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Traveling With Your Pooch

Written by PETA | June 2, 2008

Now that the warmer months are finally upon us, you’re probably planning your summer getaway, right? C’mon, don’t deny it—I know I am! I plan on spending a ridiculous amount of time at the beach this summer—relaxing on the sand, strolling the boardwalk, doing some kayaking in the ocean waves, probably falling out of the kayak in the ocean waves …. What I’m getting at is whether you’re headed to the beach, to the weekend bed and breakfast, or up the West Coast on a road trip, why not consider taking your furry companions with you? There are a number of activities that you can do together—you can take a walking tour of an old town, play Frisbee on the beach, or visit local dog parks for some R and R. Most dogs love car rides, and let’s face it, your pooch is probably your only friend who won’t judge your off-beat, out-of-tune, don’t-even-know-the-words singing. It’s true. Plus, there are some great destinations out there that offer animal-friendly accommodations, and they won’t cost you a fortune. Most rest stops along the main highways nowadays even have designated dog areas so that you can both get out and stretch your legs. As far as your dog’s safety is concerned, it’s best to make sure your four-legged friend is up-to-date with all the appropriate tags. And don’t forget to stick a recent photo of your dog in your wallet in case of an emergency. There. You’re all set. Now plan your vacation, pack the car, grab your pooch, and hit the open road! And do send all your envious friends postcards—they will surely thank you. —JenPosted by Jennifer Cierlitsky, Membership Correspondence Coordinator

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  • lynda downie says:

    Good points Jen and Barbara.

  • Barbara says:

    Microchip! and make sure you register it. Too many people neglect to register their dog’s microchip which can result in a dog being euthanised. Also it’s always a good idea to keep a leash on your dog whilst in the car i.e. in case there’s an accident and your dog gets out she will be easier to recover imagine a dog running down a freeway wout a leash…almost impossible to stopcatch wout a leash.

  • rose says:

    Cool! im going to colorado and all three of my dogs are coming with me!