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Trumps’ African Hunt Under Investigation

Written by PETA | March 23, 2012

Update: Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump’s hideous African hunting trip is under investigation by Zimbabwean authorities. Among the potential problems noted by the Zimbabwean Conservation Task Force were the following: The brothers may have illegally used dogs to kill an endangered leopard, the South African safari firm they used was not registered to hunt in Zimbabwe and may not have been cleared by wildlife authorities, and licensing and trophy fees may not have been paid.

Authorities are also investigating the Trumps’ claims that they donated meat from the animals they killed to local villagers, as there are no villages near where the brothers hunted. If they are found to be in breach of hunting laws, the Trump brothers and officials from the safari firm could face imprisonment or a fine of up to $500,000.

Johnny Rodrigues, chairperson of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force, said, “This is the problem with those who … think they can come to manipulate and control people, destroy natural resources, and say ‘we came to help.’ We don’t want them here.”

Hear, hear!

The following text was originally published on March 14, 2012.

Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are the targets of more media scrutiny than Barack Obama’s birth certificate after pictures surfaced online of the pair posing with wild animals they had killed on safari in Zimbabwe. Each “trophy” was procured for a fee—how macho is that?

Dressed as if to play extras in Rambo, the brothers posed for photographs, including one sick enough to make a grown man, other than a Go Daddy CEO, lose his lunch: Don holds his knife in one hand and the severed tail of an elephant he’s shot in the other. An elephant! In another photo, Eric sits atop a Cape buffalo, using the animal’s corpse as a gun and hat rack. Another photo shows both brothers standing next to a massive crocodile whom the Great White Bwana Boys no doubt had “the help” hang up by a noose from a tree branch. In a joint statement, the brothers said, “We have the utmost respect for nature and have always hunted in accordance with local laws and regulations.” If this conduct constitutes respect, I really don’t want to know what their contempt looks like.

Read Ingrid Newkirk’s full article on Huffington Post here.

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  • Get Real says:

    bob, anyone who enjoys paying huge amounts of money just to kill an animal which cannot defend itself is a coward, enough said.

  • bob says:

    You folks have been brainwashed into thinking hunters and trappers are uncaring killers of wildlife. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Hunting is about learning about wildlife, their habits, their needs ,their interaction within their specis and with other wildlife, their favotite foods, the defenses they use to survive, their reactions to weather, human, interaction and anything else you can learn about the species you pursue. You gain an abiding love and respect for their amazing ability to adapt and avoid you. Yes we kill and utilize wildlife. A true sportsman is careful in his craft and strives to mimimize the quarrys’ suffering. Your war on fur has been so successful that raccoon fur is nearly worthless . Now they are so overpopulated that many areas have them on nuisance status or it is illegal to live trap them, relocate them and release them alive. Good job Now they wind up killed as pests and vermin and are completely wasted. A fine example of preservation ( the non use or a resource) over conservation (the wise use of a resource). Your answers would decimate wildlife by killing them with kindness : if thats what you call death by starvation and disease. Hunters, trappers, fisherman – these are wldlifes best friends.

  • Teri says:

    I really liked the Celebrity Apprentice, but will definitely STOP watching anything that has ANY of the Trumps in it. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!

  • Mimi says:

    They are Cowards….They are Arrogant……I believe in Karma so let them go back where they killed these animals, with no weapons, no water, no food, I’d bet my life on this, the animals would show no mercy….Leopards are listed very high on the endangered species list…While the Dumb Trumps were killing it, holding it like a stuffed animal in their arms, they never once thought about the possibility of causing the extinction of this poor animal

  • MARY McK says:

    I actually feel sorry for those two losers. Their souls are as dead as the bodies of those beutiful animals they murdered. Here is hoping for karma where their ugly heads are on plaques in someone’s hallway.

  • JOE WERNLI says:




  • Irene Leggett says:

    To Bob, I can assure you its the people we hate, the gun-toting, trigger-happy morons who have no heart, no soul, no compassion, no empathy, no moral ethics but equally have an ego far bigger than their brain!! If you think shooting an animal for fun, entertainment and sport, then I guess you fall into the hate catergory as well. Shame on you, perhpas you would have been better off living with the cave-men thousands of years ago.

