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Undercover Investigator Unveils New Turkey Investigation

Written by PETA | November 18, 2008
One of four men who was seen stomping on turkeys’ heads

We have a brand-new investigation of a turkey factory farm, and we wanted to let the investigator introduce it to you himself. See what he has to say, then please check out the video.

The alarm clock on my cell blares out at 1 a.m. I twist in pain. It can’t be time to get up yet. I hit the snooze button twice. Finally I roll over and rub my face with my hands, feeling the calloused-over blisters scratching my cheeks. The insides of my eyes and nose hurt from the dust that I could not wash out from the hours I worked yesterday in the barns where turkeys spend their entire lives.

They are crammed into pens, sometimes 600 or 800 to a pen. There are almost 8,000 turkeys in one barn. Each of these turkey farms has two or three barns. The dust inside the barns is sickening. I can’t even go in without a respirator mask. I cough and choke from not being able to breathe. I see the turkeys panting much of the time. I think about grabbing one of them and carrying her outside and putting her in the grass where she could breathe and walk freely. It is so sad that they are reduced to this miserable existence just to make some profit.

There are times when I have to hold back the tears. To see the workers torture these animals is infuriating. Today we are loading a truck with male turkeys who have been bred to weigh 80-plus pounds—the same weight as my 10-year-old cousin. I will spend the next four hours watching men slam them into cages on the back of a semi truck in temperatures near 20°F. I have seen these guys stomp turkeys’ heads on the concrete. The sound of cracking beaks and breaking bones makes me cringe, but I can show no emotion. I am forced to watch in silent pain as these innocent lives are being destroyed.

Turkey factory farms endorse suffering. They sell death. They make money on abuse. They do not want to show people what happens here. Everyone should know what happens here. I have spent two and a half months in hell so that people will know what it means to have a turkey on the table. Watch the video, and show people the truth. Make this world a better place by reducing pain and suffering. And please do not eat turkey this Thanksgiving.

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  • ERiC says:

    So I guess i should give my opinion here. Obviously the people who would stomp on turkeys do weird things to them etc. are not healthy or just have undeveloped childrens’ brains. That is a fact of life. Obviously this violence and all other forms of it would not be present in a perfect society. On the topic of veganism in general. I have to say that we are the fortunate ones. We have the option to not eat animal products and still have good foods to eat that taste good. Telling people to live off of celery and broccali will never work by the way. I eat meatless ground tofu peanuts fruits vegetables etc. and i am happy. Think about those who came before us though….they had to do what they had to but there were no factory farms. I guarantee that animal abuse went on though. If it came down to a person starving to death or eating an animal I would have to say eat the animal. I guess I consider humans more important though. That doesn’t mean that people in developed countries like America should eat meat we have a choice and its important to make the right decision. Factory farms though should not exist what a fat stupid country we have become… food junkies…

  • Heather says:

    I am so saddened and angry at this footage. What saddens me most though is that these alleged “humans” don’t even seem to think anything is wrong with what they were repeatedly doing. It takes a human to be that inhumane. Have they no empathy or mercy? Aren’t we better then that? I guess some aren’t. Simply Repulsive. I think the punishment should fit the crime. Perhaps a neck twisting or a good stomping would get the message across to these violators. Maybe a broomstick shoved down their throats. They behave in such a base and savage way maybe thats all that they could understand. Laws that provide a slap on the wrist or a nominal fine just don’t seem to be doing the job. Perhaps harsher penalties are required for humans that seem to have developed contrary to cognitive evolution. I only hope that they don’t have children to perpetuate this behaviour.

  • Amanda Bills says:

    I feel sick i know this happens but when i see it i feel helpless. We must be able to do more! Has this farm been prosecuted? Why can’t we broadcast these cruelty videos on live tv?

  • Missy L says:

    WHY AREN’T THESE HORRIBLE PEOPLE BEHIND BARS??? I am so sick and tired of men getting away with such disgusting animal abuse!! We need to form a group and go and find these sick nonhumans and torture them just like they do to these innocent animals! Anyone wanna join???? These gross people deserve pain and torture why is there NOTHING being done? I am sick of it STILL going on!!! These tools are serial killers in the making think about it theses sickos who rapetorturekill animals are WALKING THE STREETS YOU LIVE ON! Lets get them and put them all on an island and set it on fire!!!

  • b says:

    You can go right to their website and do a “contact us” and send all your comments about this horrific treatment

  • ballet says:

    Honestly what is WRONG with these “men” who are stomping on the tiny heads of these adorable birds. I literally cringed felt like vomiting and crying and have not watched the rest yet. It blows my mind. That is like stomping on a kitten’s head just unfathomable.

  • Brian M says:

    Back in the early 80’s I managed a corporate turkey farm in WadesboroNorth Carolina owned by Cuddy Farms of Canada. Everything you see in these video clips is dead on accurate.

  • Ariadne says:

    God…I am 12 years old and i have been a vegetarian for one and a half years!!If I can do it i don’t see y people that eat meat can’t!!!!I want to stamp the heads of those people torturing those poor turkeys…

  • janna harriss says:

    Somewhere 0n another planet far far away intelligent turkys are wathing this video and will come to earth to take those turkeys torturers away to the same kind of fate. We can only hope.

