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Trollsen Twins Campaign Launched in LA

Written by PETA | December 11, 2007

The Trollsen Twins Campaign I was talking about earlier today was debuted in LA this afternoon with a demonstration unveiling peta2’s “Fur Is for Beautiful Animals and Ugly People” ad, starring none other than the Olsens themselves. Here are some pics:





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  • Russell says:

    I was fired from my job tonight bc i wouldn’t wait on a woman wearing a fur coat. I calmly said that I wasn’t confortable being hospitible to someone who could rip the skin off of a conscious animal. I would do it again in a HEARTBEAT….anyone who wears fur can FUCKING DIE. I sincerely feel that way and doctor COCKran or whoever else always posts absurd things on here can kiss my furless ass i shave it’s cruel and terrible and to the witch doctor that says she “reveres” dead animals what the FUCK era are you living in i mean for Christ’s sake revere them while they’re alive!!!!!!! when they die from the reasons GOD intended then you can do your dead animal worship! K? thanks and for all of you who wear fur FUCK YOU

  • Sherri says:

    Good job PETA!

  • Caboose says:

    Watever No one lives in Antarctica except researchers and I doubt they ALL use real fur snow garments.

  • lovefortheolsentwins says:

    Why should PETA pick on these two girls. Fur isnt illegal to wear so unless it starts to be illegal then i wont have a problem with PETA but while fur is legal let these BEAUTIFUL young women do what they want. Your name calling these two girls who have their own rights. I am totally against fur but disgusting name calling and putting these gorgeous girls down isnt no way to go about it. PETA is looking like idiots

  • Nancy says:

    What does PETA care more about people or animals? What kind of question is that! It is obvious this is an organization fighting animal cruelty. Let’s see…People for the ethical treatment of ANIMALS!!!!! That said I am sure Peta staff care about humans a great deal. Compassionate people are compassionate people period. They don’t draw the line between species. Whoever does is an egotistical arrogant ass who most likely does nothing to help people either.

  • Doug says:

    They might be ugly but I bet they are warm.

  • Michele says:

    Why would anyone feel the need to defend these socalled celebrities yeah they MAY have been just slightly interesting and cute on “Full House” almost 20 years ago but can you honestly say that they are good actors or compassionate people who have contributed to society? NO!! for wearing the carcasses of animals who were tortured in the name of “fashion”? PETA has made many attempts over the years to educate these hasbeens about the horrors of fur but they refuse to listen. THAT is why PETA has had to step up its campaign. Of course PETA is going to single out people who are perpetuating animal abuse! They single out celebrities and noncelebrities alike. They DO try to convince people using letters videos and having facetoface interviews. Many times this has worked and when it does not they up the ante. For all of you idiots who are criticizing PETA saying that this campaign makes them look bad it actually makes the Olsen twins look bad and makes more and more people aware of what really happened to the animals that these fur hags are wearing. Those of you who have proclaimed that you will now wear fur just to be oppositional have proven that humans are devolving.

  • Curtis says:

    great campaign!! I wish I was still in L.A.

  • oktoberbest says:

    When I was little they were role models for me but I can’t respect anyone who wears fur. They have disappointed me so much. I wish I could tell them this myself but this way PETA can do it for me. What’s with all the hate accusations? If two public figures are doing something that members of the public judge to be wrong they will be attacked for it. PETA has been very reasonable for years with the Olsen twins’ fashion blunder. By calling them out in this ad campaign it puts pressure on them to stop wearing fur and brings more attention to fur as a bad choice in general.

  • brazilianangel says:

    i thought it was funny but isn’t this a bit too much?

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Watever No they’re wearing canvas shoes. Just check the pictures a little more closely. Btw I walked by this leather store in a Toronto mall recently and the fumes emanating from the store were enough to make you gag. As well as the animals I feel sorry for the poor people who have to tan these hidesthose chemicals have got to be carcinogenic.

  • watever says:

    PETA u need to get a life. what makes you think that you can change that millions of years of tradition of using animal products like leathers and fur??? tell that to those people living in antartica! so what if those olsens wearing fur??? BTW! why EVEN THE PROTESTERS WEARING LEATHER SHOES????? They might as well go protesting naked! Your ideas are way too extremea And IDEAL!

