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Toronto: From ‘Hogtown’ to ‘Porcine Paradise’?

Written by Michelle Kretzer | June 25, 2014

Toronto has often been referred to as “Hogtown.” But the city may need to look for a new nickname. Quality Meat Packers Ltd., the last pig slaughterhouse in Toronto, announced that because of financial losses, it’s shutting its doors.

Two Happy Pigs Outside© Susan Riley Photography

Toronto residents who were sickened by the sounds and smells that emanated from the slaughterhouse are rejoicing that there will be, as one woman put it, “one less death camp.” The end to what Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail referred to as “the bloodiest of businesses” is certainly cause for celebration, so PETA is throwing one.

We’re sending our PETA “piggies” to Toronto to give away meat-free rib sandwiches. We’re also giving the entire neighborhood a reminder that pigs are someone, not something, with this “aww”-inducing billboard:

Toronto "Try Vegan" Billboard© Pethick

We’re hopeful that those who are happy to see the slaughterhouse go will help shutter other “death camps” by choosing to keep animals off their plates.

As for Toronto’s new nickname, we’re happy to help the city choose a pig-friendly moniker. Porcine Paradise, anyone?

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