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A (Truly) Happy Cow

Written by PETA | October 20, 2009

Actually, to be precise, Jerry’s a steer. A PETA investigator found him hobbling around a field and scrounging for weeds at the appallingly filthy Pennsylvania dairy farm we told you about last month. This is how the investigator described the 5-month-old calf in her log:

[I] found a steer at the entrance to the barn (outside of the fence) who looked [to be] in a pitiful condition. He is thin, pot-bellied, buckled over at the front knees and pasterns … and when he looks at you he has a tilt to his head. Flies were covering both of his eyes, which appeared cloudy.


The flies seemed to know that Jerry was a goner.


In addition to being crippled, the young calf was crawling with lice and was nearly blind because of pinkeye, a bacterial infection that spreads like wildfire in the disgusting conditions on factory farms. PETA’s investigator bought Jerry and whisked him away to a “safe house” until he could be driven to his new home at a sanctuary.

Although he was initially (and understandably) terrified of humans, we’re told that Jerry became mysteriously calm during the ride to the sanctuary. It was as if he considered the journey to be an adventure and knew that it would end at a safe and loving place.


Jerry has (literally) landed in clover.


Jerry has now almost fully recovered and regained most of his sight. He loves to wait outside the back door every evening at dinner time, and he’s become the adopted “big brother” of another calf who was rescued from the same farm. If the younger calf strays too far, Jerry will go off in search of his adopted sibling.

Unfortunately, not all calves are as lucky as Jerry. Most male calves who are born on dairy farms are sent to slaughter, usually after they’ve been confined for up to 23 weeks to cramped veal crates that are intended to prevent the calves from moving so that their flesh will stay unnaturally pale. Making sure that you don’t contribute to their suffering is as easy as giving up dairy foods.

To read a more about Jerry, you can head over to Facebook, where he is featured on our “causes” page.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Chelsea adkins says:

    So sad to hear that Jerry passed away 🙁 but I’m glad that it was at least peacefully and not in a slaughterhouse. People are disgusting the way they treat animals. I feel bad if I step on my dogs toes as I walk by. I just don’t understand how people who treat animals so awfully can even stand to get up in the morning. I grew up on a farm and loved all the animals the same. A man rented some of our land for his cattle and ever time he would come take the ones away to be slaughtered it broke my heart. Especially when he wod let my sister and I bottle feed the orphaned calves, knowing what would eventually happen to them too. I could never do that.

  • brianna says:

    wow what an amazing comeback.

  • ava says:

    Hes gorgeous!. How could anyone eat him?. I’m so glad him and the other cow were rescued. Its just so sad and heart breaking that people continue to kill animals for food.

  • Jade says:

    I’d be interested in seeing a full body head legs body butt tail before and after shot of Jerry to see how much he’s improved all over. He looks great on the head and face but the rest of the body sure could help as well so we can see how well his tenderloving care has paid off.

  • simara says:

    i am so happy to hear about this positive turn around for Jerrywhat an angel!!…If only all animals had this life.reason number 5 billion to go Vegan and stay Vegan.

  • kate leinster says:

    bless him. he looks very wise for a little un’

  • AAG says:

    What an endearing story!! Go vegan it is a moral imperative!

  • Patrizia Paola C. Marcelo says:

    More power to Jerry and PETA!

  • Nathalie says:

    OMG!God bless that men.I wish there could be more people like him.I hope one of this day America and all the countries in this world shut down all the factori farms so NO MORE ANIMALS CAN SUFFER and live a happy life instead of a life with injectionsinfections and shut guns.Or instead of a dinner plate.I LOVE PETA!!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Hindu regions of India are pretty nice places for cows to live.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Boy God must have been looking out for this little guy that day! Now if only God would firmly say to humanity “What part of ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’ did you not understand?”

  • NT says:

    God bless him.