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Top Five Reasons Only Stupid Girls Brag About Eating Meat

Written by PETA | June 16, 2008

jessica-simpson-real-girls-eat-meat.jpgThe photo speaks for itself. OK, OK, I may have doctored it a bit to get the point across, but COME ON! As you can see, Jessica Simpson was recently caught wearing a “Real Girls Eat Meat” T-shirt. Puhleeze!

For a gal who’s best known for her less-than-stellar brains (Chicken of the Sea, anyone?) and her ability to proportionately fill out daisy dukes, I’m gonna go on record saying that if anyone had to wear a ridiculous shirt like this, I’m glad it was Jessica—as people are more likely to follow the opposite of her lead … ya know, since she’s so well respected and all (yes, that was difficult to type without tossing in a hefty LOL). Maybe the meat-eaters of the world will be embarrassed to be categorized in the same field as Jessica Simpson. Ecorazzi has more on the story.

Just for funsies, here are the top five reasons that only stupid girls brag about eating meat:

1. Meat increases the risk of breast cancer. A 2007 study of 35,000 women published in the British Journal of Cancer found that women who ate meat were far more likely to develop breast cancer than women who consumed none. Will Jessica’s next t-shirt will say, “Real Girls Smoke 3 Packs a Day”?2. Real girls don’t support animal abuse. Compassion is super sexy, if the huge number of hot celebs ditching meat is any indication. Young women turn vegetarian in droves when they learn that the meat industry cuts the sensitive beaks off newborn chicks and cuts off the tails of baby piglets.3. The meat industry is destroying the Earth. The only thing that’s hot about the meat industry is that it’s toasting the planet. According to the United Nations, raising animals for food causes more greenhouse-gas emissions than all the cars, trucks, SUVs, planes, and ships in the world combined. 4. Meat will make you fat. All the saturated fat and cholesterol in chicken wings, pork chops, and steak eventually leads to flabby thighs and love handles. I hope the upcoming “Jessica Simpson’s Intimates” line comes in plus sizes! Going vegetarian is the best way to get slim and stay that way. 5. Eating meat steals food from starving kids. Jessica’s trip to help kids in Africa got a lot of media buzz, but by gnawing on meat, she’s essentially stealing food from the mouths of starving children since it takes up to 16 pounds of grain to produce just 1 pound of meat. If more people went vegetarian, we’d free up enough grain to feed every person in the world. —ChristinePosted by Christine Dore

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  • Dawn says:

    I love that Jessica chose to wear her beliefs on her shirt. I have the REAL GIRLS EAT MEAT flair on my facebook. If you choose not to eat meat bc you don’t like it fine. But all of this ridiculousness about “hurting the animals” “torture suffering” it’s just outrageous. God put the animals here to feed His people. Our bodies are made to eat meat canine teeth hello?. I love meat. Also it’s a source of protein. I eat A LOT of meat I’m in good shape. It’s all about excercise portion control. I know a lot of fat vegetarians. PETA should try to send out an educational blurb on being a vegetarian not some demeaning blog.

  • Holly says:

    Again… I believe in birth control. If people used wise choices about birth control there would be no need for abortion except in cases where there is a threat to the mothers life or rape and in those cases it should be and is up to the woman. There for Pro choice…

  • It's a Baby, not a Choice says:

    Holly “Go Pro Choice! It is a womans body she should and does have all rights concerning it.” One big thing wrong with your statement once pregnant it’s not only the woman’s body but she is also carrying another living body inside of her own. Abortion Murder. Each and every time.

  • Ariel says:

    I was such a Jessica fan before these pics came out! If real girls eat meat I don’t want to be a girl anymore

  • R says:

    this is the stupidest thing ever. and people won’t stop eating meat because jessica simpson eats meat. jeez. also i completely agree with emilee “it’s also not fair that vegetarians can make fun of meat eaters but as soon as a meat eater makes fun of a vegetarian it’s a federal crime.”

  • Tina says:

    What I find strange is the anger at anyone NOT liking Jessica’s shirt isn’t it obviously cruel and stupid? people somehow see her as a good old girl now and Pam as the bad guy not us people on here but other. does this make others feel justified also in thier nasty meat lovng?

