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Tibetans Refuse to Wear Fur

Written by PETA | August 28, 2007
TheTibetSite/Creative Commons

I have to admit that I’m not fully informed on the whole “Free Tibet” movement. I mean, I know the high points and all, but this story makes me have mad respect for the people in Tibet who are standing up for what they believe in. Apparently, the Chinese government is trying to force Tibetans to wear fur, since they gave it up in droves after the Dalai Lama, Tibet’s exiled spiritual leader, spoke out against it in January. At a speech in India, the Dalai Lama said, “I am ashamed and don’t feel like living when I see all those pictures of people decorating themselves with skins and furs,” which inspired people all over Tibet to get rid of the traditional fur garments they owned. One guy who made his living selling fur was so moved that he burned his own store to the ground, vowing never to sell fur again. Truly amazing.

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  • dione pyrena says:

    my mom very like tibet… very love tibet n dalai lama

  • Katherina Weng says:

    i loved his story. its great that the Dalai Lama is so compassionate. i hope that animal abuse and cruelty will be abolished forever!!! its so horrible. and i can’t believe that there are people out there that actually support this idea!!

  • gill says:

    I find this discussion so interesting but find it also biased by everyone’s western belief system and background. It it wonderful to know so many people care about animals so much but the buddhist belief which is a religion by the way practised by 500 million people in the world would not want to encourage an elitist point of view to say that one culture or peoples is superior to another or to show aggression in either language or action. Some people may want to read the online article I found by sharon callahan on buddhism and animals. Buddhism believes that all living things are seen as one evolving towards a higher consciousness. Although I may not agree with everything said here as I come from another country UK and cannot help thinking about the strong capitilist belief which comes from the united states affecting us here in Europe we don’t want everything to be the same we love our individuality the US is a vast place and we feel here that you don’t understand different cultures very well and think you are superior “people in glass houses” first you can try to change things at home agreeing to the kyoto agreement comes to mind for one thing but the tradition in the west of free speech is very precious. Peace and love everyone.

  • carol says:

    darlene i agree whole heartly with you isaw the videos also of the dos and cats and those poor racoon dogs they beat mercilly and skin alive korea also allows dods and cats to be toutured for food and also they have a fur industry to these countries are the worst offenters of animals cruelty to put it mildly we shoud tell these countries we are gonna boycott your products and services as well as travel till they engage in passing meaningful animal welfare laws and enforcing them one thing we can to now is dont buy fur poducts from live animals even unlabeled fur porduts could be from dogs and cats especially anything made in china also call on the stores that still sell these products i know has alist

  • darlene says:

    I was sorry to say that I was ignorant of what was happening to are most beloved animals in China and Korea. When I saw the video on cats and dogs and raccoons being skinned alive I thought I was watching a horror movie but their was no compparison. I never new people could be so inhumane barbaric. God is watching and these people will surely pay for their henious crimes.The world needs to know what is going on in this country. china and korea should not be aloud to play in the olymics. boycot the olmymics tell everyone what kind of evil goes on over there. China started the SARS virus by slaughtering and serving in resturants the civet cat. cats and dogs were not meant for human consuption but are these people human. they will contiue to spead virus’s that distupt the world until someone puts a stop to them.I believe not all chinese and koreans are like this. Canada and the US as well as Europe and other country’s need to stop importing merchandise from these country’s. We need to support are own people and those that care about humanity.I have no respect for their government and the people who take part in such dispicable acts. the people of the world needs to see the truth Hit them where it hurts right in there pocket book. boycot china

  • tasha says:

    thats bloody wonderful….. a wise man once said ” the test of a civilization is the way it cares for it’s helpless members” all i can say for Tibet is that with this action they have passed that test! ROCK ON TIBET!

  • Maya says:

    Hi Ana! Nice to hear from you again. Sorry I can’t be here more often grad school is kicking my butt! No matter what religion what each of us is. Agnostics Christians whatever we are all adults and we should easily move past any barriers and realize that a peaceful world is what’s important. Hope we continue to support each other in saving cats and keeping them indoors!!!! blessings of every kind. Maya

  • Anne says:

    The Dalai Lama is by far the most inspirational author I’ve read.

