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U.K. Soccer Stadium Gives Beef the Boot

Written by PETA | February 14, 2011
nickarebi/cc by 2.0

Vegan soccer club chair Dale Vince has given red meat the red card, saying that it will no longer be served at the Forest Green Rovers Football Club stadium in Gloucestershire, England.

Vince, who runs green electricity company Ecotricity, first stopped serving red meat to players in order to improve their health and performance. He extended the policy to the whole stadium to make the football club more environmentally friendly. Vince says that the stadium’s chefs have added delicious new options to the menu and that he doesn’t think the red meat will be missed. With offerings such as yummy veggie burgers on the menu, we don’t think so either.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Rachel says:

    Good on the U.K. I <3 soccer & veggie food. It's awesome to see them coming together. Now if I ever get the privilage to go to the United Kingdom I know at least 1 place I can relax. 🙂

  • BT says:

    Great that there is now a vege fast food alternative, and it is publically accepted.Having just “turned” it is nice to see that progress is being made. I have to say though that there is not enough vege fast food. Here in Sydney where the american diet is regarded as normal, it is nearly impossible to find a delicious vege burger or vegetarian option anywhere…long live the revolution but BYO…

  • Laurence Burris says:

    There is a real revolution on going on in the world giving up meat. Long live the revolution!