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She TOLD You to Get Off Her Lawn!

Written by PETA | October 23, 2008
ericaberghan / CC
Old Lady

It’s a classic story: Boys play with football, football goes over the fence, elderly neighbor refuses to return football, elderly neighbor is arrested ….

Wait, what? No, seriously—89-year-old Edna Jester of Ohio, in a move straight out of every kids’ movie I ever watched growing up, declined to return the errant football that made its way onto her lawn. Here’s where the story changes, though; Ms. Jester was then arrested and charged with petty theft for refusing to hand over the ball—and you know we just had to get involved. Fortunately (for Ms. Jester, anyway), the charges have since been dropped.

“But,” our hearts cry, “what about the kids who lost their football? Will they ever get it back?”

Probably not—as of yesterday, one of the kids’ fathers told news sources that his son just wanted the $15 football back. Well, we hear ya, Paul—and you know what? Being the charitable people that we are, we are more than happy to send your son a football (leather-free, of course) to replace the one he lost.

Heck, we’ll even send two. Ya know, in case the first one ends up over the fence.

You can check out the letter we’re sending to the boy’s mother—or you can check out where you can get your very own leather-free football! (Defiant elderly neighbor not included.)

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • cheese! says:

    kurt get over yourself.NFL most likely isnt gonna change anything sooni wish they wouldso just quit posting more and more comments TT. p.s.thats cute that you sent them a letter.w

  • lynda downie says:

    and I’m with vegancoin

  • Whit says:

    i’m with Kurt

  • Kurt K says:

    Nope I save it all for you! I guess you just wouldn’t understand. I’d be all for a synthetic football if its performance was identical to the real “pig skins”. I still think you are missing the point of my arguement. I was saying American football fans are fanatical about the sport I was simply trying to warn you that this might back fire if you pursue changing the game. I know PETA didn’t say anything about the NFL but it is the next logical step.

  • vegancoin says:

    It is apparent you are unable to intelligently debate this issue. But don’t take my word for it take a look at what Jill and Joshua have written. Like i said in a previous post your entire counterargumentdispute rests on an appeal to tradition which is in itself rather silly. You seem unable to accept the fact that a football is a football and that a synthetic football is the only compassionate down to earth and intelligent selection. Your beloved american football is almost completely synthetic anyway so the points you have attempted to raise are rather superfluous and ridiculous. Save the redundant simplistic macho blather for someone else.

  • Kurt K says:

    Nah it just doesn’t make sense to you because you can’t accept any belief beyond your own. Plus those people who disagree with you are according to you unimaginative and redundant. Do you really talk to people like this? Do you really carry on conversations with such words? I would imagine your social network is rather small and must consist of people who think and believe as you do. I just wish you lived near me so I could buy you a beer and give you a cig! I just wonder if there is anything we could talk about.

  • vegancoin says:

    “I’m not sure what your definition of “mean” is…” i was only quoting you you seem to have problems understanding what you have written. No surpise there i must say. Your post does not make any sense whatsoever the entire post is irrelevant the same can be said for the rest of your unimaginative and redundant macho blather. Your appeal to tradition here is rather silly a football is a football. And a synthetic football is the only compassionate choice.

  • Kurt K says:

    I’m not sure what your definition of “mean” is but judging by your last post I think you may need to consult a dictionary. I wouldn’t say my viewpoint is anymore or less biased than yours. I would prefer to call it an alternative viewpoint. But I guess in your world that doesn’t exist or matter. At least I respect others points.

  • vegancoin says:

    “Except to vegancoin he is mean to me.” No i have only stated the truth maybe you should do some more research before spewing your idiotic and biased viewpoints. Save your macho “foolproof” blather for somebody else.