  • Get Real says:

    This reminds me of the plot for the movie “Hostel” where very rich people would pay to kill and torture other people, often taking back trophies. I mean, what’s the difference here really? When a man wantonly destroys one of the works of man we call him a vandal. When he destroys one of the works of god we call him a sportsman. – Joseph Wood Krutch

  • Sakura says:

    To those who say humans are born predators, I want to say that I agree with you in that aspect: humans are born with instincts to kill and hunt down food. However, in this day and age, it is unneccessary to kill and hunt down food as animals do in the wild, for we have farms that produce food;in addition,it is now proven possible to not consume animals products and still live a healthy life, though it was not possible thousands of years ago, and maybe not even centuries and decades ago. On the other hand, humans are also born with instincts to be greedy and selfish, and to take as much as they can for themselves. These traits were also necessary for our ancestors to survive. At the same time, our brain developed the capacity for compassion and sympathy, and I believe these feelings should also guide us in our decisions for our lives and others’, whether they are animals or humans.

  • PJ says:

    Shooting a Defenseless Animal Is NOT a Sport. Many times these animals are just standing there or are given food by the hunters and shot. Only a delusional mind thinks this is something to be proud of! Of course you are not going to convince a hunter to stop shooting defenseless animals, because they get a superficial high to make up for their inadequacies and miserable life. Hunting Exotic Animals Is Not Just Done In Africa! It’s also done in the U.S. Look at This Website: This particular company has 15 ranches. Its in our own backyard! Why isn’t PETA covering this too???

  • bob says:

    Do all of you hate wolves, bears, cougars, hawks, owls, sharks, cricodilians, dogs, lions, tigers, jackals, cats, foxes, raccoons, spiders, and all other predators equally or is it just people you hate. Guess what! humans are predators too. Letting nature take its course via over population,starvation and disease is about the creulest thing I can imagine. Hunters are wildlifes best friend. All wildlife benefits from sportsman dollars not just the hunted species. Hunters are responsible for millions of acres of habitat being saved from development here in the USA and almost totally responsible for the revenue that have brought many endangered species back to healthy self sustaining populations in Africa. I read many things on this web site conserning the acts of poachers and criminals being laid at the feet of ethical hunters and trappers. I drive but do not drink. Therefore I do not own the sins of a drunk driver. So it is with with hunters and trappers. The vast majority are careful in their craft and strive to be as efficient and humane as possible when pursuing and killing their selected quarry. We are natural born predators. We have ominiferous teeth and a unquenchable chase reflex as proof.

  • giveahomelesscatahome says:


  • Lynne says:

    Have just seen the Sunday newspaper here in South Africa and am absolutely disgusted by this story. The picture of the 2 Trump boys with the leopard that they had killed has so saddened me. This was a beautiful animal (I couldn’t stop looking at the picture admiring the beauty) that G-d created and put on this earth and now some spoilt boys have come along and found pleasure in killing. I am so angry and upset by this. They should be ashamed of themselves, but clearly by their arrogance they are not. I hope they grow up at some point!

  • Tracy Hussey says:

    The money these two zeros spent on their “hunting” trip would have fed and clothed more people than the meat they savagely took. They make me want to puke. I will never support Trump again. The sad thing about this is the fact that it won’t have any lasting negative impact on the Trumps. Even if it did they would file bankruptcy again and land on their feet standing right on the backs of honest citizens that PAY their bills.

  • Angie. says:

    This is sickening and it has to stop. I’m posting this to facebook and I will get as many people as possibe to do the same. Let’s be a voice for these innocent animals.

