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‘Thrill Kill’ Soldier Started With Animals

Written by PETA | November 11, 2011

Yesterday, a military court convicted U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Calvin Gibbs of the “thrill kill” murders of three Afghan civilians and sentenced him to life in prison. He was also convicted of 12 related charges, including taking fingers and teeth from the victims as trophies, which he compared to “keeping the antlers off a deer you’d shoot.” 

Like virtually every known serial killer, Gibbs reportedly killed animals before moving on to human victims: Other members of his unit, one of whom called him “evil incarnate,” said Gibbs took pleasure in gunning down stray dogs.

Psychiatrists, FBI profilers, and law-enforcement officials have repeatedly documented that people who are cruel to animals are likely to turn that violence against humans. A study conducted by Northeastern University and the Massachusetts SPCA found that people who abuse animals are five times more likely to commit violent crimes against humans.

It may be that Gibbs’ acts of cruelty to animals started long ago, probably in childhood, just as was the case with school shooters Kip Kinkel, Luke Woodham, Eric Harris, and Dylan Klebold. That’s why it is vital always to take acts of cruelty seriously, even when the perpetrators are children.

To save animal and human lives, report every instance of cruelty to animals to authorities. Today’s puppy torturer could be tomorrow’s thrill killer.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Rev. Meg says:

    The Armed Forces and the Marines don’t care whom they induct these days. I know of members from street gangs who are proudly leaving graffiti and flashing their gang signs all over the Middle East. Sadly, I am very sure Staff Seargent Gibbs is not the only one shooting locals for thrill kills over there. Our Armed Forces personel did the same thing in Vietnam.

  • billy williams says:

    Right on the mark PETA!-Virtually every serial killer tortured animals before & most school shooters(And many other spree killers)Either tortured an animal up close,Or were hunters.Case in point,You teach a kid to hunt,You teach a kid to kill & that doesn’t differ rent from animals to people.

  • Marin says:

    It’s kinda scary to know there are people like this that are fighting for their country. Like, how did he manage to get into the army??

  • Toby says:

    Humans are animals, actually. People who kill people often start with animals, but by killing people they are not murdering outside of the animal kingdom… we’re apes, and this language of mutual exclusion with the ‘humans & animals’ phrase is false & probably largely unethical in effect. -anyway, it’s good those trophy hunters were caught. If only deer hunters & the like were prosecuted for murder.