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Tommy Lee Asks Canada to Chuck Deadly Chuckwagon Races

Written by Michelle Kretzer | April 29, 2013

When Tommy Lee hits the stage tonight in Calgary, Alberta, there may be a special guest in the audience to watch him drum upside down: Alison Redford, the premier of Alberta. Tommy invited her to the Mötley Crüe concert so that she could experience a “really wild show” that doesn’t involve injuring and killing animals. He hopes to convince the premier to use her influence to put a stop to the deadly chuckwagon races at the annual Calgary Stampede


In the races, teams of horses are made to pull “pioneer wagons” around a track at breakneck speeds. They often collide with each other or the wagons, and more than a dozen horses have died in the event since 2009. Even after Calgary Stampede officials passed new rules last year that were intended to make the races safer for horses, three horses still sustained crippling injuries and had to be euthanized. Tommy is all for having a wild and crazy time but not when animals have to die for it.

The horses forced into the chuckwagon races die of heart attacks, broken necks, broken legs, and other injuries,” he wrote to Redford. “It’d be easy to get off on western tradition without this bloody spectacle. Dude, it’s the old west, not ancient Rome!

What You Can Do

Join Tommy Lee in asking Redford to put the brakes on the chuckwagon races and save horses’ lives

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  • Isa says:

    The more famous people we can get along, the better. I am all for the horses and totally against the Chuckwagon Races, because in addition to physical injuries the horses can suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome, just as humans can. And that is even worse than a physical injury, except if the horse dies. The emotional scars may be with them for the rest of their lives, as horses have good memory and a long one at that. I have seen a horse being killed in “action”, not in the USA but elsewhere, and I was very upset for several days, because I am a horse lover, too. The senseless way the whole brutal race is executed is enough to drive me mad. No animal should suffer like that, no horse should ever get injured like that. No horse should ever enter the race. But as long as the law does not ban this torturous race, there is little chance for the horses to escape this horror. The national government should simply ban this whole thing, and many others like it to keep horses safe and sound.

  • linda says:

    I live in calgary and have all my life been apalled by the stampede it a disgusting way to portray calgary like we are all a bunch of animal abusing rednecks. Right on Tommy Lee i am hoping with people like you aboard this campaign that this horse cruelty will end. Also the horse meat plant in ft. Macleod in alberta lots of horse murder there too would be nice to see that gone as well.

  • RUTH SMITH says:

    I still cant believe that animal cruelty on such a massive scale still exists..2013 and it still goes on….wars will never end so long as there is animal cruelty..humans need to help those who cannot help themselves its good for the soul and good for mankind!