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Top Six Animal Payback Stories of 2010

Written by PETA | December 23, 2010

Whether you believe in karma or payback, in 2010 we saw that for every action there is a reaction. We’ve rounded up the top six “Payback Is Hell” stories of 2010. It’s safe to say that animals are just as tired of cruelty to animals as we are.

  1. A bull decided that he no longer wanted to be ridiculed and repeatedly stabbed with banderillas for people’s entertainment, so he charged the matador and told him, “Up yours.” ¡Olé!
  2. A truck driver learned that chomping on fried pork rinds while driving can lead to a sudden impact and a near-death experience when he choked and crashed his truck into a ditch.
  3. After shooting and butchering a pig, a man was accidentally shot when his dog stepped on the man’s own rifle.
  4. Seven people who were running intoxicated in the path of raging bulls were trampled and injured in Pamplona.
  5. When a giraffe and an elephant revolted against their imprisonment in zoos, one zookeeper was attacked and another man died.
  6. After being taken from his ocean home as a baby and enduring years of frustration from being confined in a tiny tank, an orca, Tilikum, struck back and killed a trainer at SeaWorld.

Written by Mirisa Roy

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  • canadar says:

    As much as I am appalled by how humans continue to abuse animals I think it’s wrong to cheer for the death of humans just as it is to do so with animals. Many people (not all) who abuse animals are just ignorant morons rather than calculating evil doers. Our lifestyle is about compassion. And while I realise this post is meant to show ironic deaths, it’s never okay to laugh at real death and suffering of another being. (by the way if you want great fictional animal revenge stories might I suggest Patricia Highsmith’s collections of short stories “Animal Lover’s Book of Beastly Murders”.

  • KJ says:

    What comes around, goes around.

  • Laura in Taos says:

    Shameful. Bad enough that there are people who actually do the stupid things that were listed, but worse that you stoop down to their level. As a previous poster stated, this really does not help our efforts in “winning the hearts and minds” of our detractors. We have to be better than that.

  • VC says:

    Hey! JustAnotherone! have you ever been in a slaughterhouse? I eat meat too, but if you watch one of those videos-they are NOT killed humanely. Since seeing that, I’m losing my taste for meat. And don’t start quoting the Bible about how animals aren’t like people; They aren’t – THEY’RE BETTER THAN MOST!!!!! (I also have a dog that spells better then you)

  • animal-lover123 says:

    i am also against killing animals and i think that it is wrong to kill them just for their fur. i might want to try to stop it but i dont know how anyway i really hope that every one is aware of this. i am chinese but i am totally against the people who work at the chinese fur farms aarrgg so mad

  • GC says:

    Ditto below – I think the countdown posting is a little immature. Curelty to animals extenda to all animals – including humans who are animals too – therefore last posting about the bible is a bit curious..made me think beam me up scotty…

  • Chelsey says:

    the animals killed for food are not killed humanely justanotherone. they are kept in cramped confined filthy cages and never get to experience the outdoors. they are beaten and some of them are sexually abused. doesn’t sound very humane to me.

  • Joanie says:

    # “A truck driver learned that chomping on fried pork rinds while driving can lead to a sudden impact and a near-death experience when he choked and crashed his truck into a ditch.” The same thing could have happened to that driver if he was munching on carrot sticks. Will Peta finally be rejoicing if a young child accidentally chokes to death on a hot dog to prove a point that meat could kill? Shame on you!!!!!!

  • JustCHris says:

    when I was about a year old we moved to Spain. My Dad was in the Air Force and my younger brother and sister were both born there. We went to bull fights. I’m thankful that mostly all I remember from them is the parade that came before hand. I do remember other bits and pieces but thankfully nothing too gory.

    It’s such a shame that people think that this is a sport. it is a terrible thing to inflict on any living being. People need to find something better and more humane to do with their time.

    I don’t think condoning violence of any kind is right though. not to humans and not to animals. this world sees way too much violence as it is.

    I understand these animals lashing out and trying to defend themselves. I don’t blame them but I also don’t cheer at the deaths of people.  

  • Courtney C says:

    Even though I applaud animals standing up for themselves,I hate hearing people that support a cruelty free lifestyle celebrate the maiming and death of people who didn’t expect the animals to retaliate.It makes people who support this organization look like they could care less about there fellow human beings.I think that people who support PETA should celebrate the people who have learned from their mistakes and go around helping animals to show that they have decided to live cruelty free lives

  • pj56 says:

    This is in response above: Kelly, obviously eating meat has not helped your ability spelling, so why not try going vegan.  I used to love meat and potatoes and now just love my brocolli and potatoes, as well as wheat germ, yogurt and other whole protein foods.  Happy New Year!