  • Kurt K says:

    Yikes!!!! I haven’t been ganged up by this many people since I played football! At least this time nobody can tackle me. I don’t know how my statement got skewed from its original meaning but let me try one more time to explain what I meant. I already said that I may have over exagerated the “pissed off” comment. That was probably the wrong words. Plus I was using the word “if” in my first post. I said “if” you continued down this path it may be bad. I can see where this is going. There will be a letter written to the NFL about the leather footballs comments will be made about the sport players and fans. That will in turn upset a few people. That is what I invisioned happening and I’m sure I will not be to far off. My first post was more of a warningrecomendation. Take it how you may I meant no harm. Except to vegancoin she is mean to me.

  • vegancoin says:

    “We are just fundamentally different in our philosophies.” yes there is no doubt. You obviously choose to close your eyes to the outrageous amounts of suffering involved with the production of leather footballs and of course fail to see the contradictions and the selfish greed of tossing around a piece of a dead animal whether for sport or pleasure. and synthetic and rubber footballs have been widely available since 1980 even your beloved american football is already partially synthetic the inner bladder and sometimes the laces are synthetic only the outer panels made of animal skin torture product. And recreational footballs are mostly of the sythetic type only professional sports leagues and the collegiate circuit require the use of the noncompassionate leather choice.

  • veggie.brie says:

    haha i love that! very considerate and smart way to get people to stop using leather. good job! honestly though i never thought of footballs being made of leather.. i guess its obvious but it never really occurred to me lol

  • Jess says:

    It’s not going to make me popular but I think that feisty old lady rocks! We can still enjoy our sports without the cruelty like we can still enjoy sports with safety equipment. The first runners ran nude I don’t mind putting a modern twist on it and wearing shorts and a tank top lol.

  • Natalie says:

    “You will piss off a lot of people if you start bad mouthing the NFL. That is all I said!” So millions of people will be angered because PETA posted a blog about giving a leatherfree football to some random kid? The closest thing mentioned there to the NFL is the word “football”. Or do you think that because a football isn’t made of ONE certain material that everyone will be pissed? It HAS to be made out of leather because if it isn’t then the game like totally can’t be played. I mean even though it looks flies and is as tough if not tougher! than leather footballs synthetics will alter the game so much that no one will want to see the game ever again. Uh huh. I would think it would attract fans actually. There is probably a small minority of people who are or wish to be fans of football but don’t watch it because of the leather football. Don’t quote me on that it’s just a thought. I really don’t get the rationale of your point. Maybe it’s time for YOU to be kind rewind and explain why everyone would be so mad.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Kurt Not sure which college or high school teams might use them but Wilson do make an official NFL synthetic leather footballso somebody’s got to use them.

  • Joshua says:

    Kurt Much respect. You are coming to a place that you obviously disagree with and writing your opinion out very coolly. Having said that I disagree with you on a couple points. You argue against change. People can be awkward in the face of change but adapt to it quickly. If footballs were suddenly made out of another material people would adapt I promise you. Football was originally not broadcasted on TV. The uniforms have changed many times. Stadiums have been rebuilt. They now have TV shows where people talk about the football games of the day. They have famous people singing during halftime at Superbowls… which by the way began in 1967. Players are traded. And so on. Please don’t generalize your opinion as being the opinion of all fans. And I don’t think that PETA badmouths the NFL. I think that for one they have done it a service by helping cleanse it of the thug Michael Vick. Leather is a byproduct of animal slaughter… but we’re pushing against leather AND slaughter. By not buying leather you are giving less to the meat industry which abuses its workers mishandles its merchandise and poisons the nation.

  • Jill says:

    Kurt K That is the whole problem! YOU ARE UNEDUCATED on the leather issue! Leather is NOT a BYPRODUCT of eating meat that is slaughtered incredibly inhumanly you are obviously in a place that you want to learn the truth about the way animals are treated you wouldn’t be on a PETA website if not…expose yourself to the truth. Leather is NOT a byproduct but a whole other industry bent an reproducing cows SOLELY for the purpose to fashion or in this case sport! And how dare they!

