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Trollsen Twins Campaign Launched in LA

Written by PETA | December 11, 2007

The Trollsen Twins Campaign I was talking about earlier today was debuted in LA this afternoon with a demonstration unveiling peta2’s “Fur Is for Beautiful Animals and Ugly People” ad, starring none other than the Olsens themselves. Here are some pics:





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  • K says:

    This was featured on The E! Network show The Soup!

  • john says:

    being cruel and hateful makes you no better than the people who wear the fur. Pathetic and petty PETA.

  • Mary says:

    i am not shocked reading some of the comments. these people probably think abusing animals and killing them for their fur is ok as long as they look good. these people are mostly republicans that do not care about other being in the world specially animals. i was under the impression that after looking at these pictures and footage of animal cruelty people will come to their senses but i guess a cruel republican remains cruel republican and that is all there is to it. i adore PETA for their fine work and because of PETA there are lot of changes toward the animal welfare. GO PETA

  • Audrey (13 years old) says:

    To ‘WATEVER’ First of all NOBODY lives in Antarctica so that makes u an idiot. Second of all if u meant Alaska those people do not kill animals for the fun of it like the fur industry does they have to kill them because if they don’t they will freeze to death. here in the rest of the US it does not get that cold. people could be just as warm wearing an ‘unfur’ jacket. The people in Alaska are not as advanced in technology and have not yet started mass producing faux fur. Also for those people in Alaska that kill animals for survival they are not as cruel as we are. They do not skin them alive or watch them die a slow painful death and be uncaring toward the fear and pain in their eyes as fur farm wiorkers do without even the slightest remorse.Us people in the more advanced part of the world can mass produce fake fur but decide not to and continue to support the cruel fur industry. I myself have never worn fur and i never will. I hope all fur wearers know that u can never truly know whose fur it is you are wearing. thanks to china’s fur farms where millions of dogs and cats are killed each year. they purposly mislable dog and cat fur as other more ‘common’ types of fur. I also do not wear wool or leather or any other clothing that causes suffering to innocent animals.More and more people are doing the same and hope fully some of those people can be celebrities so that their fans follow their example. I fully support PETA in its campaign agains the Trollsen twins. It will show people how inconsiderate they are toward the lives aof animals. Hopefully buyers of their cruel bloody clothing line will realize the pain and suffering that goes into the rags that the Trollsens call clothing and discontinue buying it.

  • Avril says:

    I agree JLo has got to go. And you know that big ol pretty ass takes twice the amount of fur to cover it!

  • Caboose says:

    Kristen Yeah a minority. Dont mention your age noob. NEVER MENTION YOUR AGE ON THE INTERNET. in an online game within a server is ok e.g Battlefield 1942

  • Supporter for PETA says:

    PETA I agree with almost everything you do. I am an animal lover I save strays and I’m a vegetarian+more but I do think that this campaign should target ALL celebrities who wear fur. Such as Jennifer Ugly Lopez Sharon’s Stoned and all those other cruel bitches. Still…GOOD JOB!!!

  • Caboose says:

    007 to add to that …a nice place where you enjoy high speed connections with no lag and minimal ping GAMES Halo etc.

  • kristen says:

    I think that all of you are just amazing! I am a 14 yr old girl who is also trying to stand up for what I believe in. Thank you all so much this organization is beyond amazing and truely inspiring. I am learning so much more every single day from you guys. We are the dissenters of the world!

  • Joanne says:

    I respect PETA for educating the public about animal rights abuses. I am a vegan and am completely repulsed by the fur industry. I don’t like that the Olsen twins line of merchandise is sold at Walmart and most likely come from sweatshops and child labor practices. I always try to avoid buying these types of things. I can’t say anything about the Olsen twins personally because I have never met them. Despite all of my convictions about animal rights the attacks on these young women strike me as being extremely meanspirited even kind of cruel. I think PETA should change there tactics and should focus on raising the levels of awareness through love rather than tearing people down.

  • Joanne says:

    I am a vegan and am completely repulsed by the fur industry. I don’t like that the Olsen twins line of merchandise is sold at Walmart and most likely come from sweatshops and child labor practices. I always try to avoid buying these types of things. I can’t say anything about the Olsen twins personally because I have never met them. Despite all of my convictions about animal rights the attacks on these young women strike me as being extremely meanspirited even kind of cruel. I think PETA should change there tactics and should focus on raising the levels of awareness through love rather than tearing people down.

  • 007 says:

    jen I can appreciate your passion and many excellent points but what “good book” are you referring to that gives people license to rape plunder and destroy mother nature?! i’m not exactly understanding what you are saying here. however i hereby submit that MERELY reading the good book if you mean the bible NEVER got anyone to heaven if that’s what you mean when you say “the nice shiny afterlife a world free of pain and cruelty” … either here on earth or in the afterlife!