  • tinkerbellslayer says:

    two bobbleheads that live in a bubble. i just hope that somehow word gets back to them that PETA has this website. I hope somewhere in their little malnourished hearts a little tinge of regret will form.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    That wellnourished Canadian vegan girl wouldn’t be Pam Anderson would it Christopher? She apparently has had more Playboy covers than anyone I just read the articles you understand.

  • meg says:

    It is sad to me that an organization with such a great moral message would sling mud and resort to name calling. I hope that the twins however misguided in the ways of animal cruelty they may be use their wealth to sue for libel or slander or whatever they can. If a child uses name calling to get their point across he loses credibility and deserves to be punished for the method he uses whether he’s in ‘the right’ or not. PETA should be no different and just because they’ve cleverly latched onto big names for publicity’s sake doesn’t make what they’re doing any more acceptable than the actions of any runofthepuppymill bully. Some people abuse animals. Some abuse other people. It all adds up to the same in the end abuse. I hope they reconsider their angle and try to take a more enlightened and positive approach. What a sad day for animal rights.

  • sherri smith says:

    I hope PETA exposes every single celebrity that wears fur!

  • Julianne says:

    this is what gives PETA a bad rep! you cant target people who wear fur and single them out. personally i think fur is disgusting and i love animals with all my heart and i do try to take every opportunity to stand up for animals but defaming celebrities is no way to do this. PETA stands for helping animals and by trashing and namecalling you are just making the organization look like a bunch of immature lunatics. I say launch an anti fur campaign but do it without singling out celebrities and rather educate about the awful fur industry. Publicly bashing the olsen twins does nothing excpet make PETA look bad.

  • Dana says:

    I just hope that this jolts them to stop wearing fur..there is not one reason in today that you can justify wearing fur. Bob the killer yes our ancestors did indeed use fur as a source of keeping warm but you in no way can compare then to now…a lot has changed since our ancestors first came to America…there are now grocery stores shopping malls computers telephones and electricity just to name a few. There are many ways in a modern society to keep warm without having to use a living beings coat to do so. Fur is not the only option we have to keep from freezing too death so it is fair to say there is no justification at all for harming animals for their coats……………fake fur is an alternative that many people have no problem wearing. Why should an animal have to suffer such a horrible death just to provide these two air heads the privilege of prancing around in fur…..They need to be more concerned in using their money to purchase a healthy diet rather than contributing to the suffering of innocent creatures.

  • Maureen says:

    People who use fur are pathetic they should be made to kill their own future furs to really get the feel of blood and guts and indescribable torture. Great job Peta!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    For those of you that are so against us PETA Ingrids special is still showing on HBO and it’s called I Am An Animal. It shows a little dog being skinned alive after this he is shaking with his eyes wide open and then you see a huge boot coming down on his little head to crush his skull. Monsters like P.Diddy who got caught using dog fur in his jackets said he did not know where it came from he’s such a maggot and he has maggot friends. And it looks like some of his friends are here posting in his honor. All of you who are ANTIPETA are maggots also…..

  • V. Soto says:

    Unfortunately others emulate what they see their favorite celebs wearing even if it means wearing cruel fur. Congrats to PETA for getting the word out there about these two most uncompassionate women.

  • Mysty Rice says:

    There is no need in this day age to wear real fur. Those two are publicly supporting the unneccessary torture mutilation of innocent animals. Not only do they wear it themselves they put it in their own fashion line. They look like two homeless crackwhores Who wants to wear anything they design anyways!?!?!?

  • rojo says:

    jaclyn they’re not exactly flattering comments for peta on omg but I suppose all publicity is good publicity.

  • Michael says:

    If no animal was ever killed by a human from this day forward. It might just throw nature out of balance. We are the top of the food chain been that way since he beginning of time. Probably the way GOD inteneded.

  • Sunny says:

    I think that focusing on two people is just wasting time. If we want to make people aware of the mistreatment of animals we should teach them and make them aware of the situation. Also having people pose nude solves nothing and will just amuse people. I am strongly for the rights of animals and am a vegan but this is teaching hatred and setting a bad example for people. If we are going to protest protest more then two people. By teaching and educating people on the mistreatment of animals I think we can make them more aware and start saving more animals.

  • Ana says:

    Anthony Since people turn a deaf ear to the screams of furbearing animals having their skins torn off because of human vanity and greed compassionate humans resort to blatant demos against wearing these very skins. Bob Children used to be hung for stealing apples centuries ago right here in the good ol’ USA. Happily humans have evolved enough to recognize the insanity of these sentences. Ancestors also tortured and burned “witches” because of ignorance. Your argument is specious.

