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Triumph at Belmont

Written by PETA | June 24, 2008

As arguably tasteless as he may be, Triumph the Insult Dog from the Late Night With Conan O’Brien show made some excellent points in his coverage of the recent Belmont Stakes. As I’ve pointed out before with humor articles and videos, they often sneak in a few insightful points about whatever act or industry they’ve set in their crosshairs. In the few moments when he’s not busy insulting virtually every attendee of the Belmont Stakes, Triumph does just that.

The horseracing industry is just another instance of the same mentality behind dogfighting (although Triumph may have said so less eloquently). The difference is that horses are raced and killed out in the open.

Besides a chuckle, what I took away from this video was a sense of how unimportant horseracing itself is to the Belmont Stakes. Most of what I saw was just noticeably intoxicated people standing in the hot sun, cracking wise and goofing off. I’ve enjoyed (and been) this very spectacle at every low-cost local beer garden or outdoor concert I’ve ever stumbled home from. I don’t recall once stopping to think how desperately the event needed horses running in a giant loop to complete the experience.

To see Triumph in all his potty-mouthed glory, check out the video here:

Posted by Sean Conner

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  • Carla says:

    Horse racing is cruel. For every high end pampered racehorse there are thousands sold on back lots everyday to killers who take them to pens fatten them up and sell them for MEAT. NO KIDDING. Horse racing is cruel because it doesn’t manage the failures in the sport and the horses are left to suffer. Go to any backwater small town race track try Indianapolis or Cinncy in the country and watch…anyone with 12 a heart will see the cruelty. Go at the end of any meet to the sale on the backlot see the no sale horses..what was someone’s glory a moment before is now doomed. By the way I have adopted 2 Off the track TB horses…Saved from the back lots and killer pens. So don’t jump my junk that I don’t do anything about the problem…

  • Holly says:

    Very true Antigone1000 Go Vegan save the animals your health and our earth…

  • Antigone1000 says:

    ai3d First off we need to look at doing something to curb human population. Most people think they have the “right” to procreate to whatever extent they choose completely disregarding the effects on the environment. Well the world will only support so many beings no matter what humans want to believe. If we don’t smarten up about that pretty soon nobody is going to have a good quality of life. Soit sounds rather ridiculous to hear you or anyone else complain about the overpopulation of another species. You just sound stupid.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Triumph is just too funny!

  • Holly says:

    ai3d If everyone went vegan it would not happen over night and farm animals would be phased out over time. Their is so much information out there you could read and study and learn from so you could understand what a disaster farm animals are to the destruction of our earth our health and also the pain and great suffering we cause these animals as the result of our greed to eat their flesh. When you are older and go to collage you can take classes that teach this information or you can read on your own and learn. The internet is a great place to start. You can read studies done by people with Md’s PH D’s who know what they are talking about and can prove it and do. Let me give you a few places to start your learning journey. httpwww.fao.orgnewsroomennews20061000448index.html United Nations Food Agriculture Organization has issued a stunning report on global warming. Livestock production is responsible for more climate change gasses than all the motor vehicles in the world. In total it is responsible for 18 percent of human induced greenhouse gas emissions. It is also a major source of land and water degradation. Incredibly 18 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions as measured in carbon dioxide equivalent are due to the growing numbers of livestock around the world. It’s not just methane and manure landuse changes especially deforestation to expand pastures and to create arable land for feed crops is a big part. Emissions also arise from the energy used to produce fertilizers and pesticides for feed crops run slaughterhouses and pump water. Livestock now use 30 percent of the earths entire land surface. In Latin America 70 percent of former forests in the Amazon have been turned over to grazing. Animal waste accounts for 64 percent of ammonia which contributes significantly to acid rain. Livestock production is at the heart of almost every environmental catastrophe confronting the planet rain forest destruction spreading deserts loss of fresh water air and water pollution acid rain and soil erosion. digest some of this information and I and others here will give you more places to learn. Also reading the posts here is a great learning tool for you. This animal rights movement is working very hard to save the animals from great suffering Also to save our earth so future generations have an earth that can thrive and your children’s children can live on it with good health and happiness. Go Vegan save up to 100 farm animals per year per person and save your health and our earth…

  • Sinon Robert says:

    Wow ai3d… way to copy and paste your message from another post. Regarding your tangent rant against veganism… given the fact that most grain in our country the US is given to farmed animals which are unnaturally bred in mass quantities to be killed for their flesh people going vegan actually frees up more valuable plant foods for humans to eat. And if people stop buying animal flesh farms will stop breeding these animals this is not a natural population of wild animals folks are eating it’s an artificially produced one. Go read a book.

  • ai3d says:

    If everyone goes vegan there will not be enough vegetables and fruits to keep everyone alive on this planet! And besides if everyone is vegan why would there be any need to take care of all of the farm animals? Who would take care of them? And if they were let to roam freee how many of them would wander into towns causing problems? The truth is that many farm animals would go extinct if it wasn’t for us! Unless…. i don’t know…. do you want a cow pig or chicken as a pet? It really is easy to point the finger at ppl. I am pretty sure that there is nobody on the planet that is perfect so why judge ppl so strictly? Are you trying to say you are better? Well let me tell you you can be better at something then someone else but you can never be better then someone else if you think that you are for any reason at all then in reality you are a worse person than everyone!

  • Holly says:

    How about horse in a can? Like a can of dog food???? Stop sending your horses to auction that leads to slaughter! Go Vegan and save up to 100 farm animals per person per year!

  • Havens says:

    I did not see any animal cruelty in that video. I own horses and we treat our horses like family. People pay millions for some of these horses. Thier not going to mistreat them. Horse racing is nothing like dog fighting!

  • Holly says:

    GO Conan O’Brien! This video is priceless and should be watched by each and every horse owner! Save the Horses! Go Vegan save up to 100 farm animals per year per person!