  • Nadja Mohmand says:

    First of all Good job PETA! And now To all of those folks who think it’s right to wear fur I can’t get it through my intelligent brain why?? And to the even more stupid one’s that are defending them. Are you simple that stupid? We are living in the year 2007 soon 2008 for crying out loud! We are smarter than our ancestors that lived as primitive creatures. Get a grip! Darwin put out his theory “survival of the fittest” but I say “survival of the genius”. We’re the new rase we’re increasing and we will exterminate all of you big egos out there! You are the weakest link goodbye!

  • jen says:

    So many people attack Peta for what they do. I only ask this how can you criticize when you do nothing of any moral value? What are YOU doing to make the world a better place? What are YOU doing to protect and respect all of God’s creatures? The answer is nothing! Please stop making critical accusations unless you yourself are making rightous sacrifices on the behalf of animals. People are fearful of Peta and it’s passion for this one reason it holds a mirror to their lack of integrity and compassion. They see their lack of moral and ethical standards and this makes them feel very insecure. I can only ask anyone reading this that does not believe in Peta…. MAKE YOURSELF sit through the anti fur video I bet you can’t! Whether you agree with “tactics” or not you can not disagree with their message. All creatures great and small have the right to happiness and freedom from torture and pain. If you disagree with that just keep reading your good book which gives you all the license to rape plunder and destroy mother nature. I mean really what do you care about the planet and it’s creatures you have a nice shiny afterlife waiting for you a world free from pain and cruelty.

  • Jen says:

    Thank you PETA!! There is no excuse for Fur. It is every citizens right to stand up for what they believe in thank you for being the voice of the defenseless. These trashy twins have had everything given to them their entire lives. They indeed live in the blinding world of shallow humanity. It is our duty to expose these two women for the souless greed they exude. The creatures skinned alive for their fashion indeed have more compassion soul and beauty than these two humans. Individuals like the Olsen twins are a prime example of the hideous state of our “civilization” The poor and defenseless at the cruel hands of the rich and powerful. I would be very interested in seeing a real dialogue opened with these unfortunately arrogant and ignorant girls. How after knowing the facts and watching the gruesome footage could they still justify the senseless murder of animals?

  • Maya, Master's candidate, wildlife biology says:

    My work with animals and the public in animal shelters especially made me realize that PETA’s negative campaigns hurt the animals. I like others here think that these personal attacks are worse than useless they are harmful to the animals. When I worked with the public I heard from many many people that they wanted to ask us the animal shelter workers to educate them about why declawing was bad but they were afraid to ask us because they acutally thought we would burn down their house or harm them physically. I’m not kidding. PETA is mentioned all the time by clients at the vet clinic I used to work for people say they’re too extreme and so they turn to breeders and unethical veterinarians for advice instead. These people had visited PETA’s site and witnessed ugly campaigns like this and they never visited it again. If PETA wants to point out a celeb’s animal torture they’d be better off boycotting the celeb’s films or tv shows. Here’s why 1. It’s a more peaceful way of protesting but can still be done in a clever way. 2. It gives PETA a chance to foucs on the issues of animal torture for fur because the boycott can reach many different advertising venues. 3.. It hits the celeb and their employers where it matters most the wallet. People can’t boycott a celeb if they don’t know what movie they’re in!!!

  • jordan says:

    i agree fur is terrible but its not fair to target two people so specifically

  • Michele says:

    There have been some wonderful proanimal rights comments on this blog but I want to especially thank Pam Howard Mariah and annie for summing up the issue in a very clear factual manner I am not trying to leave anyone out who also had great comments but these were the last 3 showing up here today all in a row and it was just nice to read.

  • Ana Figueiredo says:

    If journalists and papparazzis expose celebrities on how they use drugs or act as crazy people sometimes and we like it and laugh about it not feeling bad for invading those peoples’ privacy isn’t it a much more fair reason to expose famous people if they’re doing such wrong horrible things as contributing to animal cruelty all over the world? Every celebrity should be an example to society because somehow some people want to be like their idols so if these two trashy evil persons decide it’s cool to support disgusting animal cruelty behaviour Peta’s campaign is more than right. we shouldn’t blame them for trying to make the world a better place to live in. All cruel acts and cruel people towards animals should be punished hardly!!! Animal don’t deserve to pay for our need of lust. If some way in the past human history we have hurt animals it doesn’t justificate that we keep doing it. written by an animal lovergirl Sorry for the bad writing

  • Pamela says:

    Personally I’m very glad that I never saw this terrible footage associated with the fur trade. I know that if I did I’d never get another night of sleep as long as I lived. I aviod meat and have never worn fur but I have a dog who doea eat meat that I home cook for her. I consulted several reputable veterinarians and none of them reccomended a vegetarian diet for dogs. I also have a cat who eats meat. I do my best to buy from organic farms where I understand animals enjoy a far better life than the stuff that comes from the supermarket. However when I adopted my two fur children I became responsible to ensure that they got the best nutrition possible and for them that includes meat. I have never been able to find a way to resolve this. In the animal world some die so that others can live.

