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Time to Give Beyonce a Break?

Written by PETA | April 11, 2008
The Sun / CC

We have folks in the office who comb through every celebrity magazine and watch every “Inside Hollywood”-type entertainment show to see (among other things) who’s wearing fur and where they got it from during a given season. And may God bless them for making this noble sacrifice. But the latest report on Beyoncé—who’s been getting an earful from us for years now, including a face-to-face ambush at a restaurant in 2007—is that she’s clean. Not a single sighting of Beyoncé in a fur coat all winter.

So we’re calling a ceasefire. As a goodwill gesture, PETA Senior VP Lisa Lange just sent newlyweds Beyoncé and Jay-Z a luxurious throw from top faux fur maker Fabulous Furs accompanied by the following note:

“From all of us at PETA, we wish you much happiness in your life together. Please accept this faux-fur throw with many good wishes and a hope from us that together, you’ll be a fur-free couple!”

Or, as she told the media, “Celebrities know that the easiest way to keep PETA off their backs is by keeping fur off their backs. Time will tell if Beyoncé is truly committed to being fur-free, but all indications are that she’s become a real ‘dreamgirl’ for fur-bearing animals.” We’re all pretty interested to see how this one pans out. Let’s hope for the best.

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  • joe doe says:

    There is clearly a difference in wearing faux fur than wearing other animal like materials. When people buy a leather belt or a coat they are not thinking of it as an animal. When some whore goes to buy a fur coat she wonders what animal it is. Faux is almost as f up as the real thing. Beyonce is still a pathetic person that doesn’t give a s about animals. If they celebrities were really disgusted by fur farming then they would publically talk about the atrocities. Bottom line…step it up peta. Step it up kids. Let’s go back to the 90’s with the red paint. Let’s take a more militant standpoint to show how serious we are.

  • Eric says:

    Do any of you who are antifur for the reason of cruelty drink milk? Do you realize that in the dairy industry for cows to produce milk they need to give birth. In this process all male calfs that are born are killed immediately and used for inferior meat products dog food ect. Is this not cruel? do you still eat dairy and the products made by it? some dairy farmers artificial insimination to guaranty female calfs are born but more than half dont as it is expensive. Think about it.

  • Joshua Gregory says:

    beyonce well done u have made the right decission i hope you the best u are great peta of what you have done beyonce i am a huge fan plz keep it up and u will be de perfect popstar

  • MTP says:

    YES! I’m with Tabatha definately her comment is gold! Right on point!

  • John Bloom says:

    Need to get something into context here. All clothing material is faux animal! Animal skin was all that was once available to mankind to keep us warm. It became easier and more effective to create materials of a synthetic nature. Now I’m totally behind NOT using animal pelts for clothing but I draw the line at critizing somebody for wearing Faux. If we extend this kind of disconnected opinion then we should all be naked all of the time.

  • Latisha williams says:

    Dear.Peta my is latisha williams and i love you peta for taking up for animal rights they need a voice. anyway to make long story today i was in kmart and ipicked up a magazine with hilary clinton on the cover with the scandal of her some what gay love affair so what i said! as i turned the pages i saw something horrible cats in small cages and that brought tears to my eyes. it felt like i was a animal and i was there it’s horrible what goes on in the world .what the hell is going on in this world. by the way it said china’s fur farms those poor little cats

  • JaymielynneCorey says:

    I believe Peta knows what they are doing. If Beyonce has thought about the horrible agony that animals suffer for fashion a kind gesture from Peta will only help her feel more charitable and compassionate. With celebs Peta realizes that if you get one of them on your side they have tremendous influence over people. I was really happy to see Oprah’s show about puppy mills. Now let’s get her to do a show on the horrors of Chinese fur farms. I do feel Oprah who appears to care so deeply for dogs should take a stand against fur by doing a show to educate the public about the fact that fur trim may well be dog or cat fur. I believe if people learned of this atrocity and that the dogs are skinned alive a large percentage of people would shun fur. I don’t believe in faux fur either as I believe it still promotes fur but if that is the best we can do it’s definitely better than the real thing. Anyway a faux fur throw is a blanket or cover for the couch so I doubt if Beyonce would be wearing it out anywhere.