  • Ana says:

    Hello Maya! I am a practicing Catholic but I certainly appreciate and read extensively about the lifeaffirming beliefs for all creatures found in Buddhism and Jainism. No need to convert or embrace religion if that is not an attractive option just embrace the belief that all sentient beings deserve love respect and the right to live in peace. It’s a pracice that I embrace with my Christian belief that all sentient life is sacred and all creatures have souls. BTW Jains also respect insects and make efforts to not kill them as well. Our respective cats certainly appreciate these compassionate beliefs and practices!!!

  • silvia says:

    I LOVE THIS MAN!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maya says:

    The Lama Surya Das is a great starting point for anyone wanting to learn Buddhism. Just so people know it’s not a religion it’s a practice. So no worries about getting “converted”. Yoga goes along with it. The Lama Surya Das talks about the monks living in huts on the mountain who gently sweep away insects instead of killing them. It’s a great lesson in respecting all life beginning with even the smallest creatures. And Mary very nice! Namaste peace.

  • keith says:

    Just a further thought that might interest the Cretin Twins Sue Nad. have you heard of The Jewish Lobby the Jol ?

  • observer says:

    have been boycotting chinese imports ever since the pet food recall. and will never stop boycotting them!!!! I’m getting along very very very very very very well without their crap!!!! NOT A BIT DIFFICULT FOR ME!!!! actually it’s even better!!! hurray for tibet and the dalai lama too!!!

  • keith says:

    We all bang on about China. but who is one of the Biggest Investors .. why WalMart and was the founder Sam Walton only a false name ask Sue Nad those cretins will have the answer.

  • little big woman says:

    already some years ago i was shaking hands with the Dalai Lama and i took the bodhisattva vow to help in liberating all living beings! the vajradhara buddhism of tibet is one of the highest philosophical schools and religions in this world indeed! and the tibetan people are all heroes they respect all the other living beings and avoid all pain towards animals and people! they are victims of the chinese occupation and i really think that china is loosing it’s face on a large scale they torture and kill humans without respect and they are really cruel and mercyless towards animals! shame on you china it’s so miserable that you forgot the eternal rules of the tao you forgot lao tse you forgot kung fu tse you forgot your honor and your thousands of years old high culture for to become a dirty trash bin! thousand times shame on your lost face! and millie is right we must start to boycott chinese products maybe like this they shall learn!!!

  • Susannah Sulzman says:

    This is a great story but not surprising given the Tibetan Buddhist belief in respecting the lives of all living beings. Good for the Dalai Lama though in making a point of not wearing fur.

  • Ravi Pandya says:

    Thanks be to God that there are some decenthumane and kind spiritual leaders who speak out.Can some one in the western worldurgepersuade and request the PopeAga Khan and the Queen and Archbishops to speak out against fur and cruelty to animalsfollowing the example of his Holinessthe Dalai Lama?It may help to arrest the moral and spiritual decline of the west and set a good example to the worldif the western spiritual and moral leaders spoke out.with best wishesravi

  • millie says:

    I’m gonna boycott ALL Chinese products and I urge all animal lovers to do the same!!!! They don’t have ONE law to protect animals?? Sorry China but that is absolutely disgraceful. Pathetic.

  • Nadine Zimmer says:

    The Tibetans are wonderful! I wish Americans were more like that.

  • Kelley says:

    The Dalai Lama is an amazing human being. I read one of his newer books a year ago and I am still trying to understand all of what he had to say. If anyone is looking for a challenging mind bending book I highly recommend “How to Expand Love” one of the most important books I have ever stumbled across at my library.

  • Mary Gabriel says:

    “om mani padme hung” Buddhist mantra meaning compassion for all.

  • Robyn says:

    The fact that a man who made his living off of fur set his whole store on fire in disgust with his actions is an example of how change is possible. At many demonstrations passer by’s will say “This is how they make a living.” A worker for the circus told me “I have to do this to survive.” This story proves that no one is forced to take part in cruelty and when they continue to take part in such industries are actually those responsible for it. There is no excuse for cruelty!! NONE!!

  • BullyDawg says:

    And yet another reason why we should wholeheartedly boycott China and all Chinesemade products. China has the most atrocious human rights record…did anybody think their animal rights record would be any better?

  • Ana says:

    Thank you for this bit of positive news. I for one try very hard not to purchase items made in China. It is difficult but I try. Fortunately some animal rights tshirts are starting to be made in the USA again and now I have also started again to refurbish my AR tshirt wardrobe. It’s even nicer when they are styled for women. Please everyone let’s show the public this fallwinter the horrors of fur and that animals suffer horrible deaths. Fur is not fashion!