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Trucker Has Near-Death Experience After Eating Pork Rinds

Written by PETA | July 13, 2010
jere-me / CC by 2.0

Show me a bag of pork rinds and two things will happen. First, images like this and that will race through my mind. Then I’ll get choked up.

The revolting* “snack” made a truck driver named Edward Sutherland get choked up too—only his reaction was apparently not prompted by thoughts of what animals endured before they went down his gullet. Mr. Sutherland lost control of his rig, which careened across the interstate, jackknifed, and landed in a ditch.

The truck did not hit any other vehicles, and Mr. Sutherland walked away with minor injuries—and a citation for driving with his wheels off the road. Had I been the cop at the scene, I might have let him go with a warning—to eat only Pirate’s Booty. How would you complete the following: “____—now that vegan snack is the ticket!”

Written by Karin Bennett

*If you know any people who don’t think that eating fried pigskin is revolting, they just might after you show them this video of how it’s made.

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  • Susan Richter-Mann says:

    If anyone has ever had a pet pig they would never view them as food again many years ago we adopted a yorkshire piglit he lived in the house went in and out to the potty with the dog and liked to nap on the couch he even played ball with us and our dogs I have been fortunate to get to know many farm animals as friends not food that is why I have been a vegetarian since I was 16 I am currently 45oh one more benefit of not eating meat I still get asked for ID at every bar and package store I belive it has to do with a meatless diet.

  • Carrie says:

    Someone tell “troller” what defy means please.

  • Kalama Halamezad says:

    “genetics has evolved and evolved. You can actually choose now to not eat animals.” Our ability to choose has nothing to do with evolution and everything to do with our ability to fortify foods with artificiallysynthesized essential nutrientsand our increased knowledge of nutrition in general.

  • sb says: only reputable source on meat industry and all their abominable ways

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    My opinion is that the truck driver should not have been eating or drinking anything at all while he was driving the semi. The only thing he should have been doing when the truck was on the interstate was driving. As a crosscountry biker motorcycle rider not bicyclist I have seen a lot of semis roaring down the road. The skills of some of these drivers are inadequate enough without adding any distraction such as choking on pork rinds to the equation. Except for those driving animals to slaughterhouses I am not against truckers many are highly skilled drivers who are first responders to any accident they see on the road. The rear tire on our motorcycle blew out on the interstate causing my husband to drop the bike and both of us to tumble off of the shoulder into a ravine the first person to reach us and render aid was the driver of the semi just ahead of us. Fortunately we were not badly hurt and he helped us right the motorcycle and helped us get to my cousin’s house where we were able to get the bike repaired. My point though is the only thing a trucker should be doing while driving is…driving!!

  • Michele says:

    Basic physiology humans are HERBIVORES. This is science not just the opinion of vegans around the world. Humans’ jaw structure stomach acid composition long intestine and teeth and no we do NOT have true “canine” teeth like carnivores do our canines cannot rip through raw flesh are all those of a herbivore. Vegan foods are actually cheaper than those with meat. unless you are only talking about convenience foods but then ANY convenience food is expensive vegan or otherwise so don’t compare apples to oranges Beans rice pasta couscous lentils are all inexpensive food items and are loaded with fibre and protein. You absolutely CAN live without fish or any other animal flesh you simply choose not to even knowing the cruelty involved. Vegans are not living “half a life” they are SPARING a life or a few thousand lives…

  • Diana says:

    Manoman is that totally disgusting! How anyone could eat that I do not know! Looks like a good recipe for heartburn digestive problems! And what is the deal with this ‘secret ingredient?’ Should food producers really be allowed to put secret ingredients in foods? Do not consumers have a right to know what all they are eating? I know enough of what is in this to not want to eat it anyway but really all of this ‘secret ingredient’ stuff has got to stop! Thank you Peta!

  • Morgan says:

    Troller the issue for many vegetarians and vegans isn’t necessarily health related it is compassion related. I physically cannot consume animals and rarely eat dairy or eggs must be free range cage free treated humanely knowing the suffering they endure to get to my table. When I see a package of steak or hamburger at the grocery store I see the animal and understand that most were electrocuted andor vivisected. Like Bart Simpson I “love the taste of death” fish and chicken were the hardest foods to give up. But I don’t love the taste so much that I will contribute to the animals’ suffering. I can’t bear to see any creature suffer and am now acting to decrease some agony. For me at least that is living a full life.

  • Andrea says:

    I agree…I eat omnivorously but I make sure I know where my food comes fromand that it’s as cruel free as I can get it.I think it’s a pretty fair compromise to extremity on either side of the argument.Cage free eggs humanely slaughtered meat it is possiblefresh farm veggies and fruitand real farm milk.Perfectly balanced healthynicely priced.

  • troller says:

    I defy you! I find pork rinds very tasty. They are unhealthy when eaten in excess so i try to go through one bag every 10 days. Hell it’s a lot cheaper than vegan foods. In fact omnivorous dietsNORMAL diets for all you vegans who try to deny the fact gives one the tastes of both spheres. To forsake one is to live only half a life. I couldn’t live without fish. And do start with all that mercury stuff. if it were true Japan wouldn’t have population problems. Fish is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Tuna is a fish and unhealthy when consumed in excess but not all fish are tuna and not all fish are mercury laden. especially the bottom feeders or lower food chain they generally have very low mercury levels.

  • MH says:

    He could have just as easily choked on a carrot or some Pirate’s Booty which is delicious btw.