  • annie says:

    This is america and we have a freedom to choose to eat and wear animals?? What a nonsense. Well those innocent animals have no freedom and we are just speaking up on their behalf.

  • Mariah says:

    For all you people saying PETA is doing nothing important and that they are stupid. You have obviously not seen the things some heartless people do to animals these days. To the people saying its not right to pin point a specific celeb for wearing fur well its definatly not right on torturing animals. Sometimes you idiotic people don’t make any sense.

  • Pam Howard says:

    It amazes me the amount of hatred spewing for PETA and other animal rights groups. For some of these people is it because knowing the truth makes their lives more complicated? Is ignorance truly bliss? I think it is and there are times when I think shopping was a hell of a lot easier and cheaper when I didn’t know any better but how can I go back? When you see the videos and read the investigator accounts you can’t help but at the very least begin making more compassionate choices. I honestly and sincerely do not understand how one can turn a blind eye to the reality of what really goes on in the “farms” owned by some of the biggest names like TG Lee Tyson Butterball and Purdue and labs owned by names like Johnson Johnson Colgate and Palmolive and so many others. I would like to believe that the majority of people if exposed to the truth could not help but to make more compassionate choices on a daily basis. I wish more people understood how many companies have seen the light and have begun to change their ways in part as the result of PETA’s education and pressure. PETA is not really about protecting animals at the expense of human beings it’s about being so outrageous that people HAVE to pay attention. It’s like Ingrid has said the media is like your beloved cat. You can call him to come over all you want but as a cat he will probably ignore you. However if you waggle your finger and tease him a little he just can’t resist coming over to see what’s going on. This is why we do what we do.

  • 007 says:

    SHAME on you who dismiss ignore and even support animal “suffering” by wearing real fur clearly indicating a dark heart and a reprobate mind and a need to impress despite what you say think or do to defend your sick stance! this IS the 21st century all you mindless and heartless real fur diehards! there are many beautiful upscale alternatives to real fur and mounds of shocking evidence and informative material available to educate you of the brutality and suffering of animals killed for their skins! I love my collection of designer FAUX fur and FAUX suede coats and jackets etc. and can attest to the fact that they are just as warm and beautiful as any real fur not nearly as heavy and best of all NO animal died a torturous death! WISE UP! THERE IS NO GOOD REASON OR SANE EXCUSE FOR WEARING FUR IN THIS DAY AND AGE. PERIOD.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Christopher Maybe if PETA sends the Lettuce Ladies around to see you you’ll go veg.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Rojo Foster’s…Ah…a popular misconception no doubt propagated by Crocodile Dundee.

  • Janet says:

    Thanks for your efforts to educate people about the cruelty of where fur comes from! These two are so self absorbed they probably won’t even notice the campaign but others will. Thanks again.

  • sherri smith says:

    Daniela did you not see the video of Beyonce having dinner with 2 PETA members? PETA HAS gone after Beyonce. Try going through the site they have also gone after several others. Read much? Just Me So you think calling the poor widdle celebrities names is cruel and mean? Oh but way the animals are killed isn’t? You are a fucking idiot. Get lost! The stupid Olsen twins deserve what they are getting from PETA. Too bad you don’t have as much compassion for a helpless animal as you have for a poor celebrity who might get their iddy biddy feelings hurt. WAH!

  • Ethan Cole says:

    Great job PETA! I look forward to seeing more of your ads.

  • rojo says:

    mike nicely put. Cheques in the mail. Fortunately in the Australian climate the sheep are particularly happy to shed the wool for summer but they need some cover to stop sunburn. Our weather bureau has dedicated sheep graziers warnings so that shearing is not commenced ahead of inclement weather. Come to think of it that probably would be the best use for that particular beer. The beer that Australians are known for but don’t really drink.

  • bernardo san felice says:

    Just Me did you look the different videos on the peta sites if you saw them you would surely write different words here!

  • Jill Coleda says:

    Let’s not forget the TERRIBLE SUFFERING these poor animals endure! They cut the animals fur off with them alive….they scream in horrific pain! Have you ever seen that?? I will never forget the footage I saw NEVER !!! it will haunt me forever…. People need to stop thinking about themselves. And start thinking about the pain and suffering we cause animals. Sometimes I think Peta needs to show the footage to make in sink into our fat heads. Seeing is believing. I encourage everyone to watch “I am Animal”.

  • Natalie says:

    you people should get life and stop picking on people who chose to wear fur or eat meat. This is america and we have a freedom to chose.

