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Tricked Into Buying ‘Humane’ Meat? Tell Us Your Story!

Written by Michelle Kretzer | August 1, 2014

As people learn how factory farming hurts animals and begin to demand changes, meat producers are making improvements―to their labels. If you were misled by the labels, PETA wants to hear from you. The meat case at any given supermarket is well stocked with  packages of flesh bearing reassuring pledges that the animal was “humanely raised,” hoping compassionate consumers will eat it up. Literally. But what do those labels really mean? Here’s the scoop:

In all our years of eyewitness investigations, PETA has yet to find a “humane factory farm”―one on which pigs aren’t castrated, chickens’ sensitive beaks aren’t cut off, and calves don’t have to endure branding and dehorning. None of these animals is given painkillers. By anyone’s standards, treating animals humanely doesn’t involve cramming them onto feces-filled feedlots or into warehouses where the stench of ammonia burns their eyes.

Humanely raised animals wouldn’t be denied basic rights such as sunlight and fresh air. They wouldn’t have their infants torn away from them. And they would never know the horror of looking on as other animals are hung upside down and have their throats slit. With no escape, they can only wait for their turn to come.  Animals can experience all this and more, and yet, in a final act of injustice, companies can still decorate their packages of meat with stickers that proclaim, “natural,” “free-range,” “cage-free,” “sustainable,” and “humane.”

Are you one of the many people who feel tricked by “humane meat” labels? PETA would like to hear how you feel you were misled. Please e-mail us your story.

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  • Paula says:

    I wasn’t tricked by “humane meat” labels… I’ve been vegetarian since I was 19. And the proof is in the vegan pudding…. I got carded until I was 46. Any meat label, any meat is NOT HUMANE. *sigh*

  • Haley Sands says:

    This video is legitimately funny, entertaining, and informative. It’s so cheesy (vegan cheese, that is!) and over the top, but they couldn’t have illustrated their point more clearly. Personally, I’ve lived in Texas my whole life, so the only farm animals I’ve ever actually seen are cows living in giant pastures with access to plenty of healthy grass, clean water and the opportunity to raise their calves, so that option does exist SOMETIMES in SOME restaurants and grocery stores. However, if you’re looking to help animals, paying for them to be slaughtered, then cooking and eating them is probably NOT what I would call “helpful”. There’s no doubt that buying meat that wasn’t raised in miserable conditions is better than buying factory farmed meat, but it’s not the BEST option. If you want to help animals, the EASIEST way is just to stop eating them!

  • Malva Mcintosh says:

    All this is wrong. Nothing can be humane when you kill a sentient being. People must be reeducated and learn about the real values if we want a better world. When people see everyone as equals then there can be hope…

  • Donna says:

    It is a ruse. There is nothing humane about killing animals for eating. Period. Plain and simple.

  • Froggie Russell says:

    I grew up on a small self-sustaining farm. We raised mostly vegetable and fruit for our meals. There were very little animals for meat and when my father had to put one down, it was so gentle and humane. I grew up thinking that is how it is on mass production farms until watching PETA videos. I am now vegan. I refuse to support such cruelty for human consumption when it is not even needed. I truly believe that God provided all these things for human consumption as long as we do not abuse them or our privedges to consume them. At the rate the world is consuming meat, we vegans will not have any land left to grow our veggies/fruits. I pray for an answer. I pray for moderation.

  • ginele says:


  • Salome Argyropoulos says:

    I thought Free-Range Pork was just that, but learnt that our pigs at Otways Pork in Australia are kept terribly crammed in sheds, sometimes chest deep in faeces!!! I immediately stopped buying pork, and, as a vegetarian, don’t feed my cats any pork or beef products at all.

  • knelle says:

    Je suis végétarienne par conviction. “Je ne mange pas mes amis” et surtout “Je ne digère pas l’agonie” . Je n’ai pas du tout confiance au label quand il s’agit de viande . Trop longtemps les industriels de la viande ont abusé de leur pouvoir et de l’omerta pour tromper le consommateur. Seul compte à leur yeux, la rentabilité et le bénéfice. L’animal n’est à aucun moment considéré. Je m’aperçois en faisant les magasins que de plus en plus de consommateurs se tournent vers les produits végétaux. Alimentation sans cruauté. Cela est très encouragent.

  • Daisy Thompson says:

    ALL MEAT IS COLOURED BEFORE IT REACHES THE SUPERMARKET/BUTCHERS’ SHELVES. Did you know that all flesh is grey in colour when it is cut from the dead animal, they have to colour it to make it look palatable. Disgusting eh? BUT TRUE.

  • Diana Unger says:

    How dare any company tell lies to misrepresent the facts to their customers.

  • Kim Cooper says:

    Simplest way is to NOT eat meat or chicken

  • Rajat says:

    There is nothing as Humane meat . If a animal has to be killed how can it be humane
    Humane means to respect every for of life
    Humane means to love every form of life and protect them give them their right to space

  • Torah says:

    Really, and these people are just figuring this out. Wow, you really have to be a nucklehead to think that anyone could eat tortured, stressed out animals & that would be healthy for human consumption.

  • L.D.Zafar says:

    What an oxymoron, “humane” AND “meat”! Like saying “honest” and “lawyer” in the same sentence don’t ya think!

  • Teriqua Jones says:

    I stopped eating meat a long time ago; because I don’t think animals should die for me to eat.
    So, I don’t have a story about these alleged “Humane Meats”. I am not surprised by any under-handed lies the meat industry tells. After-all, this is an industry that kills millions of animals to make a living. They could not have a heart and do this.