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Transformers Director Offers $50K to Find Puppy-Drowning Girl

Written by PETA | September 2, 2010


Director and producer Michael Bay is famous for blowing things up in Transformers and Armageddon as well as for remaking horror movies including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and A Nightmare on Elm Street, but when it comes to violence against animals, Michael yells, “Cut!”

Michael pledged $50,000 on his website for the arrest and “successful prosecution” of the person who threw puppies into a river and the person who recorded the footage, which was posted online. Let’s hope that Michael’s reward—along with PETA’s—brings everyone who was involved in this horrifying act to justice. People who are cruel to animals often commit acts of violence against their fellow humans as well, so it’s crucial that we report known or suspected cruelty to animals to police and animal control officials immediately.

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • Mary Kate says:

    @PETA Thank you!! Will you have a link for the vacuum incident/criminal? The information available to the public is chaotic and scattered. On Facebook, people are making accusations by name… and I think that random disinformation like that is potentially very dangerous. I trust the information published by PETA.

  • girlalamodem says:

    Will Michael Bay help catch the Vacuum killer, too???

  • PETA says:

    Re: Mary Kate. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. PETA is already looking into the horrific incident.

  • Mary Kate says: Now someone spent christmas murdering kittens on Youtube with a vacuum cleaner. PLEASE PROSECUTE!!!!

  • Jackie says:

    Props to Michael. He didn’t have to do anything about this heck he could have not payed enough attention to notice this. But he did and not only did he support PETA’s protest but he offered 50 thousand dollars to the cause. This proved to me that not all people who have that much money only care about themselves. I thank you Michael one of many who do.

  • Sarah says:

    Dear Peta and Michael Bay I urge you to put your reward money towards a spay and neuter operation in the Balkans. That is the only thing that will lessen the suffering of animals here. I have tried and found foreign vets willing to volunteer here even Pfizer were going to donate medicines but the funds for equipment and manpower could not be found here. With an average monthly wage of just 300 Euros people cannot afford to pay 80 Euros to sterilise their animals. Puppies and kittens are dumped drowned and killed every day because of the lack of sterilisation and even lack of access to vets. The reward for prosecution will change nothing here only sterilsation can help.

  • Nikki says:

    That’s great! I applaud Mr.Bay dearly but what upsets me is that everybody is in an outrage against this “puppythrowinggirl”. Which I am too and I think this girl should get life in prison and a serious mental evaluation along with the person who filmed it. I never here anybody being in an outrage about cats that are abused though..Which I wish people would start doing the same for cats as they do dogs because truthfully you see alot more homeless cats then dogs.

  • Ralph says:

    I’m glad he’s doing the offer too bad PETA won’t match it. And at least the girl has been identified.

  • Erika de Carmen Villarreal Muñoz de Co says:


  • Kat says:

    Thank you to Michael for even considering animal rights. However $50000 would go a long way to setting up spay and neuter and animal rights education programs in these villages.

  • Rosie says:

    Thank u hope she us found and prosecuted !!!!!!!!

  • Phil says:

    God bless you!!!!

  • ivette says:

    this one too.. this 2 guys need to be in jail or in a neuropsychiatric please find them..www.liveleak.comview?i4da1258562069

  • Jessicka Ebel says:

    It really does break my heart to hear about this. The woman who did this should drown herself. I hope they find her quick !!!!!!!!!

  • Yvonne Christian says:

    Thank you Michael. This story has sickened me and i’m glad to see people like you care. Love your movies.

  • VT Citizen says:

    Since evidence suggests that this took place on BosniaHerzegovina and since most of Easter Europe lacks any law against animal cruelty is there an alternative way someone over there may earn this reward? Alternative forms of justice perhaps?

  • ditto says:

    What a beautiful world this would be if there were more people like Michael Bay. Thank you for caring!

