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Uber-Cool Ads From PETA Germany

Written by PETA | October 16, 2008

Always a bit of a wild child, PETA Germany definitely has a flare for the exotic. Just take a look at these anti-zoo, anti-circus “Exotic Animals Belong in Liberty” ads. They featured a menagerie of MTV Germany and VIVA music channel hosts painted as exotic animals (my fave is the contemplative tiger). They were recently published in the German TV magazine TV Digital. Way to go, PETA G!

PETA Germany Ad
PETA Germany Ad
PETA Germany Ad
PETA Germany Ad
PETA Germany Ad
PETA Germany Ad
PETA Germany Ad

Written by Amy Elizabeth

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  • Nigel says:

    Having been closely involved with programs to reintroduce animals into the wild I must say that I find these ads to overshoot the mark. Without zoos many more species of frogs for instance would be extinct. And this can be said for many other groups too. Of course habitat destruction is the real cause of the animals being endangered in the first place but certain Zoos even private keepers have contributed greatly to the continued survival of many species. Perhaps a more focussed campain against the tiny cages and abominable conditions SOME zoos keep animals in might be more constructive.

  • Lotte says:

    These poses are pretty wrong. I mean it kind of reminds me of furrie porn. It is nice to see a naked man on a PETA ad though! By the way it’s “ber” with an Umlaut two dots on top.

  • Lewin Edwards says:

    Snake? Which one is a snake?

  • corey says:

    Close but could be even better. I envision the animals carrying a briefcase or purse made of human skin. They could be sitting on a couch made of human skin. This would get the point across to all those speciests out there!

  • Sydney says:

    zomg!!! These are incredible! The zebra and the snake are especially pardon the term fierce. Kudos PETA Germany!

  • Animal Lover says:

    Why are you anti zoo? Its not like they take Wild animals from their environment just to put them in zoo’s. They have animals that are unable to survive in the wild they dont just pluck a very wild animal and put it in a zoo.

  • bailey says:

    wooow i love this.

  • Sharon Girouard says:

    Such hard working intelligent and motivated young people. What a beautiful sight! I am happy for their work for the animals. God bless them all.

  • lynda downie says:

    WOW Peta Germany!! Like Sasha said “Stunning!”

  • Sharon G says:

    WAY COOL ADS!!! the first pic … WOW that guy is a HOTTIE!!!

  • Rainbow Warrior says:

    PETA Deutschland you are so great! Since a long time i wanted to felicitate you now i can PETA Deutschland Ihr seid grossartig! Ich bewundere Euch! Jeden Tag besuche ich Eure Website und Ihr habt mich noch nie enttaeuscht! Macht weiter so ich liebe Euch!!!!!

  • SASHA says:


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