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Tofutti Cuties From PETA Beauties

Written by PETA | October 27, 2008

Firefighters in Hammonton, New Jersey, have been fighting fires in the Wharton State Forest since last Tuesday, saving not only the trees but also the animals who make the forest their home. We at PETA wanted to thank the brave men and women who are keeping the forest fire under control, so we sent them a refreshing treat—boxes of Tofutti Cuties (soy “ice cream” sandwiches), brought by friendly PETA beauties (ladies who … deliver “ice cream” sandwiches)!The smoke was too much of a hazard for our beauties to get too close, so the Tofutti Cuties were handed off to park officers to deliver to the firefighters (which I guess makes the park officers deputy PETA beauties!). The men who were directing traffic away from the fires also got to sample some delicious, cholesterol-free Tofutti Cuties. Judging by the pictures, it looks like the ladies brought the mint and chocolate varieties! (The chocolate just happens to be my favorite, so I’m trying to quell the feelings of jealousy here.)Check out photos of the ladies saying, “Thank you ‘soy’ much!” to the firefighters below. To learn how choosing dairy-free “ice cream” over the gross-out alternative saves your health and animals, visit



Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • Jeni says:

    Way to go Christine! Tofutti cutie. I’ve never heard of those before tonight.

  • Saucy says:

    Nice rhyme! Nothing like scantily clad ladies to turn a guys head around. Love that Soy!

  • Sandar says:

    I think what they did was great but it seems like you were more interested in boasting about what you did. I mean look at the pictures! Smiling scantily clad women with big signs? I’m sure that’s what the firefighters wanted an ad gimick. nice

  • Kelly says:

    Looks good. I wish it was sold here.

  • Brittany says:

    toffuti cuties r hella good!!!

  • Rachel says:

    ahhh I love Tofutti even though it’s like 40 degrees out I want an “ice cream” sandwich now!

  • David Tremain says:

    I have enjoyed Tofutti Cuties for years chocolate is my favorite too I just wish these breathtaking beauties would deliver them to my doorstep!

  • SASHA says:


  • Ana Itzel says:

    hola a todos los que se presentan ante esta pagina lo unico q digo y que me queda decir es que aquellas personas que hacen esta crueldad de quitarles la el a los animales son jentes de muy bajo nivel ha HIJOS DE PUTA no tienen ni la menor idea de lo que es conservar tan solo un animal y tan solo para ocuparlos para hacer abrigos de pieles aquellas prsonas que se atreben a hacer esa cosa no tienen corazon ni temor de dios no le deseo la merte ha nadie pero a esas personas que se pudran y ban a sentir lo que es sufrir como lo hicieron esos animales deberian de ser condenados a muerte y tambien multados por esda poca cobardia q poca son unos hijos de la chingada q pca deberas y esta muy fuerte ese video si que da verguenza y pena de esos tipos y ternura por aquellos animales que no tiene la culpa de nada ni de nadie no tienen por que matarlos son animales y tienen derecho a ser libre y amados por personas humanas