  • Brooks says:

    Good for you PETA! I am glad you are pointing out what needs to be seen. Celebrities set trends and influence more people than anyone else in today’s society. I think what you are doing is needed. Those on here who are upset by your actions can…well just deal with it. Keep it up! I know you will!

  • Ana says:

    god Yes God will kick your ass for killing his creatures and wearing the skins of furbearing animals because of your greed and avarice. Russell I applaud your integrity. Sorry you lost your job hope you find another soon!!!!

  • Daniela says:

    I am against wearing fur but I see that PETA only attacks certain celebrities… Sharon Stone wears fur and Beyonce too just to name two of them. And I’ve only seen attacks to Paris and the Olsen twins. The others don’t count or what? those attacks to them seem really personal… attack all of them and not just 2 or 3 celebs makes PETA look like paparazzis

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Rojo We’re going to have to charge you for advert space here But what are you going to give to the sheep to keep them warm…Foster’s?

  • Just Me says:

    I think that all you are doing is bullying others into having your ideals! What you are doing is Mean and cruel! I’ve seen your website I can’t believe the Horrible things you have on that “Trollsen Twins” Site! NOT Fit For Children! I think that your Organization is trying to do good But this is NOT the way to do it! This is VERY Disappointing!

  • Debbie says:

    Geeez people get a clue! Animal Rights Human Rights. It appears that bad grammar and horrible spelling are a prerequisite to being a hater. Here’s an idea proofread before vehemently insisting that others “educate themselves.” GREAT JOB PETA!!!

  • Caboose says:

    Russel Wow a manscaping psycho.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    Mike Canadian American I really don’t have a preference I’m just a big fan of nude women. You are correct. Historically the tanning industries were the most polluting. Many rivers in the US Northeast are just now recovering from the heavy metal poisoning that were used in the tanning process. Fortunately they are and have cleaned up their act to a great degree. That being said wearing leather hasn’t been shown to cause cancer but I expect tannery workers do suffer some ill effects from the concentrated chemicals.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:


  • Jason Levy says:

    Amazing campaign! Amazing and moving video! I am proud to support PETA and peta2! Keep up the good work and don’t listen to the fur hags that comment here!

  • Dana says:

    Thanks Rojo for bringing in the other topic of abuse wool…I think a lot of you really need to step back and examine the society we live in before saying that Peta has a great moral message…but they go about things in an immoral way. The message is clear the evidence is shocking about the process of the fur industry I am sure that before going on the expose list all of these people are sent footage of the way the animal that is wrapped around their backs got there. If seeing these videos does not change your mind about your choice to wear fur then yes you need to be exposed and campaigned against. Why you might ask well its like this when you go into a role model status you should up hold certain moral ethics yourself…these twins are role models and have been to many of children over the years it is their responsibility to pass on good messages to children not ones of abuse of animals for fashion is acceptable. You also have to keep in mind that like the Olsen twins…JLo and many others that wear fur they watch the videos which should be enough to make them change their ways…but they dont so it is important that Peta take the next step and call them out sometimes the only way to create change is to start hitting a persons image. Do I feel bad that their image is getting tarnished? NO they dont seem to care the about the intense pain that this innocent creatures go through for their stupid fashion statement…………Many people have dropped fur due to Petas tactics so there is proof that they work so if you are against fur you can not be against the measures it takes to make people stop contributing to the industry.

  • rojo says:

    Dana you are absolutely right that no animal should die just to be fashion and nowadays thanks to sheep we have wool to keep us warm.

  • God says:

    wearing fur kicks ass!

  • tom says:

    Why are so many people who post here illiterate morons? Why can’t anyone spell simple words anymore?

  • Nadreas says:

    Man has used fur since dawn of time. All alternatives are mostly based on petroleum which is soon depleted. I suppose that a hundred years from now more or less everybody will use fur since it is only natural. Grow up PETA.

  • Victoria says:

    Bravo PETA! You are doing exactly what you wanted…Getting peoples attention who normally would not even think twice about this. If PETA sat down and did a news article would anyone change their lives? would anyone donate a dime? would any animals be saved? NO! So PETA gets proof proves points and shows the world…PETA is changing the world for good. Peta and peta followers allow animals to have a right to their own life it is theirs not ours to decide. That is something people dont seem to understand. Keep up the good work PETA!

  • Russell says:

    PETA write Gina Dumbfuck a check for ALLLLLLLLLL the money she donated to you please so she’ll shut her fugly mouth i was going to go through and address each and every person on here that defended anything about fur and you know that I changed my mind our creator is looking at this.. Guys we’re right. WE are right….and those fucks that do this to animals will get it! i swear they will….let’s keep doing all we can to make animals more important but just remember WE ARE RIGHT we know it and so do the animals and so does GOD!!!!!!!!