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Top 10 Animal-Friendly Superheroes

Written by PETA | July 17, 2008

Greetings, true believers! If you’re like me, your batarang is all up in a bunch this summer with all the amazing comic-book movies coming out. Between Iron Man, The Hulk, and now The Dark Knight (which opens today), it’s like we’ve died and gone to nerd heaven. So in the spirit of the superhero season, check out PETA’s official list of the Top 10 Animal-Friendly Superheroes of all time!

sfgate / CC

10. Aquaman—The King of Atlantis, Aquaman can commune with sea creatures, whom he considers citizens of his ocean realm, and routinely protects them from being abused or exploited by the surface-dwellers.

9. Black Panther—As the leader of the African nation of Wakanda, the Black Panther has banned the evil White Gorilla Cult from his country. Members of the cult seek to gain power by killing one of Wakanda’s rare white gorillas, bathing in their blood, and eating their flesh (um, gross). The villain known as Man-Ape gained his superpowers by doing exactly that—incurring the wrath of the Black Panther and becoming one of his greatest foes.

8. Superman—In a one-shot “PSA comic” entitled “Superman: For the Animals,” Supes rescues a kitten from being thrown off a bridge by a group of kids named (seriously) Ballser, Charlie, Donuts, and Eightball and, in the process, teaches everyone a valuable lesson about not picking on anyone weaker than you—including animals.

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7. Captain Planet—He just wants to save the planet from the evil Captain Pollution! And that, of course, includes all our wildlife friends who live there. Point of fact, though: “Heart”? NOT an element.

6. Thor—In the Ultimate Avengers animated movie, we find Thor out at sea with a group of activists protesting whale slaughter. If only his fellow Norwegians in the real world got the picture that whaling is a thing of the past!

5. Batman—Think of the Caped Crusader, and the first thing that comes to mind is his cape, of course. Animal lovers reveled when they learned that Batman’s cape was made of cruelty-free pleather—not leather. This superhero batvocate made pleather cool again, and PETA loves him for it.

4. Beast Boy—Everyone’s favorite Teen Titan also happens to be vegan (and not just because he’s been hanging out on like pretty much every other teenager). You would be, too, if you had the metamorphic ability to turn into any animal and therefore had a little compassion for the ones that get eaten.

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3. Animal Man—This lesser-known DC hero can mimic the abilities of animals and is an ardent advocate for animal rights. He’s a vegetarian, and in Animal Man #15, Animal Man saves a group of dolphins from cruel fishers and drops the villains in the ocean to drown—only to be saved by one of the very dolphins he was trying to kill.

2. Wolverine and Jean Grey—In X-Men Unlimited #44, Wolverine catches three neighborhood boys in the act of torturing and killing animals for kicks—and offers to return the favor on behalf of his furry friends. Using her psychic powers, Jean Grey instead makes the boys experience in their minds the pain and suffering that they caused to their innocent victims. In the next issue … Colonel Sanders!

1. Wonder Man—In Civil War: Frontline #5, part of Marvel’s epic Civil War story arc, Wonder Man is interrupted on his way to an important function by two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents looking for answers about a mysterious aquarium store bombing (read the book). The important function? A PETA banquet. ‘Nuff said.


Posted by Dan Shannon

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  • herbalife says:

    This characters look like real 🙂

  • smallcrab says:

    Please add more info to other heroes also.. hehe.. it’s awesome really all the info.. nice work. great site! here’s my friend’s site might like it.

  • coinleach says:

    why isnt animal man number 1 he did alot more for animals than the top two you have posted

  • Sam says:

    Where the hell is Jacen Solo from Star Wars? Yeah he eventually turned to the dark side but he was the biggest animal lover ever in a galaxy far far away.

  • Nadeshco says:

    yah…cool but i searched list of 10 animals and how to protect their selves with their enimies…so i though this was it…its cool and ohh…great pictures of heroes

  • bogo says:

    ACE VENTURA promoted animal rights and respect in both movies…1 indeed!

  • Big Girl says:

    You people really need to get it through your heads. All superheroes are fictional characters. You diss them if they hurt an animal in selfdefense and that’s not fair to other fans who support them whether they are friendly to animals or not. Isn’t it the job of the firefighters to get cats out of trees not a superhero? If I were a superhero I’d feel pretty stupid that I was called to get a cat out of a tree or open someone’s pickle jar alas the Powerpuff Girls. By the way I don’t think Hellboy and Wolverine should be in this little list. They’ve both been known to kill animals that were attacking them especially if they were in a wilderness where wild animals run rampant. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jean used her telekinesis to protect herself from a rampaging bear or cougar in the forests of Canada while on missions with the XMen. Call me an idiot with no taste in real superheroes. I don’t care. The matter of the fact is that these superheroes are not real and I think it’s pretty dumb if you diss them just because they defended themselves from wild animals with their powers. Wild animals can and do attack people whether they are provoked or not.

  • Blaaa BLLAA BLAA says:

    AQUAMAN!?!?!?! he sends wave after wave of his so called “sea friends” to there deaths to fight for him then he takes credit for defeating his enemies. Take that one handed prick from this list. And if DC is reading this go ahead and take him from the shelves no one really cares.

  • Cj says:

    how about the green lantern or don’t forget the anti heroes like the riddler green cheerleader squad.

  • Vig says:

    Wolverine? Really? Wolverine may not go around killing animals all willy nilly but he does kill for food and survival. You can’t put him on the list because of a single issue.

