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Trollsen Twins Campaign Launched in LA

Written by PETA | December 11, 2007

The Trollsen Twins Campaign I was talking about earlier today was debuted in LA this afternoon with a demonstration unveiling peta2’s “Fur Is for Beautiful Animals and Ugly People” ad, starring none other than the Olsens themselves. Here are some pics:





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  • taron says:

    Hello I know a lot of people think peta is wrong with this type of campaing promotes hate you say I think Its a good campaing lots of stupid people admire this idiot girls and lots of stupid people wants to be like them ergo lots of stupid people wants to wear fur I think you should know a lot of teens look up to this two wich is dangerous to millions of animals out there so way to go peta! stop the trollsen bastards!

  • Karen says:

    This IS America but just because we have the right to do something rude that’s legal of course doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. This is both for PETA and it’s childish acts and the Olsen twins.

  • Pam says:

    leave peta alone they are doing the right thing you dumb people

  • Caboose says:

    rojo Thats why we learn from our mistakes.

  • 007 says:

    john… you’re obviously confused. the real hatred and meanspiritedness in this forum stems mostly from the many troublesome antiPeta detractors antagonists and trolls! in light of the many wellmeaning brilliant time consuming factual explanations and opinions throughout this forum in response to many of these troublesome dissenters clearly negates your irresponsible opinion.

  • rojo says:

    caboose didn’t you tell us your age recently perhaps as an alter ego?

  • Caboose says:

    wow lots of Olsen fanboys. My advice LAY OFF THE .jpg GIRLFRIENDS!!!!!!

  • Joseph says:

    Comparing PETA’s Olsen Twins parody to celebrities wearing fur is like comparing high school bullies giving wedgies with people hiring paid assassins to take out others. To everybody saying wearing fur is “natural” keep in mind that you have stated your opinion via the internet on a machine. Times change roll with it. Yeah the ancestors who migrated to America centuries ago may have needed the fur to keep warm but they didn’t have the technology to create fauxfur or equally warm clothing then either. We do. Frankly I believe people who wear real fur do so for the superficial aspects of it all. It isn’t about keeping warm at all. Really how cold can it get in Los Angeles anyway? It isn’t even about being pretty which can easily be achieved by a lot of the realisticlooking fake fur and leather out there. Telling others to leave these celebrities alone is pretty much advocating superficiality which in the past has given people problems. Apartheid? KKK? Nazism? Are you really saying the world would be a better place if we let these celebrities advertise this phenomenon? Also what makes a human life much more valuable than an animal life? I love both people and animals equally. But when you think about how people have taken this world that was meant for all species and built it into this large metropolis catering predominantly to their needs and wants with no regard to their environment and neighbors. We made factories to empower our economies and look what it’s doing to the world two hundred years later. And what do we do with the money we earn? We wage wars. We indulge in material things. An animal only wants to live its life as is its natural instinct. Humans are far from natural now… last time I checked going off to college just to work a 9 to 5 when you graduate wasn’t quite what the early homosapiens did. So the question then becomes would I rather support a specie that gets by constantly after his own interests and entertainment at the unnecessary cost of others both animal botanical and human or support an animal who just wants to live peacefully? Are we just assuming people are superior because we are people? If we go with the theory of that bias… then isn’t that kind of like the Nazi regime and Jihads? Are you guys fans of those things? I really don’t think it’s about opinion or point of view. I think it really should be as common a sense as why it’s wrong to take another person’s life or belongings. The logic is there but unfortunately so is the bias. About the celebrities I do love a whole lot of them professionally. I think Beyonce is a great vocalist. I think Jennifer Lopez is a wonderful entertainer. Sharon Stone is an excellent actress. I also believe these women are actually really nice people deep down but with an unfortunate hobby. I was quite fond of Jennifer Lopez’ latest album but couldn’t bring myself to purchase it knowing my money would go to support this. Same goes for Beyonce. If ever she stops this I’m going on a shopping spree at my nearest HMV. By the way has Beyonce actually stopped wearing fur?

  • RedTie says:

    lmfao. this is a great campaign. go peta

  • NIki says:

    To all the people who are critizing PETA there are a few things that I have to say. As far as educating people goes I have learnt more from the PETA websites about animal cruelty issues than I ever have from any other source. I think fighting for a cause you belive in strongly is great and more people should. Members of PETA are trying to make the world a more loving place to be and ARE NOT promoting hate they “target” people like MK and Ashley becuase they are in th public eye if they chose to critize MR Smith from Ohio no one would no what is going on. While I fo not agree with the “trollson” campaign whole heartedly I think PETA is a great organization giving a voice to innocent victums