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A Tweet, a Toy, and a Toyota

Written by Michelle Kretzer | December 16, 2011

What do a tweet, a toy, and a Toyota have in common? They can all be used to help animals! Hey, times are tough, and while lots of people may be in the giving spirit at this time of year, their wallets may not be feeling quite so generous. With that in mind, we’ve thought of some great ways that anyone can give to animals simply by donating time—or an old car!

    • Post one animal rights message to your Facebook or Twitter account each week.
    • Support PETA’s work for animals by donating your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, airplane, or motor home, even if it’s not running! Giving through the “Cars for PETA” program is a simple process that will save you the hassle of selling an old vehicle, give you a year-end tax write-off, and, best of all, help animals.
    • Give the toys and treats that your animal companions don’t like to your local animal shelter. Or make tug toys for the dogs there out of old clothes, and use old blankets to cover small pillows for the cats to sleep on. And, of course, animal shelters always welcome your old towels and blankets.
    • Offer to play with a lonely, chained dog in your neighborhood and take him or her for walks.
    • Join PETA’s Action Team for opportunities to send e-mails, distribute fliers, or join a demonstration.

    Happy holidays from PETA!

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