  • Erin says:

    Alright don’t eat meat. But don’t treat women like meat either. Why do women have to be given reasons to not eat meat like “it will make you fat” and it’s not “hot.” Why the hell does that matter? It’s about the rights of living creatures not being patronizing and assuming everything we women do is driven by our “need” to be attractive. Same goes for the PETA naked hot female celebrity campaigns and “chicks” in cages and yellow bikinis.

  • Holly says:

    Ashley you are looking at the little picture which is just the shirt and what it says but even more who is wearing it.. This opened the door for a Perfect opportunity to get people to talk about animal suffering and vegetarianvegan life style. 540 people have come to this sight to talk about the shirt and what they think about animal welfare….and you my friend are one of those… yah the shirt is dumb but you were smart enough to come check it out…. Hey Go Vegan dont let your body become a graveyard for farm animals thats what happens when you eat meat! Spooky!!!!

  • Ashley says:

    You guys are CRAZY!!!!! I can’t believe you are making such a big deal out of a tshirt! Come on!! Don’t you have something else better to do with your time! And if anyone knows where you can get one of those shirts let me know! I’m wanting one myself!

  • Emilee says:

    Is PETA going to start dumping fake blood on lions and tigers now too because they eat meat? Can’t she just wear a teeshirt without someone making it into some kind of weapon of mass distruction? It’s a damn teeshirt! Get over it! This little blog you made just made you look like a complete idiot and turned you into some prejudice idiot. She can eat meat if she damn well wants to and you can’t do anything about it. Is this little blog just about getting attention? Because you sure have a lot of it now. And it’s also not fair that vegetarians can make fun of meat eaters but as soon as a meat eater makes fun of a vegetarian it’s a federal crime. Don’t be so touchy about a shirt.

  • David says:

    1. Meat increases the risk of breast cancer. Sunlight increases the risk of skin cancer 2. Real girls don’t support animal abuse. Meh. 3. The meat industry is destroying the Earth. Haha thanks for the laugh. 4. Meat will make you fat. No overeatinganything and no exercise will. 5. Eating meat steals food from starving kids. As much as eating vegetables do. Conclusion You guys are pathetic.

  • food for thought says:

    i’m pretty sure eating meat doesnt make you fat. it’s the way people like to prepare it greasy saucey fried etc. but good call on trying to prove a point by making a general statement that skips over completely relevant variables.

  • Karen says:

    LOL LOL I’m sorry but the sloppy barely readable way you spelled “stupid” the shirt is so funny! There is no such thing as what a “real girl” does. All you have to have is the corect “reproducing machine” down there. By the way meat won’t make you fat. Eating to much of anything and not exercising will.

  • Jennifer says:

    So you’re equating being fat with eating meat? Do you think the best way to get people to eat vegetarianvegan is to shame them into thinking being overweight is a terrible thing? Just another reason why you people embarass a sane vegetarian like me.

  • Emilee says:

    I really don’t care if you people are vegetarians or if you don’t eat meat but please don’t disrespect people just because they do eat meat. There are tons of people who eat meat. That doesn’t mean ALL people who eat meat beat animals and abuse them. I also think it’s quite rude that people make lude comments about people who eat meat. If you are a vegetarian good for you. If you eat meat good for you too! Just because I eat meat doesn’t mean I’m a bad person. And please if you comment back about this. Please do it with dignity and courtesy. I would rather not talk to people who don’t conduct themselves properly. Thank you.

  • MEAT LOVER says:

    i wish i could meet at least two people on here so i can here what you have to say in person. it all sound to ridiculous

  • Holly says:

    Well it did get people talking. I think if this blog got one person to think about a change it was well worth it…and as for the others even if they say they wont listen or change seeds were planted… and who knows what will grow… Go Vegan and have a Wonderful Day Everyone!

  • super says:

    woah. reading all this crap just makes me want to eat meat even more esp. some of these comments . i will nevere evr give up my meat. and i am not overweight. meat is healthy and provides protein. and it tastes i rather worry about issues like disease and starvation point no.5 is mostly bullthings like curing cancer and the advance of technology than animals dieing so we can eat. well um duh they die hhow else do you eat them. and if the world is going to go vegetraian better not be in my lifetime. and i know a lot of “nice loving caring vegetarians nothing like us horrible blood thirsty cruel stupid ignorant horrible ugly and fat meat eaters” are gona get angry. but its just my opinion. no harm done i doo feel quite sick when i see some of those videos but thats life.