  • ocean17 says:

    this is sad, this is ironic. some of these stories are quite ghastly and obscene. i don’t believe in karma or payback, but what can you reasonably expect from an animal that is abused and/or caged and/or enslaved for it’s entire life. and forced to perform really dumb stunts. what we are really talking about is an animals instinct for survival, to protect and defend, which is hardwired into their being. that being said this is proof positive that animals are not toys and should never be treated as such.

  • PETA says:

    Thank you for voicing your concerns. These ‘payback’ stories prove that animals who are so often tortured and killed–the pigs sent to slaughter, the innocent hunted, the orcas kidnapped and confined, the bulls doomed to death in a ring or in the street–these animals would defend themselves with their lives, if given the chance. If you are shocked by the rare instances where animals inflict violence upon humans, please remember the stories that never make the news. Every day, tens of billions of animals suffer through a life that is far more violent than these isolated incidents. To defend those most often tortured in the food and entertainment industry, please join PETA’s Action Team here:…/default.aspx.

  • MrsB says:

    In 1978 I was stationed overseas in Europe and spent one weekend in Barcelona, where I witnessed a bullfight. The gorgeous, majestic bull was released from his pen and pranced regally out into the arena. He was a grand specimen, I’ll tell you. Shortly thereafter, he was gored and cut from heart to lung until he lay dying in a pool of his own blood. It’s was one of the most tragic, utterly useless and horrific displays of cruelty I had ever seen. As the audience cheered, I got up out of my seat and quickly left the area, aghast and sickened by this ridiculous form of “sport”. The promoters tried to downplay the vicious murdering of bulls by saying their meat went to orphanages. I wonder if the children knew they were eating meat from traumatized animals. That image has stayed in my mind for years and only goes to prove how vile people can be in the name of profit at the expense of defenseless, innocent animals that they have absolutely no right to prostitute for their own selfishly vile purpose. Bullfighting needs to be outlawed. It’s horrific and the rights of bulls is that they be left alone. No man has the right to crucify any animal for sport.

  • Nat says:

    I’m an animal lover and a defender of them and their rights…however this article is absolutely ridiculous and makes US,animal defenders, look like insane, blood thirsty, vengeful people. Animals do not seek payback, they are just trying to protect themselves.

  • moo says:

    yay go animals!

  • Gala says:

    While it is regretable that people have lost their lives due to their cruelty, the issue isn’t about their deaths. I see it as if you try and control what should invariably be free, things will always go wrong. These are just examples of how bad things can go.

  • Garry says:

    Hi Adamdabilis, I agree that celebrating a person’s death from the actions of an animal, in itself, is wrong. It is a great example, though, of how animals can be pushed just so far, same as any human, and why they deserve justice.

  • Anon says:

    Meh. I thought the first one was funny. The stuff about people dying… not so much. That was just depressing.

  • Missy says:

    Oh people stop whining. They’re not celebrating peoples death they’re just stating the facts about ‘coincidences’ to people who abuse and capture animals for HUMANS sick entertainment. Why is it so horrible (say for instance the seaworld incident) that this article stated that an animal who reached it’s limit for being confined for basically all it’s life in a pool finally snapped and killed the trainer? Those people should of known the repercussions. Just because they’re animals doesn’t mean they have any feelings!? Would you feel sorry if someone kidnapped YOU WHEN YOU WERE YOUNG AND CONFINED INTO A SMALL SPACE, taken away from your family and home only to sit in a tank bored and depressed for years being forced to do tricks for peoples entertainment?

  • LC says:

    Well its a wake up call needed is the way I see it. Sometimes drama is needed.

  • rich says:

    i agree… this isn’t a very nice post. although it’s ironic and interesting… i don’t think people dying is something we should celebrate. like the above comment – a “change of heart” story would be better.

  • haleychristine says:

    anyone that can abuse an animal to its death deserves to die. PERIOD. theres a difference between shooting it to eat. && punching it till it dies. (or worse). && those people will surely have a special place to burn in hell. i gladly celebrate when i hear about stories like these. #teamanimal!

  • BB says:

    I think you could have left out the ones where someone dies. You had me at number 1. That was good enough. Peta has enough enemies w/o posting this.

