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Tornadoes Hit North Carolina, Dogs Survive

Written by Jennifer O'Connor | April 27, 2014

Chained outside or locked in a wire cage, all Blue, Butch, and Lady could do was watch and listen to the tornadoes approach. Unprotected and with no way even to attempt to find safer shelter, these dogs were sitting targets when massive storms hit North Carolina this weekend.

PETA fieldworkers rushed to the areas hardest hit to find animals left to their own devices and offer aid to the survivors. One twister in Beaufort County was rated an EF-3, with winds estimated at 150 mph. Approximately 200 homes were destroyed or damaged, including Blue’s pitiful pen, which was lifted up and turned upside down.

Blue the Dog after North Carolina Tornados (3)

Butch and Lady the dogs after North Carolina Tornadoes

North Carolina After Tornadoes

We gave these scared survivors food, fresh water, treats, medicine, and sturdy doghouses.

What You Can Do

PETA’s Community Animal Project team often travels to North Carolina and will continue to aid animals there. If you would like to help animal survivors of disasters, consider making a donation to PETA’s Animal Emergency Fund.

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  • PETA, thank you so much for continuing to travel to NORTH CAROLINA. Unfortunately, this state desperately needs animal abuse education and protection laws. It is very rural and unscrupulous people hold dog (and other) fights. Poverty is such that they are lacking in education about the care and humane treatment. I was very shocked about this. However, Asheville, NC has a wonderful, state of the art shelter and facilities. Try to partner with them.

  • Meggan says:

    How do we go about getting involved in helping with the natural disasters? I love in North Carolina and would love to help anyway I can!!

  • wendy says:

    Thank you