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Tired of High Gas Prices? Get a Free Fill-Up

Written by PETA | April 20, 2011

Record high gas prices have motorists feeling low, but PETA’s Petrol Pin-Ups are easing the pain at the pump. The lovely ladies pumped two free gallons of gas for some Las Vegas motorists Tuesday. While the pin-ups filled their cars, patrons filled their stomachs with free Tofurky sandwiches.

According to Environmental Defense, if every American skipped one meal of chicken per week and substituted vegetarian foods instead, the carbon-dioxide savings would be the same as taking more than a half-million cars off the road.

It’s tough to say if the Tofurky sandwiches or the free gasoline was the bigger hit, but PETA’s Petrol Pin-Ups had drivers pumped up all day. If your gas station just has a guy with a greasy shirt, you can still browse hundreds of vegetarian recipes for a meal that’s kind to you and the environment.

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  • Lulu says:

    Is it always necessary for PETA to demean women in the process of getting people to listen? Marketing team: please go back to the drawing board – I beg you! The naked ads, the woman in the picture pumping gas, the Pam Anderson campaign – it’s like your working towards one goal which is significant and important and then present woman in as sexist objects. NOT GOOD. You can still get your point across while presenting women in an intelligent and respectful way. I am not donating to PETA until you do so.

  • jeff says:

    i have to be honest that guy looks like he is eating something that taste like crap

  • Ralph says:

    Love the guy’s face – happy that he’s getting two free gallons of gas, but HATES the tofurkey. Proof positive that not all like that stuff.