  • SMH says:

    @Wow….I dont think they are celebrating the the deaths of people. Its more like they are pointing out the coincidental deaths of people who did not live cruelty free lifedstyles that could have perhaps been avoided had they led lifestyles that were cruelty free….

  • PETA says:

    If you find this offensive, please remember that these few examples of retribution cannot begin to compare to torture that humans systematically inflict on tens of billions of animals every year. Payback would be unneccessary if the animals were not caged or attacked in the first place. If the image of a hurt matador shocks you, please take a stand against violence, and defend those most often hurt in the bullring: the bull. To take action for animals, please complete an Action Alert (, or join PETA’s Action Team ( Thank You.

  • PETA says:

    If you find this offensive, please remember that these few examples of retribution cannot begin to compare to torture that humans systematically inflict on tens of billions of animals every year. Payback would be unneccessary if the animals were not caged or attacked in the first place. If the image of a hurt matador shocks you, please take a stand against violence, and defend those most often hurt in the bullring: the bull. To take action for animals, please complete an Action Alert (, or join PETA’s Action Team ( Thank You.

  • Brent Kim says:

    As a passionate advocate for animal welfare, I applaud PETA’s work.  However, I believe this particular piece is distasteful and counterproductive, and works against PETA’s mission.  Here’s why:

    1) The animal welfare movement is sorely weakened by messages that applaud animals causing harm to humans.   The vast majority of your most important audience – people who are not yet on board with animal welfare, but are considering it – will likely be “turned off” by an organization that highlights “revenge stories” against humans.

    2) This story fosters an “us against them” mentality. Rather than widening the divide between humans and animals, PETA should emphasize the fact that when animals suffer, humans usually suffer too.  There are countless examples.  I’m sure you know them by heart.

    3) The animal welfare movement is based upon compassion.  There is no place for vengeance in this movement.

    Please consider this feedback, not only as it applies to this piece, but to future articles as well.  With a thoughtful, compassionate and evidence-based voice, you can win the hearts and minds of your audience, fostering a shift toward a more compassionate society in which animals are not made to needlessly suffer.  

  • bella says:

    as a vegan, volunteer at a no-kill shelter for several years now and as an adopted pit bull “mom”, i belive very strongly in animal rights. its terrible to think of the abuse that humans put them through. hopefully someday people will learn to treat animals with only love. that said-its shameful that this article calls the deaths of humans payback. the loss of any life is very sad.

  • Nirupama says:

    I was taught as a child what goes around always come around especially the bad that we do. I have learned by experience it is true and i am ever so happy that it is after reading all this!!

  • Wow says:

    Look, I’m all for prevention of animal cruelty and what not… but what a jackass move you inconsiderate pricks. You’re celebrating the deaths of people… Merry Freaking Christmas.

  • Toby says:

    Protecting in defense is ok, but revenge is bad. The orca slave killing the slaver is righteous, the giraffe & elephant fighting their slavers is moral defense too but when accidents happen they shouldn’t be celebrated; it’s psychopathic to think it’s moral for a guy to choke on pork rinds or get shot on accident! It’s simply perverse! Fighting for your freedom is great, but when bad things happen via incident it is psychopathic to celebrate.

  • Kelly says:

    While I do love it when animals get their revenge, I find it a little hard to cheer for the people who have died. Namely the trainer at Sea World. While I don’t agree with the captive animals there, the trainers are simply ignorant and their intentions are most likely good. I would be saddened if my mother or wife had died earlier this year and it was brought up as some kind of a victory two days before Christmas. I love PETA and support them 100% so it’s weird that this struck a chord with me. Just thought I’d give my two cents. I suppose it would be a better story had it ended with the trainer still being alive and from the attack, having a change of heart and advocating for PETA and the freedom of all animals.

  • JustAnotherOne? says:

    i Dont under stand this website i am compleatly against animal cruelty But i dont believe that eatting meat is wrongg as god put them on the planet for these reasons it is written in the bible but i am against killing animals for only there skin , or thusks or killing animals that are endangered but you need meat to stay healthy for the protein it has because years and years ago before Tofu or any thin like tha you had no other choice but to eat meat to stay healthy and now a days the animals are killed humanely but i am compleatly against hurting injuring or killing animals for sport or peoples own sick pleasure i am an animal lover and dont believe in anythin like tha but if they are killled humanely it is one step better then brutely masacerind a poor defenceless animal x