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‘Tony Blair’ Speaks Out Against Queen’s Guards’ Bearskins Caps

Written by PETA | April 30, 2009


movies.about / CC
Michael Sheen

Award-winning actor Michael Sheen, who so convincingly played Tony Blair in The Queen, is the latest compassionate celebrity to join PETA Europe’s Unbearable Cruelty campaign.

While the real Tony Blair is still keeping mum on the issue of skinning bears, Michael recently sent a letter to Prime Minister Gordon Brown (the actual Gordon Brown, not an actor), calling for an immediate end to the killing of Canadian black bears for the Royal Guards’ fur caps.

In his letter, Michael points out the UK’s Ministry of Defence’s unfulfilled promise to use an animal-friendly fake to replace the skins used for the caps and adds, “Not only is the purchase and importation of bearskins from Canada a deplorable waste of military funding, it is also a waste of animals’ lives.”

Yes! Michael, if you ever actually run for prime minister, count on my vote. (Well, you know, if I were British … and if prime ministers were actually voted for …)

Read Michael’s letter and, if it bothers you that cubs are orphaned when their mothers are killed for hats, then please take action now!

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • Anna says:

    Did you know… That there has actually been a recovery of brown black and grizzly bear throughout the nation? please do research before assuming stuff.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    First of all Shawna Prime Ministers are voted for. If you watched the movie “The Queen” you would know that. There is a ceremony where the Queen as to approve the Prime Minister elect but that is just a tradition or formality. Second I would again like to remind people that swearing on the blog does not make a positive representation of PETA.

  • Roma says:

    That is horrible surely if you just put it into fincial terms it is wasting soo much taxpayers money is horrible on the enviroment to ship the hats over.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    The real Tony Blair was in Chicago last week and he lauding and commending steak. A vegetarian Prime Minister is needed in England.

  • lynne says:

    For just a moment l thought tony blair was actually doing something worthwhile like saving life should have known better. But gratitude and thanks to micheal sheen for speaking out against the unnecesary cruelty and killing of bears. Many public figures and celebs declare themselves animal lovers but take little interest in being active against animal cruelty. So theyre not really animal lovers more pet lovers and their own pets at that.

  • Maureen says:

    Great job MichaelI don’t think old Tony even knows the meaning of real compassion beyond political bla bla bla!

  • Tomilee says:

    Hey…Michael Sheen is a great person because he wants to help those poor bears whom being abouse for their fur for fur cups. The queen can fk herself…animals are meant to love not to kill for food or for fur or for whatever!

  • roxanne says:

    Great actor and the real tony blair has no compassion tony blair supported HLS which kills over 500 animals a day including BEAGLES. tony blair provided them with letters of support so HLS can obtained financing. No wonder Blair was so bloody thirsty in the wars in Iraq. Now Blair is in Yale since the UK doesn’t want him.