  • Tabitha says:

    NICE comment NK. I applaud you. How bout using the money you spend on the gossip mags checkin’ out what Beyonce’s wearing and use it to feed the poor animals you insist you DON’T have the money to feed and end up killing?

  • Pamela L. says:

    Let’a hope Beyonce is sincere time will tell. I had been thinking about Jennifer Lopez also when I read Amber Falobas’ comment. There are Heroes and Zero’s when it comes to a deep love and respect for all animals Lopez has always been a Zero. She’s a selfish and selfindulgent bitch! What a sadpathetic way to start her childrens lives. I believe that eventually every celebrity will come around to realizing how cruel the fur trade isI honestly believe that no matter what Ms. Lopez will NEVER stop wearing furit’s just this smug and smarmy vibe she gives off. I would love to stand corrected on this but I won’t hold my breath. She is a big ZERO!

  • Spay and neuter immediately, please says:

    More complaining… look folks PETA didn’t just fall off the turnip truck. Whatever the reason Beyonce hasn’t worn fur in a while. Perhaps a nice note and gift will reinforce the idea that she should not wear fur. Whether we like it or not Beyonce is a role model and the sheer numbers of people who may or may not buy fur because of who they see wearing or not wearing it make this a very worthwhile investment for the animals. You can see the forest and the trees if you look closely enough.

  • one voice says:

    Leather is part of an animal also. So what are you going to harass every person that has something made of leather? Like a leather belt or leather gloves or boots or coat!!!!!! Silk comes from a silk WORM. Isn’t that a animal? And why are you just going after famous people? There are a lot of rich but not famous people that wear fur.

  • Peace says:

    Wearing even fake fur is like saying “I really wish that this was made from pelts ripped off the carcasses of minks but I’ll settle for faux.” It kind of makes me gag.

  • Amber Falobas says:

    I still hate her. I think she isn’t fur free personally…I saw her wear fur to an event not that long ago!! And to people at PETA who will read this comment Have you heard about Jennifer Lopez swaddling her newborn twins in FUR blankets?!?!? Why hasn’t this been brought up yet????

  • dzlbri says:

    While I can agree that by not speaking out against the fur industry it may be interpreted that she perhaps condones this activity……it is still a small step on Beyonce’s part by making the choice to not wear fur. We can’t win the war in one quick swoop but we will win and should celebrate each small victory. Look at the positive….perhaps by choosing not to wear fur this decision may influence others to think…..”Well Beyonce chooses not to wear fur so we shouldn’t either”. I take this as yet another small victory in the war against animal rights.

  • Susan Holmes says:

    I agree with the comment above that you are promoting fur with purchasing faux fur throw for the above celebrity couple. Why not just send a letter congratulating the couple on their marriage wish them every happiness and remind them not to purchase real fur again. Why spend money on an item they may just throw in the bin assuming you have used money donated to PETA from your supporters why should their money be spend on celebrities. The money should be spent on ANIMALS or advertisement. I don’t understand PETA sometimes.

  • NK1 says:

    Let me get this straight you spy on people to see if they’re doing something you don’t like then you harass them? Then when they fall in line with what you say you send them a little gift..but with a warning message. If you get bored with peta why not try joining the mafia? They’re always looking for people with talent like yours.

  • Stephanie says:

    I don’t think she’s learned a lesson yet. She was probably too affraid to be shown wearing fur in public thinking PETA might ruin her coat. I say stay on her until she pulls fur from her cloathing line. There is no good reason why she deserves special treatment!

  • Maya, CVT says:

    I’m glad I’m not and will never be one of the PETA donators whose money is being thrown down the toilet while PETA folks try to satisfy their obsession with celebrities. This won’t even be a news headline. It’s just a gift to a rich woman. Sad. 99 percent of wildlife rehabbers and shelter workers who I know are poor. The money should have been given to them.

