATORY SPAYNEUTERING OF CATSDOGS If we are required to have a fishing license then why not for letting ones cat or dog breedit will promote RESPONSIBILITY! We truly have a VERY SERIOUS distressing PROBLEM in Floridaa horrible epidemic of homeless cats and dogs ferals and strays!. This legislation HB451 would make Florida a safer place for all people and save animals’ lives. According to one Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study male dogs who are not neutered are almost three times more likely to attack a human being than sterilized male dogs are. And HB 451 recognizes that “in addition to reducing pet overpopulation spaying and neutering have other positive effects including decreased aggression and temperament problems reduced risk of cancer and decreased drive to roam in search of a mate or fight with other animals…” Per the CDC Florida had 26 cats of known RABIES in 2006 ALONE. Rabies is really a very serious health hazardstrays and ferals eat whatever they can find including sick animals rabid wildlife loses their fear of predators. httpwww.cdc.govrabiesepidemiology.html Please understand homeless animals mostly cats IS a serious Public Health and environmental issue. Thank you for your time and reading

  • Akita Lover says:

    I am very much against pet shops against backyard breeders and against people making money from breeding dogs. I’m also not a fan of certain breeds of dogs that have been created by humans and bred to look cute regardless of health problems etc. However there are some breeds of dogs that weren’t create by humans. Australian Dingos African Basenjis Japanese Akitas these are all original breeds. Not created by breeding by humans but pure animals who have been around for thousands of years. I am offended that PETA would be against the wonderful people who ensure these original breeds survive. This is not ‘dog racism’ this is wanting these unique animals to avoid extinction. The PETA idea that all breeders are bad is wrong. The PETA idea that wanting certain pure breeds to remain pure is ‘racism’ is also wrong. Wanting original breeds of dogs to survive is no different from wanting any other threatened species of animal to survive. We should unite as animal lovers dog lovers against commercial breeders backyard breeders puppy farmers and those who breed dogs to be pleasing to humans regardless of health. We should NOT be lumping noncommercial ethical breeders of original breeds in with the latter.

  • the shelter dog says:

    Breeders don’t kill the shelter dog…the everyday person does by letting their dog run loose and get pregnant by another dog running loose. Owners of these dogs should be made to take responsibility for the litter NOT dump it onto the doorsteps of the shelters. Breeders are not the problem the GENERAL PUBLIC is..where do you think the shelter dogs come from..the everyday “John Joe”. You are going after the wrong people.

  • Response says:

    Quote “What I have not heard mentioned is the lives these “Perfect” dogs lead. From what I understand Uno has 4 different owners! Is this some kind of doggy commune where the love is flowing or is Uno seen as an investment or a fancy car? I have seen documentaries where these show animals are kept separate from families in crates and to be fair animals that were family and show pets too. It starts at events like this Westminister dog show where an animal is rewarded for what it looks like what it represents and it works it way down into society with pets kept locked up on chains in backyards isolated.” Uno is coowned by more than one person which is a common practice and is an onpaper formality only that is too complicated to get into in this forum. Do some research on the matter or ask a breeder why this is done and they will gladly explain it to you but in response no it has nothing to do with “custody” or communal living arrangements. As for the “perfect” dog that is not the purpose either. Breeding purebred dogs is not about acheiving the perfect look it is about acheiving form function health and temperament which is dictated by the breed standard. Responsible dog breedersexhibitors do extensive health testing and pedigree research to ensure the optimal health and temperament standards for their breed. They do not randomly produce litter after litter for profit or to create “pets.” Every litter is carefully planned and has a specific purpose not the “free love” practice of the puppy mill or backyard breeder looking for profits from pet stores and internet ads. With all of the health testing and costs associated with raising a sound and healthy litter and then exhibiting and supporting those dogs very little profit is actually made by a breeder who is truly inerested in the health and welfare of their breed. Furthermore a dog who does not want to participate in a show or event isn’t going to be successful. Uno is a very healthy and happy beagle the product of a loving and responsible family just like every other dog you will see in the ring at Westminster or on the agility course or any other AKC sponsored event. No dog that has been tied up in a backyard is going to be willing or able to show. A show dog must be socialized and happy. AKC does not fund dog shows. They are put on by the parent localregionalnational allbreed or specialty clubs. AKC simply endorses the event and sets the rulesregulations for the clubs to follow. Of course PETA isn’t going to tell you that because they want to get you all riled up to donate money to THEIR cause. If they want to target a group why don’t they go after the USHS United States Humane Society who doesn’t provide ANY funding whatsoever from the billions of dollars it has to animal shelters but receives those BILLIONS from people who have donated under the mistaken assumption the USHS provides care for shelter animals. Why doesn’t PETA expose them and put the pressure on to start providing shelters with muchneeded funding?

