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No Trick: PETA ‘Fixes’ Black Cats for Free

Written by PETA | October 28, 2011

Today was a lucky day for black cats: PETA’s mobile Spay and Neuter Immediately, Please (SNIP) clinic got into the spirit of Halloween and “fixed” 44 of the black beauties for free. What a way to wrap up Cat Week!  

If there’s one thing scarier than armies of the undead, it’s the animal overpopulation crisis. Every year, millions of unwanted kittens are left at crowded animal shelters, where many of them must be euthanized for lack of suitable homes. Others are casually passed around from one temporary home to the next or are dumped on the roadside.

Just one unaltered female cat can lead to 370,000 feline descendants in only seven years; an unneutered male cat can help create limitless litters of kittens. PETA’s mobile clinics have sterilized more than 75,000 animals since the program’s inception in 2001, preventing the births of hundreds of thousands of unwanted kittens and puppies.

Black cats are often the target of cruel people who torture or kill them around Halloween. Keeping cats inside is the best way to keep them safe, and if you have an unaltered cat of any color, make an appointment today to get him or her sterilized. In addition to preventing unwanted litters, spay and neuter surgeries eliminate the risk of certain cancers of the reproductive system. It is the best treat that you can give your cat—any time of year.

If you’ve already “fixed” your cat, you can make a donation to help others do the same and to help keep our SNIP clinic going.


Written by Heather Faraid Drennan

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  • Kathy M. says:

    I have had 10 black cats in my life, and also find them to be delightful. They are indeed, the silliest, most intelligent, and filled with personality. I have always loved, and mourned them, the hardest.

  • Lori K says:

    I have owned two black cats. They are by far the most affectionate, intelligent and unpredictable cats. I dont know what it is that makes them different from other cats but I think that owning a black cat is an amazing thing to do. I would own another one in a minute.