  • ACG says:

    The only reason I would get the shirt is because my boyfriend’s nickname is “Meat” and THAT would be funny.

  • Hettie G. says:

    Well I for one think this little quarrell has run its course… Mike I haven’t even bothered looking at the Simpson things anywhere else to be honest. I only came here because of my disbelief from the news…I could care less if Jessica Simpson wore it or if Mother Theresa wore it myself… Maya The cruelty of animals unfortunately will go unnoticed in the public eye and as unfortunate as it is PETA will probably continue to get bad publicity due soley to people who post such outrageous statements as this. Personally I think PETA’s views have been misshapen misguided misconstrued and shadowed from what it really used to be. As for me I’m done and this post kinda ruined PETA and their site for me. If anyone wants to talk or continue something from here email me. Good day to everyone else! Hettie G.

  • Matt_H says:

    I 3 animals and preventing cruelty to them is something i have campaigned for in the past. However going veggie is not the answer. Despite everything peta claims meat eaten in correct quantities doesn’t make you fat. However consuming large amounts of vegetable fat will. I agree that cruelty to animals must stop but the bias this site puts on the argument is so heavy it is simply inaccessible to the general public.

  • The Cornsnake Lass says:

    What a stupid lass she is. I prefer Leona Lewis personaly. Love The Cornsnake LassxX

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    Very true Mike. Too bad people are so quick to come to the aid of a wealthy celebrity where is everyone when animals are being tortured?

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Maya The Simpson saga is all over the internet and that’s why I think there are so many hitandrun posters on here. Remember when the same thing happened with Michael Vick? As you pointed out they have no interest in animals they’re just wanking.

  • Holly says:

    justafkinname you are not very evolved are you… Sad you cant find compassion for a living creature that you see with your own eyes gave up its life so you could eat its flesh and the only thing you could think of was your mouth and stomach… The animal wanted its life as much as you want yours. The animal gave up its most precious life for your greed. Not very evolved thinking and you have a very hard and cold heart dont you justafkinname…. I hope you can find a more compassionate way of thinking and living for your own sake justafkinname… It is a sad day when you cant feel compassion when you see pain and suffering with your own eyes. Maybe you have watch to much TVmovie and play games full of violence and maybe you are programed to see violence and pain as not being real. Open your heart look beyond your self find compassion. Don’t let your heart become hard to the reality of life and the suffering that happens in our world… Go Vegan This is 2008 not the dark ages we as humans can do better than this….

  • justafkinname says:

    One simple thought…I prefer PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF PEOPLE! I eat meat love it vegetables don’t do it for me. As for the “watch a slaughterhouse video” comments and so forth I have actually seen it in person and the only thing I could think of upon completion of watching it was “Damn that is a lot of dinners.”

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Wow put up a mugshot of Jessica and you get 500 plus comments put up a tactful discussion of other animal care subjects and you get 2 or 3 comments. If anyone is wondering why PETA is “picking” on Simpson take a peek at the number of comments here. Are all the other PETA posts about animal homelessness extinction and abuse too boring for us? What a shame our society has gone to hell.

  • antigone1000 says:

    Well if nothing else she has proven that eating meat DOES make you stupid……

  • G says:

    ummm yeah she is obviously not talking about animal meat shes talking about man meat.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Tabitha A person won’t ingest drugs like Bovine Growth Hormone at all if they steer clear of dairy and hamburgers made out of wornout dairy cows. If you eat a cow you’re eating higher up the food chain than eating at source plants. Pesticideherbicideinsecticide residues are more concentrated in the flesh of the animals you eat than they are in plants. So a vegetarian or vegan diet does in fact ingest less unexpected chemistry. Perhaps the reason you can’t grow anything is that the nearby farms use geneticallyengineered Monsanto seed. The Monsanto pesticide then kills EVERYTHING in its wake except for their own patented seed. We all got suckered in on that one.