  • FACT for P"E"TA says:

    FACT Responsible purebred dog breedersexhibitors who are affiliated with the AKC and their localregional dog clubs do NOT breed dogs to produce PETS. They breed for the purpose of maintaining the soundness of mind health and structure of the purebred dog PERIOD. They are not bred simply for “looks” as is the claim of P”E”TA. The reason you do not see shelters full of purebred dogs is because of this humane ethical and responsible standard maintained by the purebred dog fancy. The conformation and various other events sponsored by the AKC are activities that promote and foster close bonding relationships between people and their beloved dogs who wouldn’t be willing or able to participate in these events if they weren’t enjoying it. A dog cannot be successfully shown particularly at an event as elite as the Westminster Kennel Club if they do not want to be there. These are not abused dogs they are beloved family members and a dog show is a big fun dog party for them. Dog shelters are full of mixed breed dogs that have been created out of ignorance and cruelty by people who are irresponsible. That should be where P”E”TA focuses its energy not in bringing down the efforts of those who are being loving responsible and ETHICAL.

  • Mmmary says:

    There IS a big problem out there but lambasting ALL breeders is only giving them ammo and not educating one bit! Stopping all AKC dog breeders will not have any effect at all on the shelter dogs. If there is a market people will buy. We must have some way to determine the good responsible breeders from the money motivated puppy factories. This HATE mail only alienates folks away from PETA and all the good they are trying to achieve. Make love not war. Know your enemy. Know who your friends are. I believe there are many many responsible dog breeders members of PETA who could be offended. We need everyone on board.

  • Hell Can't Wait; It is here every day says:

    Lloyd Levine an assemblyman in California is an example of a good man trying to do the right thing to stop this holocaust. He introduced a spayneuter bill in California which excluded show breeder and animal trainers but required all California households to spayneuter their household pets. He is up against people of the alltoprevalent standard evil in today’s society of immoral selfish profitmongering backward breeders gorging financially on the death they create by stuffing the kill pounds every year for profit either with their own dogs or taking away homes for others. PetPAC headed by Bill Hemby where dogs are a commodity and made up of “animal lovers” is spinning lies and saying it IS aimed at showers and breeders and Levine wants to eradicate pets! They are backed in their “crusade now” by such as the likes of Dog and Cat Fanciers Associations. Mr. Levine offers the ONLY solution to this daily horror. 454000 dogs and cats are killed every year in California alone. PLEASE advocate for Mr. Levine and send PetPAC to its own grave!

  • Greatdog says:

    Their is a site called ZooToo and it is a great place to open peoples eyes to issues that many are unaware of. Basically you write reviews on pet products pet stores ! BREEDERS and all things pet related. they call them pets not companion animals. Sign up make yourself an account and go to it! It’s a great forum all these so called “animal lovers” are breeding buying animals buying pet supplies that kill and it’s fair to say that many of them have no idea what they are doing. Even the rescue people have areas where they lack knowledge and you can help. Have fun!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow. A friend of mine had linked this while defending it on a facebook note. I looked around some of the rest of the site. What a STUNNED group of people…like really are you serioulsy that ignorant and unaware of what actually is going on?