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Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Beijing

Written by PETA | August 7, 2008

With the opening ceremonies of the 29th Olympiad just days away, our friends at PETA Asia-Pacific decided to get into the spirit of the games by awarding gold, silver, and bronze honors to Beijing’s top vegetarian restaurants.

I know what you’re thinking: vegetarian restaurants in China?!? Yes, my friends, it’s true, but we really shouldn’t be so surprised. After all, the Chinese gave the world tofu, that wonderful high-protein, versatile ingredient that can be used in everything from chocolate mousse pie to faux-ricotta lasagne (if you’re still wrestling with tofu, check out our guide to vegetarian cooking).

And now with a drum roll, here are the top vegetarian restaurants in Beijing, as determined by PETA Asia-Pacific:

Gold: Taking the gold is Godly Vegetarian Restaurant. Beijing’s oldest Buddhist vegetarian restaurant specializes in Chinese traditional classics, including KingKong HuoFang (stewed mock pork), sweet and sour mock ribs and fish, mock meatballs, mock duck, and much more.

Silver: Pure Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant—run by Tibetan monks—netted the silver. Voted “Best Vegetarian Fare” in the 2007 Beijing Reader Restaurant Awards, this restaurant serves up creatively named dishes such as “hot tears fill the eyes glazed noodles” and “countenance of mercy, words of love stir-fry.” Yummy food with a side of zen.

Bronze: Coming in with the bronze is Still Thoughts, a relaxing and intimate oasis of vegetarian calm amidst a bustling alley in the heart of the city. Favorites include the spicy mock-pork intestines dry pot (testament to the fact that for any cruel and weird thing that humans would consider eating, human ingenuity can create a cruelty-free option!), shredded veggie-duck pancakes, and the faux-chicken hot pot.

And on a kinda-sorta related note, here are gold, silver, and bronze naked ladies! They are drawing attention to cruel practices on Chinese fur farms just in time for the Olympic Games:


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  • Magdalena says:

    does anyone know any vegan shops in Beijing??? I would be gratefull for anwser on my email

  • name says:

    Incredible site!

  • name says:

    Give somebody the to a site about the

  • Vegan says:

    Agree with ml! Where is all the North American buffalo gone? Chinese is one of the earliest human who wear woven fabric instead of skin. Chinese diet is and always are grain vegetable base vs the western meat eater. Chinese adapt vegetarian diet to naturally heal support balance the body since ancient time. Broaden your mind knowledge before you wrote!

  • Kathy says:

    I think we should not buy anything from China since they are killing all the animals for fur!!! When I go to purchase something and it says made in China I will not purchase it!


    ml your comment impressed me so much because i’m an admirer of ancient chinese culture specially buddhism and taoism! lao tze was also a vegetarian and we have not to forget the world famous shaolin monks with their martial arts etc. however all criticism against animal torturing china shouldn’t be taken as racist motivation because sadly enough it happens like everywhere in the world! if peta takes a stand against this barbaric situation it’s surely not forgetting the great chinese cultural contribution to this planet! we all are welcoming vegetarian restaurants all over the world also in china! ok? have a good time!

  • Soliel says:

    I am happy to see this. In a film about Tibet it seemed like all of China was totally secular with no feeling for compassionate ideals. I enjoy lots of veg food…I feel many nationalities yes including us have developed delicious vegetarian food the world over. I would not say Chinese veg food is “best”…I would say it’s good…and a nice addition…but so is Indian food Thai Mexican and even American.

  • WA Ford says:

    The chinese do have fur and leather alternatives. A faux leather belt and a fake fur coat I recently bought were made in china. To dominate the world in trade the Chinese must do things like have cruelty free clothes or organic fruitsvegetables.

  • ml says:

    With all due respect to PETA I find offense to that comment “vegetarian restaurants in China?”. Not only did China bring tofu to the world we shouldn’t forget almost half of the ChineseTaiwanese community believe in Buddhism and are vegansvegetarians. Last time I checked Americans actually consume more meat than any other country in the world. That said Chinese veganvegetarian restaurants are the best way better than any “westernized” concoction of vegetarian food. I know because I am a vegetarian and I’m Chinese so if you are ever in the L.A. area I’ll take you to some delicious places!

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