  • balouzah says:

    I am not going to sit by idly and say, ‘tut tut, naughty boys’, or just leave a comment of my outrage. I am declaring war on these useless pieces of human garbage who see no wrong in massacring an incredible number of defenseless wildlife and say it is in the name of ‘sport’. What’s sporting about killing a defenseless animal when you are behind a gun? Pit these idiots without their guns against the animal and let’s see how well that sporting event turns out for them. And as for saying they have done nothing wrong and hunt because they eat game – like these bloated, over-fed disgusting excuses of human turds are unable to afford a fillet steak? Yet they chose to stalk helpless wildlife in their natural habitats and decimate them from the sights of hunting rifles. I hope you join me in my outrage and add your voice to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves – nor defend themselves against a bullet. I also want you to help me aim the sights on the Trumps who believe ‘they have done nothing wrong’. They happily pose with their victims they have mutilated (one only hopes the victims were dead before they did so) and seem proud of the fact. Clearly they lack ethics and a moral compass – are these the kind of people we should be doing business with?

  • Alice says:

    PETA, why aren’t you all over this. Are you afraid of Donald. Why didn’t the boys just donate food to the natives who they said ‘needed the animals for food’. Something is fishy. They are killers. I will never watch Celebrity Apprentice again or have anything to do with the Trumps, like staying in their hotel, etc. Please do more by advertising. Are you afraid of Donald and his machine, because you are not all over this. Thanks for letting me comment.

  • zwergie says:

    the key phrase was; “in accordance with local laws and regulations…” that’s why they travel to a land with inadequate laws, there is absolutely no consideration for ethics in their tiny minds. The slaughter of dolphins may not be illegal everywhere; is that next for these two Mensa brainiacs? Legal does not equal right.

  • Christine says:

    rich people can get away with anything! how pathetic these men are! money sucks unless it’s used for PETA or other animal charities! RIH Trumps!

  • Rosemary says:

    Shame on the Trump boys for being so insensitive, cruel and inhumane. I will never support the Trumps in any endeavours for as long as I live. Shame on you!!!

  • keith says:

    A Pair Of Useless Wankers ” No More No Less ”

  • George says:

    On the subject of boycotts.. Let’s boycott Facebook as well. After all, Mark Zuckerberg kills many animals including a bison which he had the head mounted in its offices.

  • needmoregreens says:

    Trump Bros you ought to be utterly ashamed of yourselves.Why would you want to kill elephants.Dont you know that they have emotions and feel like humans do.How would you feel if it were a relative of yours that was butchered…you would feel too wouldnt you?Once these creatures are gone THEY ARE GONE.Do you REALLY want that?Why dont you take a leaf from your fathers book and stop hunting animals altogether for the sake of the planet and these poor defenceless animals who have harmed no one.Show some compassion for goodness sake.

  • Joe says:

    The Trump brothers have issues. These photos are cruel and disturbing. Who eats exotic animals?

  • JC says:

    Hey, Brian, I know they make you regurgiate that kind of nonsense so you’ll not feel guilty, but do even minimal research and the list of animals who are EXTINCT NOW because of HUNTERS and HUNTING is long and goes back to the earliest of days. If you hunt, and I used to until I had an experience that I’ll be quiet about, it is for us to feel good, for “sport” that isn’t sporting, and we should be honest about it. I used to feel a big man when I killed a buck, but I was really a pretty small one.

  • laurie says:

    They cut the tail AND head off of the baby elephant and the taxidermist was thanking Trump Jr. for his business on his facebook page. This is disgusting:

  • K C says:

    Without their father’s money they couldn’t have done this! These two losers can’t function on their own.

  • Barbara says:

    They can call it hunting I call it just killing animals for no good reason. If the animals had rifles than maybe it would be a fair fight. These Trump boys always looked cold hearted to me.

  • Diane Chidrawi says:

    I am South African. We are surrounding by animals in the wild – on a day to day basis, our country is doing its utmost to save the RHINOS – people are killing them for no reason at all – they cut off their horns and 90% leave them to die – they do not kill them entirely. To the Trump brothers – a leopard is a solitary animal – it doesnt go around in a pack! saying that you gave the meat to the local villagers is PATRONISING. Not even the locals need to eat elephant, crocodile or leopard meat. If one is culling animals for the country or planet’s sake – it might be acceptable (if that) – but sitting on the animals after killing them or hanging them up to die – is DISGUSTING. This is not a business deal that you have closed – it is the end of life that you are responsible for

  • magdalena srodkowska says:

    It hurts and angers me to see people who have the money to protect beautiful animals desroy them, just to build up their igos. It is so sick.

