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Topless Mermaid Makes a Splash in Seattle—Cops Carry Her Out

Written by Melinda McKee | November 20, 2013

Wearing little more than a mermaid tail and a sign reading, “Try to Relate to Who’s on Your Plate” that covered her bare chest, an activist beauty led a protest against eating fish outside the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle today.

Activists carried the mermaid-laden table inside the fish market in front of a display of dead, frozen bodies. Police asked the activists to leave, and all but one complied.

The persistent protester stayed until cops carried her out of the market, where the demonstration continued.

Mermaid Activist in front of Fish

Activist Mermaid Seattle Fish Market

Activist Mermaid Carried out by Cops

Police Carrying Mermaid Protestor

Mermaid Activist in Seattle

The sexy siren’s point? That numerous studies have shown that fish not only feel pain but also learn tasks, have long-term memories, use tools, and show affection. They suffer enormously when they’re dragged from the sea in nets or impaled on hooks.

People should realize that when they eat fish, they’re biting into the corpse of animals who valued their lives just as we value ours. Fish deserve respect, not to be suffocated or cut open alive on fishing boats.

Relate to Who’s on Your Plate

Now that you know that fish are friends, not food, go vegan. Inspired by this mischievous mermaid? Join the action team today!

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