  • stasya says:

    for david while i think its hippocritical to say your an animal lover and hunt i think its even more dubious and unwise to say your not an animal lover while simultaneously depending on their lives for your sustenance.

  • Carla says:

    Right on… Jaclyn!! Posted Dec.12 1059am. And Bob go find a nest to lay your eggs in!!

  • Jaclyn says:

    I love how we always get labeled “you people.” LOL!

  • David says:

    hey guys theres no need to keep it qarm by wearing dead animals. Im not an animal lover. By the way I hunt for the food not as a sport. But theres a bunch of way to be elegant without wearing a ridiculous animal coat lying over you body. Come on people dont get cromagnon!!

  • Jaclyn says: has a story on Peta targeting the twins. People are leaving comments like crazy on it.

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    I have to admit that I am more moved by the naked girls than this. You have to give the Olsen twins credit though if they eat meat they don’t eat much. I would much rather see a well nourished vegan girl take off all her close and paint herself in the Canadian flag. Oofa!!

  • Kathlyn says:

    Bob our ancestors also survived using slave labor and killing black people freely. Just because it is happened in the course of history doesn’t make it okay now. I totally support this campaign. Just like we can trash Michael Vick and Colonel Sanders these whores are contributing to animal Horrors and something must be done. Wasn’t everyone outraged about Michael Vick electrocuting dogs? Mymy. If people don’t want to educate themselves let the onslaught begin!

  • Jaclyn says:

    Most people don’t want to look at the footage of fur farms and most people don’t want to hear about it. How do you get people’s attention? By creating a campaign such as this. People will come up to look at the pictures of the twins and maybe now they will listen. When you wear fur you are supporting a horrific industry. Expect people to get in your face and tell you the truth about it. Great job Peta!

  • Bob the Animal Killer says:

    You all are a bunch of hippocrites. Your ancestors that came to america stayed warm by wearing fur and eating animals with them doing that you waste of lives wouldn’t be around

  • Carla says:

    Wonderful!! Now that is “BOLD”!!

  • Linda, Sweden says:

    One word embarrassing!

  • Susannah S says:

    The campaign was duly noted on AOL today! And there were many comments in support of PETA’S campaign. Good work PETA!

  • Erin says:

    I dont think its fair to shove your beliefs down other people’s throat.Its great you love your cause but at the expense of hurting others is obsurd!Keep your oars in your own boat and we’ll all go down the river FREELY

  • Adelaide says:

    Okay so being a vegetarian and all I don’t really like people wearing fur. But come on there is a limit. Calling specific people ugly because they wear fur. I think this is even worse because of their problems with anorexia. What does PETA care more about people or animals?

  • c says:

    you should stopp with your stupid game!!!!!!

  • Caboose says:

    Why is there more controversy over some people than others?

  • Steve says:

    I know you won’t post this because you people only post your side of your crap. I just want you to know I think you people are just a bunch of idiots. But by all means keep up the naked protesting. I love a naked woman PETA nut or not.

  • Gina Tassone says:

    PETA you have lost your senses. AND you promote hatred? Does that make you feel good. I LOVE animals and have many including horses that I rescue from slaughter houses. I revere dead animals. I ride bareback use saddles as artwork and restore them dating back from the civil war. My house is filled w pelts hides fur coats and LOTSA of leather. I know how the animals were killed. Some good some not so good. But they are now dead. Ever been to Rome. Dead Pope’s are revered there. People have the right to revere dead animals if they choose. Stop the hate. And why are you pointing fingers? How many animals are you responsible for killing? Please educate yourselves you are making a joke of yourselves. I wish I could get back all the money I donated to you in the past. You are not doing any good…

  • Anthony P J says:

    Stop telling other people what to do smear doesn’t constitute debate or arguement. If you don’t like fur don’t wear it.

  • jerome says:

    are there legal ramifications for this type of action? even so fuck em. its disgusting how people know where these products come from and just don’t care.

  • Aleasha says:

    I use to like those two when I was younger…until they and I grew up. They started becoming drugged out whores…but this definately takes the cake! SICK SICK SICK!!!!

  • Oi says:

    How about instead of targetting specific people why don’t you try to educate people. You are no better than those enviro nazis.

  • ~ says:

    Wheres the signs that should say “JLo Blows” LOL

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    The beautiful people….. With the exception to the two little trolls at the top…..