  • brenda cruz says:

    Hello and godbless you michael bay for your kindness wisdom and amazing films transformers love shilo lapouf and bumble bee but most important thankyou so much for being part in the capture of this horrible and malicious criminal act praying every day to capture this group of criminals respectfully Brenda Cruz

  • Lee-Anne says:

    michael i can’t find the right words to translate this feeling i have inside my soul. there are many many people with money who could make a difference to this situation but i see it is YOU that has done something incredible. i thank you you beautiful man. the world needs more humans like you. xxxx

  • Imani Reynolds says:

    Thanks Mr. Bay. I hope they find and take that awful woman down! I wish I could find her not to turn her in and collect money but so I could sick my dogs on her. Then maybe I might turn her in if she can still walk when were through with her. 3

  • Emir says:

    HI Girl has been found by our police and measures agents her will be taken. Regards from Bosnia Emir

  • depeche says:

    Girl is a monster !!! She must be punish!!!!! Thank you !!!!

  • carlos says:

    Thank you Michael if i could i would do the same as you. I seriously want this girl to get caught.

  • Sanjeeva Guneratne, Sri Lanka says:

    Mr. Bay you’re a WINNER. This is such an uprecedented act! When individuals like yourself who are in the spotlight act with such compassion magnanimity and moral rectitude then there’s hope for this ailing planet of ours. We shall truly overcome.

  • melodie richardson says:

    thank you! you are amazazing!

  • Gina says:

    Thank you Michael!!

  • Patcharee says:

    I strongly support PETA and Mr.Bay on this issue. Anyone commits acts against animals need to be punished. May all the dead puppies rest in peace.

  • Ashlea says:

    Yes maybe someone will come forward. But with a reward like that whos to say if someone will confess just for a friendrelative to rake in the cash? After all how will the justice system treat her in Bosnia. She may not even serve jail time. Next thing u know half that 50 grand is hers….. or some fakes! I hope this girl is brought to justice. Her facebook page is discusting and horrifying. Its hard to say if its even real as by now im sure there are tons of people out there claiming to be her.

  • Mel says:

    I pray that these sick humans are caught tossed in jail for at least a year and have their wages garnished forever and donated to local nokill animal shelters. Also may they never be allowed to own or care for a pet or spawn offspring! But alas… they are in Bosnia. What are the animal protection laws there?

  • maxine says:

    thanks for caring youre doing a wonderful thing gd bless

  • MaxiSantos says:

    Yeah thanks Michael !!! That girl has to know whats happening at this moment. I hope you learn something of what you did ! Anyway you have to pay… now or later youll have to pay.

  • Krystal23Stu.athlete says:

    How do you do that with no remorce? Puppies are like babies innocent. I don’t care if she is not American. If we can but into so many other countries’ business then we should be able to get together and stop people from doing things like that to animals BABY animals.

  • Kimberly Larson says:

    Oh my gosh!!! I will buy a ticket to every movie this guy ever puts out. Thank god for people like him. I would also like to throw some money in the pot..I dont have much but would like to help. Maybe if every PETA member gave 20$ it would be enough to flush out this little psycho and study her. Just kidding but can I donate to the cause? Any suggestions are greatly welcomed. Sorry..just so angry! Sigh..and so sad.

  • Audrey says:

    Let’s hope money talks…

  • Donna Winterbottom says:

    It warms my heart to see people offer so much to help right a terrible wrong. Cheers Michael Bay!

  • Bronwyn says:

    Godbless you Micheal Bay hopefully this can help bring this twisted monster to justice!

  • Ariel4Cats says:

    That’s great! How sweet!

  • Stacey MacNeil says:

    I honestly was hewartbroken when i saw that video I couldnt stop crying… It’s terrible thethings people do to animals forgetting they are living breathing creators… but then I think about people like Michael Bay and PETA who just are out doing so many great things and its so appreciated from all animal lovers anywhere.

  • David says:

    Thanks Michael I’m sure someone will talk now.

  • eva saumell says:

    Sir may God bless you. I hope you find them. I hope they get prosecuted.

  • Jasmine Chen says:

    oh my god what the heck is wrong with this woman?? what did those puppies do to deserve such horrific treatment???????????

  • Irina Zapp says:

    Thank you thank you thank you Mr. Bay!!!

  • raiden says:

    bring the girl to justice? last time i checked bosnia wasn’t a us state.

  • Victoria says:

    omg that is so nice of him. im glad he cares about animals n wants these people to get caught. he is one of my heroes now

  • Julie Stahly says:

    Thank you Michael. It is great that you have teamed up with PETA. Animal Cruelty has to stop.