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Top Dog Breeders Convicted of Cruelty

Written by PETA | June 21, 2011

A mother-and-daughter dog-breeding duo who had won several awards at Crufts, the UK’s most prestigious dog show, were convicted this week of cruelty to animals after 104 dogs were discovered living in “unimaginable squalor” at the women’s home last year.

Many of the dogs were kept in cramped, filthy cages or in dark, cluttered rooms smeared with feces and without access to clean water. Sick and elderly dogs were denied veterinary care, including a poodle with a broken jaw and other serious health problems and a former show dog with an ear disease. Of the 89 dogs seized, 24 were so sick or elderly that they had to be euthanized.

Shockingly, the women continued to breed and show dogs for more than a year while they were being investigated. As one of the defendants pointed out, “If we are so bad how come we have not been banned from showing dogs?” Good question.

Remember, fancy “papers” and dog show ribbons are no guarantee that a breeder is “responsible.” In fact, we would argue that no breeding can be considered responsible while millions of dogs are being euthanized in animal shelters for lack of good homes.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Rebecca bartlett says:

    That’s just shocking, they should be banned from owning any animals

  • Alicia says:

    As a matter of course, all breeding facilities should be routinely inspected. Please realise though, that most breeders are good caring people who love their dogs and take very good care of them. Also, the puppies that are likely to end up in shelters are the ones whose parents were owned by people who didn’t get around to desexing them, have never bred dogs and didn’t know how to sufficiently care for the puppies and sell them onto pet shops as soon as they are weaned from their mothers at around 4-6 wks old – far too soon to be separated from their mother and siblings (they should be 8 wks). If you are going to buy a puppy and not a rescue dog, buy from a breeder and ask to come around and see the puppies (and the facility) beforehand. That way you can find a breeder who has done all the health checks on the parents before breeding and has given the puppies the best start in life. If you find a breeder that insists on finding out a lot about you, the buyer, then you have found one who really cares about their dogs and puppies.

  • KP says:

    These two are so typical of the AKC mindset too. AKC makes most of its money from puppy mill registrations. That’s what pays for the silly dog shows. And AKC breeders defend the worst cruelty you can imagine. (Do a search for AKC Puppy Mills) Been there, done that, NEVER AGAIN!

  • Karen says:

    Disgusting, no morals or ethics. All about winning and looking good, for the sake of EGO!! (Edging God Out) Please, people — adopt and rescue. Never buy from a Breeder, no matter what they say about themselves. They are mills. So many nice dogs who live terrible lives because the Breeders keep forcing too many dogs onto the market! GREED!!!

  • LuAnne says:

    @ Elisabeth,contact your local a.s.p.c.a.,but before you do,try to get some evidence on camera or video tape.

  • Katie says:

    I dont get why we host stupid award shows for dogs that aren’t fixed and pure bred, we should host shows for dogs that ARE fixed and rescued then maybe the world would be a little better.

  • Elisabeth says:

    I know of a lady who breeds and shows dogs….Just because she shows them doesn’t mean she cares for them. She keeps them in small creates they don’t even have room to turn around….. they get 2 hours a day out of their cages….everytime i have seen them they were covered in pee and poop they smelled soooo bad even the puppies..i wish i new a way to shut her down….i can’t stand that she does that to the poor things.

  • DebbyM says:

    Can I make a suggestion folks? Email is so easy, takes only a brief moment of your whole life…..why not send Crufts a letter, telling them what you think of letting those horrible women continue to show dogs even while they were being investigated and even after 24 of the dogs in their ‘tender care (Ha!)” were being euthenised to spare them any further suffering. That rotten club should start enforcing some basic rules. Like dogs that are known to carry genetic markers for terrible diseases must not show at all and when someone is in the situation that these two cretins are in, until they are proven innocent, their privileges are suspended. Here you are preaching to the choir. Crufts needs to hear from you.

  • joanne says:

    just because you join dog shows and win awards, doesn’t mean you’re a responsible pet owner. i know someone who breeds for the sake of money, not for the love of having a pet.

  • Lisa Loewen says:

    Basta de crueldade com animais, chega…não ao sofrimento…chega!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lisa Loewen Brazil

  • Lisa Loewen says:

    Chega de tortura animal, pelo amor de Deus, Basta!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chega de crueldade, chega de sofrimento, CHEGA!!!!!!!!!! Lisa Loewen Brazil.

  • John Williams says:

    Wake up Crufts. You don’t need breeders like these at your show – the most prestigious in the world.

  • ilona says:

    As one of the defendants pointed out, “If we are so bad how come we have not been banned from showing dogs?” Good question. just goes to prove how inefficient our laws are when it comes to dealing out justice on animal cruelty. stronger and stiffer sentencing is needed urgently

  • andeep says:


  • Tracye says:

    Well Well Well, how pathetic are you Mother and Daughter abusing these wonderful animals with NEGLECT AND ABUSE……… you know what ? The world can care less about how many RIBBONS AND ACCOLADES YOU HAVE ACHIEVED BECAUSE YOU JUST LOST THE WORLDS VOTE ! I for one will NEVER VISIT YOUR ” MILL ” AND I KNOW ALOT OF OTHER PEOPLE ARE RIGHT BEHIND ME !

  • EBvegan says:

    These women deserve nothing but what is coming to them, and more. Their faces are the faces of evil, and cruelty.

  • Nancy says:

    Revolting!! Disgusting!! Were these women “breeding” the dogs out in the country, or did they have neighbors who saw and heard what was happening? We have to look after one another; we have to take notice of what is happening to children, elderly, pets — we can’t live a life of turning our heads to abuse!!! It is an absolute; check on our neighbors – ALL of them ~ the least of them may need aid – if you cannot give aid yourself, then call the police!!! As an animal rights activists, these two women make me puke!! Over 100 dogs looking to them for food, fresh water, shelter – and the dogs received none! Let the punishment fit the CRIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tamara says:

    Stop now with this cruelity

  • Elizabeth says:

    Please stop cruelty

  • jorep says:

    I agree, the senseless suffering of animals for the sake of vanity and pride should be a punishable offense!

  • annie says:

    What dispicable people. Justice for all the wonferful dogs that suffered so much in the care of the heartless greedy mother-and daughter