  • Nilus says:

    So does this list get revisted now that Dark Knight is out and Pleather wearing Batman is punching puppies in the face and dropping them down holes. And lets not forget the use of AntiShark spray. I am sure thats not good for the sharks.

  • Kurt K says:

    For those of you who want Ace Ventura on this list you might want to watch the second movie again! In one scene he is eating a zebra with a pride of lions. Doesn’t that make him a meateater? He also hates bats! And he rescued Snowflake the dolphin from Louise Einhorn just to put him back into captivitey! He doesn’t sound like a PETA member to me!

  • kristi says:

    i loved reading that batman didnt use real leather because it just made me love him more

  • Michele says:

    What about “Spiderman”? Tobey Maguire’s version he’s vegan!!! yay!

  • J. Teeple says:

    One of my favorite quotes from the Titans cartoon is Beast Boy giving Cyborg an “are you kidding me?” look in response to Cyborg’s opinion that Beast Boy’s tastes are weird an irrational “Dude! I’ve BEEN some of those animals!”

  • Beckie Mayfield says:

    Didn’t catwoman try to eat the Penguine’s Bird in Batman Returns? Not very nice.

  • ExplodingClowns says:

    Firstly you forgot Catwoman. Secondly Batman should probably be higher as reported in The Gotham Times Bruce Wayne opened up a strayanimal adoption agency you can find it here httpthegothamtimes.comissue2page2.htm although unfortunately it’s been jokerized in the bottom right hand corner.

  • Bill says:

    CATWOMAN!!!!! In some incarnations she is an animal rights activist using her outlaw tactics to take down furtraders and other enemies of animals.

  • Abby Morris says:

    How about Kitty Pryde or Shadowcat from the XMen. She’s a vegetarian which they draw attention to in the XMen Evolution comics.

  • Goddess says:

    Yeah what about Wonder Woman!?! Or Cat Woman!?! Or Super Girl!?! Is this a boys club!?!

  • Laura Miller says:

    Wonder Woman is a vegetarian among her other amazing awesomenesseses!

  • LJ says:

    I must agree about Hell Boy. As my brother brought to my attention “My only complaint is that they left off Hellboy who loves cats and has like 60 of them. If you guys haven’t seen the new movie he also almost blows a mission because he can’t stand to see a troll about to eat a cat and rushes into action to intervene.” I’d say that is definitely animal love

  • Samantha Norton says:

    Ace Ventura? He should be 1 D

  • Jose says:

    The catloving Hellboy was left off of this list. He jeopardized a mission that was going to save the human world because he blew his cover to save a cat that was going to be eaten by a troll. Check out the new movie.

  • Chelsea says:

    What about for the ladies at least the ones who don’t read comic books that is? Disney stories 3 animals too The Little Mermaid talks about the horrors of fishing Lady and the Tramp is all about the overpopulation crisis and shelters Bambi berates hunters 101 Dalmations has a fur wearer as the villain …and I’m sure there are more I’m too old to remember!

  • Niranjan says:

    PETA should get someone like ‘Animal Man’ broad muscular chest with PETA logo on it! LOL! It will be so cool!

  • Yuska says:

    What? What about Catwoman? As in Selina Kyle Catwoman? She’s Gotham City’s prominent animal rights activist!

  • Cynthia Odell says:

    Where’s the article about your interest in scanning Sharon Stone’s brain? Save yourself the trouble she hasn’t got one. Have you heard some of her tasteless comments?

  • Lora says:

    It is agreed that Hellboy is the biggest cat lover of them all. He should be in the top 5 in my book. Not your conventional comic book hero but comic hero none the less. Lets give credit where credit is due!!

  • Phill says:

    What about Catwoman? She’s pretty much a superheroine now and she’s an animal rights activist and I think she’s a veg too? She should totally be on the list! And I think Beast Boy should be 1 not Wonder Man. Never even heard of him!

  • Despairella says:

    when i read the title of the list i assume Hellboy would be in there. i know he isnt a vegetarian but he saves kitties!!!

  • Marianne Brennan says:

    What about Heman Shera! They never hurt any animals. That show never showed any person or animal dying or suffering. I remember one show where Heman frees a big snake and sets it free back in the forest.

  • Katie says:

    HA! That is so amazing! This list just made the rest of my day all shiny and bright in all of its nerd glory.

  • Carla says:

    I love ’em all!! I kinda grew up reading comic books only once in awhile folks lol!! Go Wolverine go!!

  • ya huuurd? says:

    i am pumped that the black panther is on the list however may i offer…the black panter at one point was turned into a real panther and all animals were granted the ability to speak. when given the option to switch back he said that he could not. as much as he longed to be human again he refused to silence the voice of animals and the compassion that resulted from humans because of it. that’s amazing! i think that should put him WAY closer to the top yo.

  • Marionette says:

    Ace Ventura anyone?

  • Joanna says:

    Yeah what about hellboy?! He loves cats and like the previous poster said he saves cats in the first film and in the second one as well. I believe he needs at least a honorable mention!

  • jesse ayala says:

    hey guys what about underdog?

  • Lola says:

    What about Hellboy for his love of cats and how he saves the box of kittens in the first film?

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Good post lots of fun. It would be nice in the future to see a topten list of reallife animal heroes Ingrid Newkirk Captain Paul Watson etc..