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Turkey Abusers Kicked to the Curb

Written by PETA | December 8, 2008
One of twelve men—including three supervisors—who forcefully threw turkeys into coops for transport.
PETA's Investigation of West Virginia Turkey Factory Farms

Last week—just in time to give the turkeys who are still suffering at Aviagen something small to be thankful for—Aviagen Turkeys, Inc., announced that it had terminated all the employees who were found to have violated Aviagen’s animal welfare standards. (I hope the guys who stomped on turkeys’ heads were the first to go.)

This is a great, although small, step for the turkeys who are still tightly trapped in Aviagen’s dark, dusty sheds—at the very least, they won’t have to suffer at those individuals’ hands or under their watch any longer. So far, however, Aviagen seems to have passed on the opportunity to press for a criminal investigation and prosecution of the dismissed workers. If the executives at Aviagen were really serious about cracking down on cruelty to animals, wouldn’t they join us in asking officials to prosecute these individuals?

Also, Aviagen has announced that it has “outlined a series of actions” that will improve its “existing welfare guidelines” and “ensure [that] violations do not occur in [the] future.” That sounds nice—but based on what the company’s “existing welfare guidelines” failed to prevent, I think I’d feel a little more comfortable with some specifics, don’t you? Gosh, it sure would be nice if somebody were to provide Aviagen with a list of specific steps to take to improve animal welfare—oh wait … we did.

Please help by writing a polite letter to Aviagen asking the company to implement PETA’s Seven-Point Animal Welfare Plan and to call on officials to prosecute any employees—past, present or future—who abuse or neglect animals. Aviagen has made some small progress already—let’s hope it continues its much-needed reforms.

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • Alice says:

    Hello I read 1 turkey abuser got sentenced to 1 year in jail. I am very disappointed all 12 men should of gone to jail. We need to change the laws for farm animals. The max should be 25 years in jail. From Alice

  • Robin says:

    I was and still am so horrified about this. I can’t get these images out of my mind. I hope these “men” i use this term loosely get what is coming to them. I also hope their families are proud that their financial support lost his job for ABUSING ANIMALS theres someone for little johnny to look up to. “No there wont be any Christmas presents this year because daddy felt the need to abuse some animals for kicks”. How anyone can look at an animal and be cruel is beyond me but there are monsters in this world and they should be killed. They are useless burdens on society.

  • Lowri Herbert says:

    I love all animals in the world. All apart from human. I mean I love all human being who are kind and loving like my mum and of course Ingrik Newkirk. We can be so cruel KNOWING that animals experience pain and lonliness but ignoring that statment and carrying on killing animals. We should all be taught to love and cheirsh our brothers and sister in different form. I mean who would want a poorly paid job killing beautiful animals. I know I wouldn’t. GUYS! its also my YEAR anniversary of being a vegetarianso lets celebrate!! Will those coffins be avalible in about 80 years time? Because I won’t be avalible thats for sure! LOWRI HERBERT. 12 YEARS OLD.

  • Saucy says:

    It seeems to me there is a whole lot of “FRAUD” going on in the meat industry. It seems to me that this is a VIOLATION OF EQUAL PROTECTION. They get protected for stuff that other people would go to jail for and be put out of business. I work a part time sales job over the telephone. If I lie about what I am selling it’s FRAUD. If I lie or misrepresent over the telephone it is WIRE FRAUD. I assume that presenting false images over the TELEVISION is WIRE FRAUD as well. I am appalled to hysterical degress filled with EMOTIONAL DISTRESS that my personage was violated by the meat industry as a child unwittingly given this food in schools and at home lied to as an adult with FALSE IMAGES presented via satelite tv to convince me into cosuming animals that is a VIOLATION OF MY RELIGION. Even as a child if the TRUTH were presented instead of LIES AND FALSE IMAGES I would have had the discernment to not partake. But if only a LIE and a FALSE IMAGE is presented to me to convince me to do something that I otherwise would have good sense not to do and that LIE AND FALSE IMAGE is presented over the Wire it is WIRE FRAUD. And if the government doesn’t take em down then they are in VIOLATION OF EQUAL PROTECTION. I here there is guy downtown near Wall Street who has a vegan restaurant. He shows slaughterhouse vidios outside. Now that is presenting the TRUTH. Every fur coat sold every burger joint should be made to tell the truth in advertising. IT’S THE LAW.

  • jackie says:

    To whom it may concern please be nicer to the animals in your facilities. Unfortunately they are there for your benefit you eat them and you make money off of them. Please give them some respect before they go. Where is your conscience?

  • Kelly says:

    Those poor excuse for guys should be beaten!

  • Tess says:

    I AM OUTRAGED!!! How the hell does an abusive workers get away with this. The ASPCA can arrest a pet owner for abusing one single animal and these workers kill thousands of animals. To abuse for money is far worse than neglecting one pet. SHAME ON THEM ALL.

  • Shari says:

    Oh GREAT now the ‘tax payer’ must support the CREEPS while the fricken company hires MORE psychopaths to fill their positions…corp world has destroyed this country while OUR money is bailing them out WITHOUT our permission! PREPARE folks you think the turkeys has it bad just watch!

  • Alice Fraser says:

    To Aviagen I think that we should kill those men how they killed the turkeys and see how they like it. Its good that those men got fired and they should go to jail. What happened to CAK? The max should be 25 years in jail and 10 years min. If workers are abusing animals in slaughterhouses they should go to jail. From Alice