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Turtles Stop Traffic—at the Airport

Written by PETA | June 30, 2011

Passengers flying out of JFK International Airport in New York this week hit some unexpected turtlebulence. About 150 diamondback terrapins scooted across Runway 4L on their way to lay their eggs at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in Queens.

USFWS Headquarters/cc by 2.0

Pilots paused and gave the pedestrian mothers the right of way across the tarmac, while compassionate crew members lent the turtles a helping hand. Some flights were delayed a few minutes and others were rerouted for takeoff while the reptiles ruled the runway. Reportedly, no bags were lost as all the turtles carried their luggage with them.

Turtles need help on interstates as well as at international airports. Whenever you see turtles attempting to cross a road, carry them the rest of the way in the same direction they were going. Click here for more turtle-friendly tips.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Cassandra says:

    This story warms my heart to know there are that many kind people at JFK and proves it doesn’t take more than a few minutes time & effort to do the compassionate thing. Thank you all at JFK!

  • Ellis says:

    It’s always nice to see that even people on busy schedules will sacrifice a little time for nature to take its course.

  • Cathy says:

    Wonderful story guys! I live in Queens NY – and it’s nice to know people care about these underrated shell shockers!

  • lisa says:

    What a wonderful story and what an amazing sight that would of been to see, they should build turtle underpasses so they can cross safely lol. Well done JKF.

  • eksophia says:

    Aww, very cool, Airport employees and travelers, way to go! Glad to hear turtles and compassion are alive and well! God bless! 🙂