  • erika says:

    she might be avoiding the fur to get PETA off of her. but she does love animals. maybe she finally thought about how much sit the animals have to go through to get on that fcking coat. But she’s doing the right thing and not wearing the fur. but i agree with tinkerbellslayer. she might be not wearing it due to the “irritant factor.” The faux fur does look really real and even though no animals died to get on it it might look like she is promoting fur and the cruelty associated with it. BUT GOOD JOB PETA!!!

  • Sailor Nova says:

    Not fair! I want a Fabulous furs throw! Why should Beyonce get one!!!?? She hasn’t publically said anything about fur wearing and she’s still probably selling it in her clothing line! PETA if you are gonna be giving away $300 worth of swag don’t give it to wealthy people who can afford it give it someone regular like me! You have my address somewhere and my birthday is coming up so please send me the Grande Limited Edition Lynx Faux Fur Throw 60″ x 86″ I want a few others too! Or you can send me a gift certificate for the amount of the throw! IF you get me a throw I’ll let EVERYONE KNOW and you will get back positive publicity!! Like I said both Beyonce and Aretha don’t deserve the money you are spending on them and that’s SO unfair! You should send EVERYONE on your address list not just members or donators a FF throw seriously!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    When ALL real fur production has ceased only then should people perhaps dabble in faux fur fashions. I agree with Jay and tinkerbellslayer that faux fur only serves to promote the notion that real fur is glamorous. Time to highlight the fashion validity of nonanimal fabrics maybe a Stella McCartney piece as a gift.

  • FREE TIBET says:

    Good job Peta!!! As Beyonce loves animals i’m sure that the bad surprise in the restaurant when Petamembers showed her the video of cruel animal killing for fur she was shocked but didn’t want to show it because out of ‘artistpride’! But i’m sure that she thought about the whole thing and decided in favour of the animals and Peta! My felicitations Beyonce you jumped over your shadow and this is not easy in your job!

  • lizbeth says:

    looks like she may be avoiding real fur due to the ‘irritant factor’ ie. the Peta irritant in hot pursuit rather than the avoiding fur becuaes of ‘compassionate factor’. takes all sorts to make up this world we live in..doens’t it??? I guess this person goes into the couldn’t care less about animals group..

  • tinkerbellslayer says:

    I agree with Jay. Why did Peta send her ANYTHING with the word ‘fur’ in it? Why not just a gift basket. I’ve always hated faux fur because so often it looks real and perpetuates the idea that wearing fur is cool. It also could confuse people into misjudging the faux fur wearer.

  • Jay says:

    While I fully support PETA’s antifur campaigns and the tactics used I just can’t get onboard sending her the faux fur throw. Sure no animal was killed to make it but it is still promoting real fur. Anyone who looks at her in photos or on tv wearing that will assume it is real. I think this just continues to promote wearing fur more than anything else.

  • stoptorture says:

    But is she still SELLING fur? That is worse than wearing it. You can’t be fur free if you are selling it!!! I saw the story on Fox and they linked to a video of the Peta ambush in the restuarant and the comments people were making were very ignorant and vile defending her and heaping hate on people who care for animals it is amazing. You know until Beyonce herself comes out and speaks against fur and speaks about the victims and all and tries to get through to these awful people she has not gotten any real understanding. I mean really. And people like Oprah should be speaking against fur and calling on Beyonce and others to join her in caring and getting the message out. Seriously she is not fur free until she actually cares and speaks out against it. She is still accepting of it! The people defending her and being very vile do not see her standing up against fur being fur free explaining why it is wrong. Beyonce is not fur free. Her silence is acceptance and agreement to it. She needs to stand up and be a caring and responsible person on this issue and stand up for these victims of extreme torture and Peta is wrong if they do not make that case to her publicly that that is what is both right and needed. How DARE you call her a dreamgirl for fur bearing animals when she does nothing to help them!