  • Savannah says:

    You told him. I think Bailey and vegancoin are right. I myself have three fake footballs and they work just as good as a lether one. And they dont have to kill something to make it. And Kurt noone was “bad mouthing The NFL” as you say. Kurt am i sorry to say but you are acting like a 5 year old who does not want to give up a toy. Move on. If you love real lether footballs so much then you should not be a member of PETA. PS that was so nice how you got that boy 2 new footballs i dont think she took it because it was made of lether though they are kind of makig a big deal over nothing he should of had more respect and it would of never gotten taken away

  • vegancoin says:

    “…that uses synthetic footballs.” Blatant misconception. Most footballs sold for recreation purposes use are either rubber or synthetic as i stated before they are widely available. Your precious american football is already partially synthetic only professional and collegiate usage requires the extremely uncompassionate and inhumane choice of outer leather panels. The polyurethane or rubber lining called a bladder is of course synthetic and the laces can be made of polyvinyl chloride. and your rather questionable propagandizement or wrongful assumption that leather is only a byproduct of the cruel and inhumane slaughterhouse industry ignores the larger issues of cruelty and the evils of using treating animals as mere commodities. In the UK the synthetic footballsoccer ball has been used since 1980.

  • Kurt K says:

    Widely used??? Name me one football team that includes colleges and high schools that uses synthetic footballs. They don’t kill pigs andor cows for their skin. It is a byproduct of the slaughter houses. You are right fans don’t have the final say of how the game is played. But fans are the ones paying for tickets. Teams couldn’t exist without fans. I feel comfortable speaking for the majority of football fans when I say wethey don’t want the game altered in anyway. It has already been altered enough with insant replay. We are just fundamentally different in our philosophies. That is all. My original point which was stretched is that PETA may be barking up the wrong tree. You will piss off a lot of people if you start bad mouthing the NFL. That is all I said!

  • Allie says:

    Some people just don’t like change I guess even when it is for the good of something greater than a game. At what point did we forget every sport has evolved and trying to prevent cruelty is a good a reason as any to switch?

  • vegancoin says:

    “I like how you generalized all sports fans that was great. We are a bunch of overfed couch potatoes.” Or so you say sorry i call them as i see them. You yourself are overgeneralizing when you pretend to speak for millions of americans. That makes you a hypocrite no wonder Bailey said you sound stupid. And you still haven’t addressed the cruelty issues nor raised a relevant point. And you stretch the truth when you imply that fans have a final say so as to how the game is played and under what conditions that is such closeminded thinking. New or used a football made out of skin of a dead animal is still an inhumane cruel and uncompassionate choice especially when synthetic footballs are widely available and widely used. Step out of the dark ages.

  • Respect your neighbors says:

    You should know all of the facts in the case before judging… She asked the kids specifically the 16yr old not to play in her yard. She contact local police before this last incident and they TOLD her to take the balls left in yard. This is not the first time. The family has gone public and called her “the old itch”. Nice…

  • Kurt K says:

    Yeah right! I bet if you polled sports fans they would prefer real grass over turf. Plus teams switched to turf because it is cheaper to maintain turf than it is to hire a grounds crew to mow water fertilize and constantly stripe the grass. However new footballs are used every games. That is an expense they can live with. I like how you generalized all sports fans that was great. We are a bunch of overfed couch potatoes. You need to stop taking yourself to seriously and relax. You seem high strung. Bailey I don’t know how you can say I sound “stupid”. I didn’t understand what point you were trying to make. I can tell you were trying to make a point but it seems like you got a little frustrated. Can you spell it out more clearly for me? Thanks!

  • vegancoin says:

    “If you want to really piss off millions in America I think you are heading down the right path.” Right. yeah your typical couch potato overfed american probably doesn’t want to address the inherent contradictions here tossing around a piece of a dead animal for sport or play. i am an american i am not pissed off. In fact it seems to me a synthetic ball is a step in the right direction. We have synthetic turf synthetic fields i sure didn’t hear any outcry. No good deed goes unpunished. Good job peta.