  • Shari says:

    TO PETE FAITH RIGHT ON…you TELL cmm whoever heshe IS but I know one thing FOR SURE a complete hypocrite FOOL! Sits up here watching all the abuses and horror professes concern for the treatment of the animals tells us it’s OK to eat meat because the bible says so even Christ ate it LOL yet continues to contribute to the horrors! See why it’s SO hard to try and convince these buttheads the only way to end the massacre on animals is to QUIT eating them and PETA stands for just THAT yet heshe was dumbfounded when I informed her of that and probably is STILL in the dark for the reason PETA exists. LOL! DUMB as a BOX O’ ROCKS!! Peace

  • Faith says:

    Right on Shari! If no one speaks up they will never hear us. We need to be in their faces cmm and the millions behind himher? We need to be a constant reminder to let who ever know that behind every mouthful was a cruel keeper. cmm there are so many alternatives other than eating meat. Take a Veg. cooking course and you will see how much better it is for you in body spirit and mind. Yes your meat is killing you. That woman who represented the farm understands full well that the image is a powerful tool for change. Yes I want to be in their faces everyday we need to be in their faces everyday to remind them of their disgusting habit of eating meat. Thank you Peta! Thank you Shari!

  • paisley says:

    It makes me so sad. My inlaws ask us to go to Thanksgiving at their house every year. I told them there is nothing thankful about sitting at a table with a dead bird and them eating it. I am going to try and send them the video so they can try to understand how gross it is to me and my family to be at a table with a dead bird that was tortured.

  • Shari says:

    ONCE AGAIN TO cmm who just DOESN’T get it And if you opened a bible Shari it would say things like do not judge others lest you be judged….but that doesn’t mean a thing to you does it? You spout and spout but where is YOUR respect for others? Judging???? I’m stating FACT here cmm NO force plain FACT. Unless just MAYBE you are interpreting it TO BE force via your subconscience ya think? God DOES work in MYSTERIOUS ways ‘ You got THAT RIGHT cmm YES I WILL demean HYPOCRITS as I do NOT respect meat addicts who TRY to condone their NASTY habit via DEMANDING better treatment in a world BASED on CORPORATISM GREED LOL! Where is your decency? You find a need to dig and bash other’s beliefs….cuz it doesn’t match yours. I can’t say MUCH for YOU but MY decency is MY knowledge and MY voice for the voiceless TO BE HEARD and yeah a LOUD one at THAT ‘ plus the FACT I DON’T contribute to my convictions contributing to your convictions is PURE insanity! It’s either FIGHT or FLIGHT and I chose FIGHT the meat addicts choose FLIGHT and FLIGHT does NOT describe TRUE activism! cmm you are SO RIGHT yes I WILL continue to dig bash when it comes to COMPLETE ignorance especially when it’s right THERE in front of your face though has NO affect WHATSOEVER because of your beliefs???! LOL Just WHAT WHOSE beliefs consist of eating meat?? Eating meat is for people who are LAZY and LACK imagination as to possibly CREATE ideas ON THEIR OWN for more healthier and compassionate choices for means to survive. LOL The meat addicts usually scream out in a panic WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO EAT! NO eating meat is a CONVENIENT choice and definitely NOT a belief of ANY sort you REALLY SO portray yourself to be a COMPLETE idiot first by making an ATTEMPT to quote the bible THEN by refusing to STOP contributing yet COMPLAIN about the treatment of the victims who you SAY have NO souls. You are CONSISTENTLY contradicting yourself do you not HEAR it or are you REALLY TRULY this dizzy? Did I ever make fun of you? No. Did I ever put you down? No I gave an opinion about how your emails were looking angry and stated my opinion on the subject at hand. I have a right to an opinion though it may not be JUST LIKE YOURS Where is your sense of debate and nonhatred?….I feel bad for you. LOL Make fun?? You seem VERY young via your defenses but HEY what do I EXPECT from a HYPOCRITE! Hey I’m NOT up here looking to make friends cmm I’m here to make a statement my intentions ARE to WAKE the ignorant up WITH PURE fact and YOU are the ONLY one complaining I’m being too mean making fun waaa waaa waaa you seem to be a VERY sheltered whiner who is OUT of touch with reality. I am respected by MANY readers and posters up here and USUALLY get compliments from the ‘intelligent’ readers because BASICALLY it’s all COMMON SENSE I write I get the point across with FACTUAL detail FACTUAL because I’ve been a VEGAN activist for OVER 30 years I witnessed Corporatism SLITHER its way into this country along WITH the FAST upheaval of ‘hidden from the public’ factory farms and I fought HARD to stop it and STILL do ‘ and the SAD fact IS the ONLY way to END the suffering is to STOP contributing otherwise it continues on whether you CHOOSE to believe it or NOT! THAT cmm is MY decency What I FIGHT for I STAND for NO flip flopping here. I have NO respect for hypocrisy in ANY way shape OR form I DESPISE it WITH a DRIVING passion…THAT is MY belief! Respect gets you far not force. Have a nice life and I wish you nothing but the best… I will pray for you and hope that you can calm down. cmm I HAVE an EXCELLENT life therefore you NEED to project your deeply concerned wishes and prayers onto the ones who TRULY need it LOL your IMMENSELY SUFFERING victims you USE for the PLEASING of your pallet ‘ Oh FORGOT we MUST hold on to those TOXIC beliefs RIGHT? LOL! I sympathize for you cmm because you are a LOST soul in a world of MASS confusion and the ONLY way to survive in a land of confusion is to SEEK out the truth and THEN accept it for WHAT it is as TRUTH will ALWAYS set you free ‘ P.S. Please DON’T let my capitals INTIMIDATE you they’re merely attention getters ‘ GOD BLESS THE BEASTS PEACE!