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Tsunami Dog Loses 22 Teeth, Gains Family

Written by PETA | April 28, 2011

After surviving a tsunami, an earthquake, and the loss of her home and family, sweet Belle has a new worry: how to chew on all her new toys with 22 fewer teeth (not to mention whose lap to stretch out on!).

The young dachshund mix had been turned over to an animal shelter in Japan after her guardians evacuated because of radiation fears. PETA Asia-Pacific staffer Ashley Fruno gathered up bonny Belle and flew her to Canada and her adoptive family.

Despite her young age, most of Belle’s teeth were rotten and were removed when she was anesthetized for her spay surgery. Her limbs have partially atrophied, but she is learning to take walks, slowly at first, and Belle is starting to chat with her family with excited barks. Perhaps because of all she has been through, she is timid about exploring her new surroundings, but her family says that Belle gets more confident and comfortable every day.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Luxx says:

    It bringssuch joy and happiness to my heart baby girl is adopted and living in a new home:) Thank you for saving her. Settle in and enjoy and exployer your new home and family 🙂

  • m. manning says:

    she looks like a very pleasant dog- what was wrong with her teeth?

  • pj56 says:

    How nice! Good luck to Belle. She is a great survivor and thanks to PETA’s help for bringing her home.

  • arthur says:

    Ralph, what are u smoking: dogweed? All dogs are checked for radiation poisoning when they leave Japan and again when they enter the US and Canada. What’s your REAL gripe?

  • joanne says:

    It brings joy to my heart baby girl is adopted and living in a new home:) Thank you for saving her.

  • John Mac says:

    Wonderful to know there is a chain of caring people to help unfortunate creatures.

  • Anna Laura says:

    Thanks to all of you for helping the tsunami victims, I am living in Japan and don’t know what to do.Please tell me if somebody is helpin the calves starving near the Fukushima area. Please give me relief!Thank you

  • Shawna Elms says:

    I did too; this cute doggy deserves a good vet and home; enjoy the time and attention from this dog; lots of hugs


    Hello I am French, I read your article with a lot of attention. I would like to congratulated all those who so are mobilized to save and help this small living being. I éspere with all my heart that Bella will go better in better and that now it will sink a happy and loving life. It is a beautiful story with a beautiful end… Again congratulations to all and a big kisses Bella Kind regards Virginia

  • kathy says:

    Awww…Good luck Belle!

  • Renee Legg says:

    Such a Precious little girl. All she needs is Love and Affection and she will Thrive.

  • ray says:

    Yay! That is some good news. At least some little critter is having a better life. 🙂

  • Gabriella Pimienta says:

    It brings me great joy to see animals that suffered from the tragedy of the tsunami have made it half way around the world to a loving family. God Bless the new parent of this adorable dachshund. The world should be filled with more people like them.

  • nathalie ten Cate says:

    oh..i got tears, am so happy this cuty had a very nice destiny!! …she’s soooo safe in Canada!!!!!!!! i am gratefull 4 the adopt family!!! enjoy the time with this thankfull dog! hug from the biggest animal lover!