  • Lona says:

    I’m disgusted with Donald Trump and can’t stand him especially more that he praises his sons for the brutal crime they did to those animals and then the nerve to post them and the dead animals on the Internet. I never support him and I wish him off the air and will never support nothing he does. He’s gross and same with his kids. These animals are endangered and he supports this? Thumbs down on him. And shame on the Trump family. X them out!!

  • Gerald Spalding says:

    I hope many of you realize, though you seem not to, that the money acquired from selling these trophy hunts help keep the species alive. Without hunting many species we now cherish would long be deceased. Keep this in mind.

  • Lynn says:

    Please discuss the Trumps’ murdering elephants, etc., with whoever will listen. Try to discuss it on your local radio talk shows. Try to organize a boycott of anything/everything associated with the Trump family. There is an interested book about Donald Trump, which goes into his involvement with organized crime. Another reason to stay out of his hotels.

  • brian says:

    Hunters are the largest contributers to conservation of animals. Without them a lot of them would be extinct.

  • Steph says:

    Disgusting…How in the world can a person kill an elephant. Humans should be protecting these amazing animals not killing them. This is so sick.

  • laurie says:

    Go to this URL, just select Celebrity Apprendice in the drop down menu and send your message to boycott the show:

  • Patrick P says:

    It is disgusting that these boys have nothing better to do with their time or their dad’s money than distroy beautiful living creatures.

  • Julien Rinehart says:

    DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT – send an email BOYCOTT message to NBC, Celebrity Apprentice, and the sponsoring advertisers! Send the boycott message to everyone in your social media network. I sent an email to NBC and a few of the website advertisers: Target, Sprint,, Sauve. Boycotting works – send the message. In 2011 Groupon pulled their ads from the show’s website do to “other” Trump controversies that went viral on the net. Stop the rich from killing our planet! Take away their power! BOYCOTT!

  • Anna says:

    You’d think grown men with so much money could find better ways to get off…you know, ones that don’t involve killing anything.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    These two Trump boys are sadistic bloodthirsty thugs! Last night I saw an interview on Showbiz Tonight on HLN with their father Donald Trump who is anti-hunting. He said he doesn’t know where his sons got this hunting thing from and said they didn’t get it from him. He said he was not happy about what they did. I dont like Trump but this made me like him a little more than I did.

  • veganopinion says:

    They make me sick! We should all boycott the Celebrity Apprentice. Donald doesn’t hunt but he shouldn’t stick up for his sons disgusting behavior.

  • Samantha says:

    your money doesn’t make you more important than animals

  • doriamcgahey says:

    Shameful!!! Did it feel good to kill a trophy animal….you know that men who tote guns are making up for other inadequacies!

  • Shirley Holman says:

    It’s a case of all dollars and no sense – you have more money than you’ll ever need, and yet you spend it committing acts like this. It’s such a waste and so lamentable that you don’t use your wealth and influence to help make this a better, healthier world when the need is so pressing. When we finally have no wildlife left in natural habitats, the ecological strife that will result may well be fatal to our planet. EVERY species, each one, has a critical role in the natural scheme of things and the loss of any one of those components can, all by itself, have drastic consequences. Your apparent lack of awareness of these facts and lack of respect for wildlife, while startling, can still be turned around. Use your money and influence to try and save your planet, not destroy it.

  • Tkaz99 says:

    This vulgar display really could not be any more disgusting! There must be somemore productive they could be doing with their time and money. How about feeding some of the poor children there instead of parading around with majestic animals they just destroyed.

  • Antony Bond says:

    If you want to be tough guys & fire a gun, enlist into the Army & do a tour of Iraq. Only cowards shoot at creatures that can’t shoot back….

  • Barbara says:

    Too bad the animals don’t have guns to make it a fair fight!