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Training Nurses to Torture Ferrets?

Written by PETA | July 22, 2011

Lackland Air Force Base in Texas is one of a tiny minority of facilities in the U.S. that still torments animals in outdated, cruel, and ineffective intubation training exercises for nurses and pediatric residents. Even though superior and sophisticated simulators that replicate human anatomy and physiology and that better prepare trainees to intubate children are widely used across the country, Lackland insists on abusing live ferrets instead. Trainees force hard plastic tubes down the ferrets’ delicate windpipes as many as six times each session in a procedure that can cause bleeding, swelling, pain, scarring, collapsed lungs, and even death.

USFWS/cc by 2.0

PETA, along with several military medical experts, has filed a complaint with the U.S. Army Medical Command and the Air Force surgeon general on the grounds that Lackland’s animal intubation laboratory likely violates Joint Services Army Regulation 40-33, which requires that non-animal methods be used for training whenever they are available. More than 90 percent of U.S. pediatric residency programs like Lackland’s—including those at other military facilities—use only modern infant simulators for intubation training.

Lackland’s training methods show a lack of compassion for animals and provide doctors and nurses with inferior training. You can send a polite e-mail to Lackland’s Brig. Gen. Leonard Patrick and ask him to end the use of animals for intubation training —for everyone’s benefit.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Jacqueline Atwell-Bird says:

    This reminds me of the ‘Ferret breeding farm in PA’, both are doing wrong to all those ferrets! My daughter was forced to disect a cat (dead obcourse) during her science lab while taking a nursing course at college. They told her it was part of her requirement of the course of fell it! Then my beloved Sephy,a Tonkanese male; died within 2days afterwards. (Then the instructor tells her, its a curse of the class, that anyone that disects a cat, a family member will lose their favorite cat to death at home.) After I finally got over that, it makes it discusting to hear and see any animals being abused whether alive and/or dead! I have two(2)beautiful charming ferrets, named affectionately: Dallas,male and Leloo,female. They are considered family and are allowed to run loose in my home. They are so spoiled it ain’t funny. After viewing the PA breeding farm incident, It makes one wonder how lucky these two were to find their way out of one of those places and into the petshop’s where we bought them at. They say you can’t fight ‘city hall’ but you can, cause I did it once many years ago…so just cause its being done in a Gov’t facility, it doesn’t mean we can’t stop them from doing this too! JC

  • Diana says:

    STOP the torture. My husband is in the military and has been involved in a couple of accidens with ied’s. WHY have him being blown up for the freedom of people like these. It is double disgusting. Ms Crane I will be glad to help you.

  • Treehugger Cassidy says:

    that is disgusting!! the military should be setting a good example, not torchering animals!!We got are freedom now its the animals turn for peace!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amanda says:

    These people should be ashamed! Anyone who hurt’s animals, should arrested. I don’t care what the circumstances are!

  • Tammy says:

    this just makes me sick. i am trying to type while crying. i am an animal owner ferrets included i think whoever does this should get the same treatment only worse.

  • Brittin says:

    Hurting helpless creatures is a disgrace to human intelligence. Shame on you.

  • Sandra Norwood says:

    Please end the practice of using animals for intabation training. Find non-animal methods for training.

  • Brittin says:

    Hurting helpless creatures is a disgrace to human intelligence. Shame on you.

  • Sheila says:

    WHY? Disgusting inhumane savages.

  • Andrea Wittenburg says:

    Now the ferrets are being picked upon. . .what would be next? ? ? What animal have they not picked to use for experiments? ? ? The use of any animal that lives is wrong. . .they don’t seem to see or understand this. . .

  • kathy says:

    please PETA, get this horrible thing stopped.

  • mrs. crane says:

    this is just disgusting. my husband is an infantry soldier and we are sickened by the practices that the military still uses. to inlfict pain on any animal for any sort of reason isnt neccessary. the military is supposed to be “state of the art” and more advanced than the rest of the country. yet they still use such cruel and un useful, out of date practices. rest assured i will be taking an active role in getting these cruel practices in the military banned with the help of my fellow army wifes.

  • hayleyb says:

    The fact that someone could perform or condone an act like this shows complete arrogance and a lack of compassion. How is it people like this are able to keep their jobs?

  • g8turgirl says:

    This is horrible. This is sick. I cannot believe that the loving animals are being used for torture (to them that’s what it is). This is inexcusable!

  • Mona says:

    As an avid animal lover and nurse, Iam mortified at this abuse. Shame on those who participate and allow this to happen.

  • Chrissy says:

    this is absolutely barbaric and should be stopped immediately, poor voiceless animals

  • Lise-Lotte Norin says:

    It’s not smart to be cruel. Use modern methods instead of outdated cruel ones.

  • annie bode says:

    Please stop this barbaric practice now. Shame on everyone involved

  • annie bode says:

    Please stop this barbaric practice now. Shame on everyone involved

  • susan s. says:

    As i have 6 adorable ferrets in my household, I was absolutely appalled by what i just read. This is not only unnecessary but cruelty to the extreme. There MUST be other ways so please dont just think of them as only a ferret, think of them as creatures who have feelings and can definitely feel pain.

  • Shamim says:

    Please stop this cruelty to the voiceless animals.

  • anapol says:

    I am a veteran. There is no conflict in demonstrating compassion to other living entities as well as carrying out ones objectives of defending our great nation. In fact, compassion would probably ease your mind during those troubled, stressful times in your duties.

  • isabel armstark says:

    Please, please, stop torturing those helpless animals immediately!