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Tire Giant Asked to Roll Out PETA’s Anti-Obesity Ad

Written by PETA | July 29, 2009

Does the Michelin tire company promote obesity? I’m starting to think so. Consider the Michelin Man: He’s a friendly fellow, but, oh, those unsightly rolls! The tire giant also owns Detroit’s iconic roadside landmark, the Giant Tire—a possible shout-out to the dreaded spare tire?

We’ll soon find out if there’s any truth to my theory. PETA has written to Michelin North America’s president and chair Dick Wilkerson and offered to put an anti-obesity ad on the Giant Tire. Our “Lose the Spare Tire: Go Veg!” ad would encourage Detroit residents to adopt a healthy, slenderizing, animal-free diet and just might help offset some of life’s maintenance costs (i.e., medical bills).




Stay tuned to find out if we receive a fabulous “thumbs up” for our proposal—or a “flabulous” refusal suggesting that the company doesn’t care.

Written by Karin Bennett

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