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Top Five Super Bowl Ads

Written by PETA | February 8, 2010

Take it from someone who uses the Super Bowl as a bathroom break to get back to the main-event (commercials!): This year, the ads that were shown during the big game made history with their creative alternatives to live animals. Check out our five animal-friendly favorites:



  • “Whale of a Tale,” Bridgestone: Three friends. One animatronic whale. Millions of happy viewers. Bridgestone also gets extra kudos from us for recently banning the use of endangered animals in all of its commercials!
  • “Timothy Richman,” The pros of animatronic tiger cub birth: clean, cute, and pain-free. The cons of animatronic tiger cub birth? We can’t think of any.
  • “Finding Beaver,” Leave it to this (CGI) beaver…to play the fiddle? Hoedown, here we come!
  • “Squirrel,” Honda: Why can’t all hoarders be this sleek, adorable, and (faux) furry?
  • “Underdog,” Doritos: We yelled “Holla!” when this taunted dog flipped the tables and put the shock collar on the man. Payback is simply delicious.

Animatronics have sure come a long way since the Country Bear Jamboree. We need to get on the Punxsutawney Phil case stat!

What was your favorite Super Bowl ad?

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • super bowl commercials 2011 says:

    I love watching super bowl commercials every year. I found out that the top commercials features animals! Doritos’ underdog was my favorite one! I will have your list for my blog. Thanks!

  • Jeff says:

    Everyone please watch CBS Evening News with Katie Couric today Feb.9th 2010 about overusing antibiotics due to overcrowding on factory farms.Or go to CBS Evening News website and watch a short preview on this.I know this is off subject to the post above but thought it imporatnt for people to watch.I hope CBS doesn’t whitewasn the horrible truth on factory farms.

  • Rad_Rosa89 says:

    Oh these were just amazing commercials!! It’s so lovely to see that people are kicking out the use of live animals in their ads! I loved the Bridgestone one!

  • Anna I says:

    I see PETAs enthusiasm regarding using anamated and computer generated animals instead of live animals however a few of the ads disturbed me. First the doritos commercial with the doggie and the gentleman eating doritos…. I disagree with and am appaled by the use of shock collars….yes it’s true whatever dig owners use these… The tables should be turnedhowever personally u felt it was implying justification for the use if shock collars. A dig should bit have one to place on a human being in the first place!! Also the Dennys ads…. I hated that the comment in the ad was “a good day for Dennys a bad day for chickens”…. It just made me think of how difficult ut is for these chickens to keep up with the demands of the farmers and food industry and how they are overfed overbreeded and packed into cages to maximize earnings for the food industry ….. Makes me sick and it is disgusting and creul to reference the chickens having a “bad day” humans contributing to their own heart disease and the food chains making millions. Please help me understand if i am viewing their messages all wrong….I am just so sensitive to any subject. It was commendable that Budweiser actually focused on the love animals have for one another….Although I feel they exploit the horses a bit . Thank you for reading and God bless you and our beloved animals!! God bless u and out animals

  • Aneliese says:

    Loved the Bridgestone one epic man screams.