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Topless Mermaid Takes On London

Written by PETA | July 28, 2009

Sculptor Antony Gormley has launched a new artistic endeavor, the One & Other project, in London. He’s recruited 2,400 “living sculptures” to stand atop the famous “Fourth Plinth” in Trafalgar Square. Each person gets an hour on the 8-meter-high plinth (which is usually used to display artwork) to do whatever he or she would like—and one lucky PETA Europe supporter was granted a place!


Go Veg Mermaid


Natalie Simpson sparkled as a sultry mermaid who asked people to go vegetarian.


Go Veg Mermaid


We’re so proud of Natalie for daring to show a little skin in order to save the skins scales of other thinking, feeling beings. If you want to be like Natalie and stand up for animals, take our Pledge to Be Veg for 30 Days and give a fish-friendly diet a try.

Written by Liz Graffeo

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  • beth says:

    this idea has been done b4..we were in london last fall and saw a photo shoot of a mermaid photoshoot in trafalgar sq fountain. 010 for originality

  • Matt Greenwood says:

    I think that this is a very good demonstration on the Fourth Plinth. I think that it could have been slightly more eyecatching with a bit more going on but it still sends out a positive educational message. Well done PETA Natalie Simpson!!

  • Ravi says:

    In England Coastal Maines Cod Fish raceBull fighting in spain and EU and Queens gurads wearing bear skin would be called “Mindless Morons”. Thanks be to God and Goddess that we have humanekind and educational and caring and tireless group PETA for soldiering on to civilise the world at home and abroad. If I were warren buffet or Bill gates I would donate a billion dollars to Peta to spread the Good Gospel of GO VEGANGO VEGETARIAN AND SAVE MOTHER EARTH AND ALL ITS INHABITANTS AND BE THNAKFULL FOR LIFE AND LIVING AND LVE AND LET LIVE

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    This is very timely…I just read about Coastal Maine’s annual Codfish Race in which firefighters race across a field clutching a dead greased 20lb codfish… Apparently a drunken brawl broke out at this event which does not surprize me since one would have to be pretty baked to think this something like this is entertaining. Perhaps PETA could turn up at next year’s event I don’t know if PETA was there this year to educate the public about sea kittens.