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Written by PETA | November 3, 2006

Topshop, a hugely popular fashion retailer in the UK, just put together a beautiful window display in their flagship store in London, with a model wearing a teddy-bear coat, to remind people that wearing clothing made out of animals who have been tortured for their fur is as cruel as it is weird. Honestly, it’s probably not a great idea to wear coats made out of teddy bears either, but for very different reason. Check it out. It’s awesome.


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  • Nic says:

    This is great! It is good to see all the donations is making a difference.

  • lucas solowey says:

    this is so EXCITING! if only we could get awesome companies to do that here in north america. good work peta and topshop! a few years ago LuluLemon teamed up with my group Global Action Network to create an antifur display as well! i am excited to see a future of proudly crueltyfree fashion!

  • Joe says:

    I love it! Also I’m imagining Bjork wearing it to a red carpet event.