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Toronto Tourists Welcome the ‘Grim Reapers’

Written by PETA | July 23, 2009



Toronto Grim Reaper


I imagine this is what a certain fur hag might look like on a “good” day.

PETA’s “Grim Reapers” recently greeted tourists at a crowded tour-bus stop in Toronto to reveal frightening facts about Canada’s shame: the cruel slaughter of baby seals for their fur. Their scary outfits didn’t stop tourists from high-fiving them—and tour bus operators were eager to point out our demonstrators to their passengers.


Toronto Grim Reaper


I’m dying to know: Which fugly fur wearer does our “Grim Reaper” most remind you of?

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Alberto Allen says:

    Hey guys! We are a new nonprofit organization called EcoAlity. We concentrate on both the environment and the rights of animals. We are currently focused on the dolphin massacre happening in Japan. We are planning a 5 day demonstration from Monday October 26 until Friday October 30. We will be there from 1000 AM until 400 PM every day in front of the Japanese Consulate at 77 King Street West. We have a small group of people who are planning on sleeping outside the Consulate to show their dedication and determinaion to the cause and to put pressure on the Japanese government as well as people who will be joining us during the day. We have organized a small skit to perform and on Friday we will be paying tribute to the murdered dolphins. There is a whale statue outside the Consulate that we will cover with candles and flowers to pay our respect. it would be amazing if you would come out and show support to this cause since we are all fighting for the same cause. We look forward to getting to know you guys and hopefully we can work together on some projects in the future. ECOality

  • Shari says:

    A Ringling Brothers Circus animal handler their legal team of lawyers! Ringling’s gang of grim reapers!

  • Akelah says:

    Ha! no Grim reminds me of Paris Hilton.

  • Amanda says:

    This is rad !!!! Great wonderful wicked perfect way to get the word out !! I love how he’s dragging around that dead animal ! Shows the real truth right there !!!!!!

  • jason sydney norton says:

    That grim reaper looks an awful lot like Ana Wintour.

  • Rev Meg Schramm says:

    The Grims remind me of every “star” I’ve ever seen in a “What Becomes A Legend Most?” fur ad.

  • Carla* says:

    How sad Brian it’s like that here where I live to. The Humane Society is top knotch in it’s efforts to finding good homes for most animals brought in while the City run one is killing healthy animals quicker then you can spell their name. Thanks to a handful of volunteers we’re getting in and taking the animals pictures and posting them on So far so good. With the word out there their maybe a little brighter future for most and someday all of the animals brought in. Could you try the same thing at Chester??

  • Sinker says:

    I saw this display when I was walking past the Eaton’s Center! LOVED IT! GO PETA!

  • Edward says:

    I actually think that Grimmy looks like Lindsey Lohan despite not being on the wall of shame. They are practically twins!

  • Brian says:

    I just moved to Rock Hill SC and today I saw these articles Animals in shelter don’t stand a chance I would like to know how painting vans and talking about reconstructing the Chester County animal shelter is benefiting the animals that are being held in this highkill shelter? You are only able to view the adoptable dogs one day a week and even then most of the time no one is there. Why doesn’t the county hire more staff rather than prettying up the building and the vehicles? Appearances are not saving the lives of these poor animals! If it is a matter of budget then why aren’t volunteers and rescuers allowed to work at or with the shelter? All the surrounding counties have very effective volunteer programs and are rescue friendly as well. Chester County is not and it doesn’t make sense. What are the real priorities here? There are more than enough willing and able volunteers in Chester County to assist in various shelter duties. All the shelter wants to talk about is liability. York County and most other shelters that run volunteer programs require a waiver of liability in order to volunteer. Why would you not want to allow this type of program for Chester County? You are guaranteed to have happier shelter animals higher adoption rates and most importantly lower euthanasia rates. Look at the statistics from last year the numbers are staggering. Don’t we owe these innocent animals at least a shot at a real life? Emile Matthews Chester City should enforce animal ordinance In response to the commentary on the death of the puppies living in a wooden box it is completely unacceptable for our community to allow this treatment of animals. Aren’t we better than this? Pet owners need to be held accountable. There is more to owning a pet than feeding it and occasionally providing fresh water. The city of Rock Hill actually has an animal ordinance that if enforced by the police department would deter much of the horrible abuse I have seen in our area. It is the duty of the owner to provide proper care. Is humane care and treatment short logging chains that weigh down dogs’ necks wooden boxes to contain pets pets exposed to sun in temperatures as high as 100 degrees with an even hotter doghouse near them pets with bloody ears caused by flies eating them pets being forced to live in feces or large dogs stuffed into pens barely able to move their legs? For the majority of the population with any morals or values the answer would be absolutely not. Rescue groups in the area have worked diligently to spay and neuter over 1000 animals in the past five months built fences for pet owners whose dogs were chained and provided food for pet owners in need. But we can’t solve the problem alone. We need a combined effort from the Rock Hill police and animal control in enforcing existing ordinances. Animal control has only six officers to cover all of York County and it would help tremendously if the city police would assist in enforcement. Alicia Schwartz Rock Hill

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    In Toronto’s Union Station at the moment there’s an ad in the GO Transit concourse from Supreme Master TV advocating vegetarianism as the prime way to mitigate climate change. Good to see info like this in front of the general eye. As the ad says “Be Veg! Go Green! Save Our Planet!”