  • Ninbu says:

    I love the complaints about meateaters “trolling” the PETA site. You can be an animalrights activist without being a vegetarian. Arguing that commenters’ reasoning FOR eating meat is somehow less stupid that the article’s author’s reasoning for NOT eating meat is absurd. The writer set a low standard for logical arguments in the first place you can’t blame others for using the same patchy reasoning as a response. Likewise if meateaters are trolling what is PETA doing ripping Jessica apart for wearing a shirt in her daily life? She didn’t wear it to a PETA meeting and insult their beliefs why should they insult hers? If these are the tactics they use to get their thoughts across no wonder people don’t want to listen. Spend more time INFORMING and less time INSULTING.

  • Tabitha says:

    BTW to all the comments about all the stuff pumped into animals..I live near plenty of farms. I cannot grow anything in my yard for all the pesticides sprayed on crops it kills EVERYTHING. If we can’t eat animals because of foreign chemicals introduced into them we also cannot eat the crops grown for that reason. We’re ALL gonna starve. Next argument.

  • Tabitha says:

    Melanie…uh…I eat meat but…I’m not gonna eat my cat. It’s AMAZING how many meat eaters have pets! It’s become an epidemic! Troy you have a very VERY good point. Maybe I should blog about the next “I’m not a nugget” shirt I see and point out that animated chickens aren’t good for your diet. And Erin…I wish the world had more of you. Bless you.

  • CB says:

    My two cents on some of these comments… 1 I’ve never heard of a vegetarian who lived to be 100 years old. Developing heart disease is by a severe lack of exercise or even heredity not the food chain. If you have one or both of these factors working against you then it doesn’t matter what the hell you put in your mouth. 2 In regards to some of the jabs about the environment… unless you are riding your bike to a local organic and sustainable farm for your meat and veggies then you are no different than anyone else. 3 In regards to Jessica Simpson I find it extremely funny that people are taking jabs at Jessica’s boobs when the PETA contingent’s unofficial spokesperson is Pam Anderson 4 now everyone take a deep breath and relax and just live simple and eat local

  • Troy says:

    So Jessica doesn’t have a right to free speech? If she can’t wear the shirt then the PETA crackpots need to stop touting the KentuckyFried Cruelty crap. Some of us think vegetables and tofu are disgusting so let’s leave it at that. It is called THE FOOD CHAIN!!!

  • John says:

    Actually I have to admit I like a good grilled pork chop. It really doesn’t matter to me if the pig suffered or not. If heshe didn’t suffer heshe would still be dead. Why does PETA make a big deal about the suffering? I never got that. I would just think your argument would be to ban all meat production period. What good does it do to save a pig from suffering WHILE its being killed. It is still being killed. I don’t get it.

  • Starri says:

    I got to say I love meat and sorry to say I don’t see it any ones problem that she wears that Tshirt. second the “top 5 list” up there makes me wonder if the person that wrote this finished 2nd grade.. third I do not condone animal cruelty or any cruelty for that matter but relax on the holy attitude it’s not even funny perhaps you could use some meat?

  • Mike says:

    if everyone were to quit eating meat what would we do with all the chickens cows and pigs? You have to keep the population under control somehow.

  • Brandi says:

    humm. this is all so pointless. PETA is going to try and stop people from killing animals for food and other things but its never going to happen. i think we can totaly find other things to make clothes and shoes and whatever with but we are made to eat meat check out your teeth sometime the big pointy ones are for ripping meat. i dont like the conditions of slaughterhouses and i think that should really be changed but im a meat eater god made me this way and ill always be this way unless i start having allergies. i do rock with the free range chicken eggs though anything to do my part!! oh and the shirt good god get over it. would there have been as much hoopla over it if it said real girls eat boogers or real girls eat lettus ? i mean where are all the lettus activist?

  • LOLZ says:

    I think the breast cancer rate is raised for meat eating girls because they actually have breasts as opposed to the typically flat as a board vegan girls.

  • Holly says:

    She can eat what ever she wants. Here is the problem she can choose to eat or not eat meat. The animal she eats does not have a right to choose to be eatten or not if it is a farm animal it will be eatten. I believe in birth control. If people used wise choices about birth control there would be no need for abortion except in cases where there is a threat to the mothers life or rape and in those cases it should be and is up to the woman. There for Pro choice…

  • Kurt K says:

    Holly what a contradiction you just stated. “Go Pro Choice! It is a womans body she should and does have all rights concerning it.” Doesn’t Jessica have the right to eat meat then? I mean after all it is her choice right? I don’t understand how you can be so against eating meat but at the same time support killing unborn children!