  • Crystal says:

    What about the old women not wanting her windows broke she probably lives on a fixed income and could not pay right away for a new one. But I love the letter sending that little boy not one but two foot balls.. A big awwww! How sweet. Giggling happily I love hearing the softer side of Peta!

  • Bailey says:

    Kurt you are just one of the many people who have much more to be educated on about the humaneness of the leather industry… If you had any compassion for animals you would understand why the switch to synthetic is important and if you really cared about the issue then why do you care what other football fans think about it? Oh and there’s no replacing a “real football” that was made from pain and suffering? Haha you just sound stupid.

  • Amanda S. says:

    Good job PETA. You don’t have an old cranky woman your neighbor by the way who’s fed up with rowdy disrespectful teenagers arrested for “stealing” your football. You just hang your head go home get another ball and be careful next time to not throw it into your neighbor’s yard. I’m so glad that you became involved in her plight and that you’ve publically exposed your mediation by sending the boy a synthetic ball. Kudos! PS to BBR The woman was not as concerned as PETA over the material of the football but was fed up with her loud teenage neighbors’ behavior this story is a far far cry from paint being thrown on a fur coat and you spelled maturity wrong.

  • BBR says:

    So who are you defending here? It didn’t say she refused to hand over property because she felt so sorry for the animal that was killed to become the ball. The story made her appear to be the bad guy in my opinion. So a ball went over her fence. Who cares. Really? It’s not against the law for a ball to land in someone’s yard. But her refusing to give back someone’s object could be considered stealing I suppose. I think it’s funny she got arrested. You don’t keep things that don’t belong to you. She needs to get over it and realize that this world has bigger problems. So send the boy 2 free balls. He shouldn’t be punished for her being a crabby witch. I don’t see what this story has to do with PETA. Even if she was against the fact that the ball was made out of animal skin it’s not her place to keep something that doesn’t belong to her. It’s the same thing as throwing paint on someones fur coat. You don’t take it there and never should. That shows her matiruty level. This is why old people get a bad rap these days. She’s no more mature than a 5 year old. If she was against the whole leather thing then she should educate not be a hater. This is where the problem lies with most people and someone who is an activist or wannabe activist. You don’t threaten discriminate steal destroy intimidate or hate. That certainly wouldn’t wanna make me try and understand someone’s point of view. You educate and show compassion for people who may be ignorant to the cause or subject at hand. I don’t see why people can’t be civil anymore. Give the ball back and move on grandma.

  • Kurt K says:

    Mike That is my point. If you alter the ball to be easier to use in the rain you take away an aspect of the game. Every fan loves to watch games in the rain becuase it is an equalizer or sorts. I may have over exagerated the “pissed off” statement. However you will annoy or or at least irk football fans if you push this issue. Also this isn’t Rugby nothing against Rugby its fing hard and hurts to play. Football however is all american its not rugby. There is nothing better than the feel of a well thrown football and I don’t think you can ever immitate a real football.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Kurt I can’t see why millions of Americans would be pissed off if they understood a more humane choice was available. Preserved animal skin is far from a natural product and requires chemical treatment to keep it from rotting away. Rugby teams made the switch from leather to synthetic with no problems and play is much easier in wet conditions. I don’t see too many football players wearing leather helmets anymore.

  • Erin says:

    Maybe he should stop throwing the ball into her yard in the first place… Love that you are sending the football though. When mom gives it to him maybe she can explain respect for other people’s property too.

  • Kurt K says:

    If you want to really piss off millions in America I think you are heading down the right path. If there is one thing you should learn PETA it is don’t mess with Americans’ sports. Especially baseball and most definitely football. I don’t think you can replace the traditional baseballs and footballs.

  • Carla says:

    Now thats a compassionate way to get recognized also Peta smart!!

  • Jenny says:

    A very diplomatic and understandable way to the your point across… I love it!