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Top Ten PETA Top Ten Lists

Written by PETA | December 26, 2008

There’s nothing I’d rather do than write PETA’s blog while everyone else is dancing and drinking Mojitos … Wait, I mean shoveling their cars out of a snowdrift or still stranded at an airport! Around this time last year, I mentioned once or twice how much I love “Top 10” lists. Well, while some things change, like Paris Hilton’s furry ways—my love of lists, however, remains. And it seems I’m not the only one at PETA …

And so, I give you the “Top 10 PETA Top 10 Lists,” as agreed upon by consensus by me.

10. PETA’s Top 10 Patriotic Ads
Because I was going to put our “Sexiest Vegetarian Soldiers” on this list until I realized that we only announced five winners (one for each branch).

9. Top 10 Best Meals in Norfolk, Virginia
Because I wrote the list. And I like to eat.

8. Top 10 ‘Ditch Exotic Skin’ Campaigns
Because the cold-blooded exotic skins industry is just as bad as the fur industry.

7. Top 10 Animal-Friendly Superheroes
Because I’m a nerd. That’s right!

6. Top 10 Impotence Ads
Because how many organizations or companies could compile a list of their top impotence ads?

5. Top 10 Vegetarian-Friendly Prisons
Because in some places prisoners get so obese they have to let them go. No joke.

4. Top 10 Most Karmic Moments for Animal Abusers in 2008
Because you get what’s coming to you.

3. Top 10 Vegetarian-Friendly Ballparks
Because it’s a classic! Come on, Norfolk Tides—let’s get you back on the Minor League List next year!

2. Top 10 Most Over-Bred Dogs
Because it is shocking and absolutely awful how much breedism is out there. I cringe every time I hear someone ask what type of breed an animal is.

1. Top 10 Reasons Not to Eat Tuna or Salmon
Because people kill so many fish for food each year. But ya know we also have lists for pigs, turkeys, cows, and chickens.

What’s noticeably missing from this list? Along with um … PETA’s Top 10 Products to Stock Your Desk With and 28 years’ worth of other top 10 lists, you might also notice the absence of peta2’s popular annual Top 10 Most Vegetarian-Friendly Colleges. Well after my alma mater lost in the final round to someone else’s, I’m still demanding a recount!

And lastly, if that’s not enough for you, I suggest you check out our Top 10 Reasons to Go Vegetarian in 2009.

Written by Joel Bartlett

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  • Michele says:

    Warwak great list! I have 11 to add “I like meat too much” to which a brilliant friend of mine always replies “Well I like animals more”.

  • angie says:

    i agree!!! my mom says that to me everytime i try to switch her but no her fave is 1 6 and 9 lol

  • Rachel says:

    Great list warwak I’ve heard all the them as well. They all seem so illogical it’s a wonder everyone isn’t vegan.

  • vegancoin says:

    Good post mr. warwak. Those readymade insensitive and hopelessly cruel excuses are a bit much yet we see them everyday. Boggles the mind.

  • warwak says:

    Top Ten Stupid Comments Used To Perpetuate Murder 10. I am too busy to change 9. We need to eat animals for protein to be strong and healthy 8. We have to eat animals otherwise they would be everywhere 7. My Gods Bible says he put animals here for us to eat 6. Animals eat each other its part of nature 5. Eating animals made us smarter 4. We are not ready yet 3. Its a personal choice 2. Animals dont have souls 1. Do not tell the kids Its not a personal choice when you are ruining my world and you are eating my friends Warwak