  • Melanie says:

    This shirt is so white trash. She probably enjoys her dad Joes meat just as much since hes so obssessed with her boobs. Some people tell me I look even act like her Im a lil ditsy but I took it as a compliment. Now I dont ever want 2 be compared 2 her! No wonder Nick left her what a waste of a cute body. How is she so in love with the dog she carrys around when she eats meat? Does she not get the connection?

  • Kriku says:

    1 I do not have breasts so I do not care. 2 Eating is not abuse. The pigs and cows and sheep have a place in prey chain as many other animals do. If foxes have a right to eat frogs mice and rabbits then I have a right to eat pigs and cows and sheep. I am a predator and that’s sexy for real girls 3 Earth has been both much warmer and much colder in earlier millennia and it still was not destroyed. 4 I am 172 cm tall and weigh 65 kgs. I would love to be a little bit heavier. 5 There are too many humans around anyway. I for one will not complain when my day comes. OK my steak is getting ready bybye

  • U R CRAZY says:

    You people are absolutely crazy. I abhore you all.

  • Erin says:

    I am a big woman and I am a vegiterian. I don’t see why people can not be satisfied with the food that animals already bring to us. Why must we eat them as well? Cows can give us milk to drink Laying hens can give us eggs which are infertile and the other animals can give one company. They have feeling just the same as us. Why must people like Jessica Simpson slaughter them just do they can selfishly have a dinner that costs a living creature it’s life? Not to mention she is killing herself with all of the hormones steroids and etc. that they are pumping into these creatures. And she would never ever be able to kill those animals herself. It takes a “special” kind of pycho I mean person to do that.. But and I have to say this to protect the freedom to say what ever you wish…It IS her right to have her own opinion how ever limited that may be. Just as vegitarians can fuss about “meat eaters” they can fuss about us. I honestly think it’s all about personal choice. I have met many people who maybe it’s there dependency on it or something to that effect get physically sick when they don’t eat meat… Which if that’s the case I would begin wondering what it is about it that makes me need it so much.. And to contiue with my first part I am a big woman and I will always be big no matter what I eat and saying that meat will always make you FAT! is untrue..Note that Jessica Simpson is a smaller female. And It is incredibly rude to attack peoples weight like that just because you know it will get to women.. Why must females always do that?? And if you are going to attempt an intelligent post for the rights of animals please remember to forget your anger and try to express yourself using COMPASSION that you say is so “sexy”. “Stealing food from starving kids” is a very immature way to word a very big problem. Even as a vegitarian I must admit sadly that there are worse problems effecting our world that this including the problems in America With nearly 33 million American’s in poverty and 36 of our homeless being families 7 being teenagers by themselves and 46 of the 36 being working families. World hunger Global Warming Attempting to protect our enviorment in gereral and AIDS.. I think that these three issues are more imortant and need our attention more than what Jessica Simpson wore today…

  • MeatEater says:

    My my. It’s so good to see so many people who get excited about what lil’ Jessica wears. You really all need to get a life and stop critiquing other people’s choice of tshirts. loosly translated…. get a life already!

  • J. says:

    PETA One day everyone will be looking back and thinking how horriblewastefulunhealthy it was for all of us to eat so much meat! Don’t mind the haters. I am not a vegetarian but I cut back my meat consumption by 75 in part because of what I learned from you and how this can help the environment. We could all make a difference even by just cutting back our meat consumption. This does not need to be a black and white issue carnivore vs. herbivore issue. I don’t understand why everyone here is so hostile about it. Vegetarianism is healthy and the science supports it. Americans consume WAY too much protein! You cannot call yourself an environmentalist if you continue to mindlessly eat foods that harm the environment. Period.

  • Holly says:

    Go Pro Choice! It is a womans body she should and does have all rights concerning it.

  • Brett from VA says:

    I’m an avid vegetarian but not for the reason of cruelty to animals. How can people be worried about the welfare of animals when babies are dying because of prochoice? End the ruthless killing of infants and I’ll consider joining the cause against cruelty to animals.