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Three Government Agencies to End Animal Testing?

Written by PETA | February 15, 2008
PETA Demonstration Against Cruel Toxicity Testing in the ‘90s

You may have heard the news that the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Toxicology Program, and the National Institutes of Health have signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” to coordinate efforts on alternative methods to animal experimentation. This stuff is always more complicated than it sounds, so it’s not quite time to pop the champagne corks just yet (as some groups have been doing)—but feel free to put the bubbly on ice, because it’s a good sign that our hard work is paying off.

Courtesy of the good folks in PETA’s Regulatory Testing Division—who have been working behind the scenes with these agencies for years to get them to admit that their bloated animal testing programs (which are responsible for the suffering and death of hundreds of millions of animals) are outdated, ineffective, and, frankly, absurd—here’s a little rundown on what this all means, and how it came about:

First of all, this is a significant about-face for the NTP and the EPA—both of whom have been shockingly resistant to incorporating modern science into their toxicity testing programs. It looks like the United States is finally beginning to realize (as Europe has known for some time and as the animal protection community has been advocating for years) that the public and the environment can be better protected through non-animal in vitro tests based on well-understood biological principles than by throwing wads of cash and millions upon millions of lives into the bottomless pit of animal testing.

Fighting this entrenched, bureaucratic mentality over the past couple of decades hasn’t been easy—and, as usual, we’ve had to use a two-pronged attack to get it done: While our Regulatory Testing Division comments on each animal testing plan that the EPA and the NTP puts forward, works directly with top corporations doing the testing and finding alternatives, testifies at government workshops and before Congress, and, occasionally, sues the government to disclose their deliberations about promoting animal tests, our Campaigns Department gets out the billboards, the bullhorns, and the bunny suits and shouts about these ludicrous, wasteful experiments to anyone who will listen. During this time, PETA has convinced the Department of Transportation to stop testing corrosive substances on rabbits, followed Al Gore around on his campaign stops with a 10-foot rabbit to convince him to stop pushing EPA animal tests, and worked (ever-so-patiently) to persuade regulatory agencies which still believe that it’s important, for example, to keep testing asbestos on animals (the NTP) and which have failed to ban a single toxic industrial chemical in more than a decade (the EPA) that maybe it’s time to stop testing on animals and start using modern science instead. We’ve also funded the development and incorporation of non-animal test methods to the tune of more than ¾ million dollars in recent years.

This new collaboration is certainly something different, and it’s a promising step in the right direction—but it has to be backed up with Congressional will and funding if it’s going to get anywhere. A new entity must be created with the resources to get the job done—it can not be left to the EPA and the NTP. The fact that the head of the human genome project is involved with this is a good sign—it’s going to take an intense, focused effort on the scale of the human genome project to get the job done.

So we’re hoping that the prevailing wind surrounding the National Research Council’s vision and the newly announced collaboration between the NTP and the EPA will provide the momentum necessary to overcome the inertia that has characterized the American government’s attitude to toxicity testing for decades, and which causes the suffering and death of more than 15 million animals every year.

For more information on what you can do to help animals used for experimentation, check out

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  • Lisa says:

    I cant even read anything about animals being abused or animals being tested on without crying. Its bad enough my teachers making me do a project on it! I cant stand looking at these pictures. They really just make me want to kill some of these people. Anybody even caught putting their hands on a animal in a bad way should be killed or put in jail for the rest of their life! MAKE THIS ILLEGAL!!!!!! #stopanimalabuse #animallover

  • Caroline says:

    Imma sixth grader doing a report for my G/T research class. animals have rights.

  • Hunjii32 says:

    My god! Animals have fellings too! And im just a 6th grader doing a report on it! D those sick minded people who do these cruel things to animals!!!!!!

  • Madeleine Lan says:

    oh my gosh im so happy that its not just me that cares so much about what people do to animals it makes my die inside to see that people can possably do such a thing to such innisont animals. thank you so much peta

  • kayleigh says:

    i cant believe such discusting footage of animals being hurt its fin discusting its horrible i couldnt stop crying i have to do an essey on this what am i meant to say nothin there isnt anything to say just that it is cruel i hate it so much please stop it now

  • Megan says:

    Animal Testing should be illegal int he Untied States!!! it’s useless and harming the innocent animals for no reason! some one needs to do something about this!

  • Pam says:

    please please please i will help in any way possible good luck…….here is a fact if you go to court for a trial1.16 of all animal disease are realated to humans so if you are killing animals for the 1.16 then they are crazy. there are way more diseases so why kill 100 million animals to just treat 5 causes.

  • Pam says:

    i hope the animals are freed for good. i wish you good luck and will help support in any way possible

  • ann mallon says:

    There has never been any advancement in scientific research in testing on animals..the facts speak for themselves..we have more research today than ever before and have more diseases..animal research only exists for the profit it gives to these greedy animal abusers..if you want to know the facts join Europeans for medical progress who are trained doctors..

  • Michele says:

    Joe you are clearly devoid of compassion. Why should animals be maimed tortured andor killed in order to allegedly help humans? There is simply NO need to test on animals and it actually has HARMED humans. Go to for more.

  • addy johnson says:

    I think that animal experimentation should be illegal. Good for the government because there trying to stop it.

  • indycar01 says:

    i said it before i will say it again!.. animal research doesnt benefit humans anymore than lawnmower studies benefit car or racing engines

  • Brandon Becker says:

    The federal government using taxpayer money is one of the largest funders of animal experimentation. To have these three agencies end their complicity in the torture and killing of animals in the name of “science” would be a huge step forward towards the ultimate goal of total abolition. Let’s push them to make this transition as quickly as possible!

  • lynda downie says:

    Wow!!! I know there’s more work to be done but I didn’t think I’d see this happen in my lifetime! PeTA you’re amazing!

  • Lisa Needleman says:

    Leave these innocent animals alone! They were meant to roam the earth be free not placed in cages mutilated than destroyed. The heartless people who do these experiments can’t possibly be human because humans feel react to pain suffering. Why must you do these test over and over again? Use yourself for the experiments if your so interested in mutilation. STOP NOW!!

  • eUGENIA says:

    I hate the fact that animal testing has gone on for so long. This makes me cry when I see animals in pain. A lot of people I know do not understand my position. I am proud Peta is our voice and that we need to change peoples conceptions. I can’t believe how people can be so cruel to animals and have absolutely no compassion. My husband and I are both animal lovers. I know some people actually believe animals were put on this earth to eat or that they do not have any intelligence. I think its them who have no intelligence. Rock on!

  • Amanda Byelich says:

    Hurray. I’m glad to see progress is being made. The US is so slow moving with policy change and animal testing is not only cruel but very ineffective and outdated. Essentially it is a waste of money when much more effective methods can be used. Cheers to the progress.

  • Debra R says:

    This is so extremely great!! I am so so happy!! I hope and pray that this works out for every single animal in this world being tortured by those sickos!!!!!! GOOD LUCK ANIMALS!!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nancy says:

    Hi Daniela You can download a list of companies that do and do not test on animals here httpwww.caringconsumer.comresourcescompanies.asp. If you’re wondering about a company that’s not on the list you can always contact that company and ask them directly… they should be aware that this is an issue their customers care about. Hope this helps!

  • Anonymous says:

    Animal testing wouldn’t be as bad if the animals were treated with ALOT more respect and care.Although animal testing leads to medical development in order to saved peoples lives I recently discovered that they were not given any painkillers while procedures were taking place on them! The animals that were being tested on were left to suffer and die in their pathetically small cages and i was disgusted and horrified by it. Nobody has the right to treat animals like that because like us they have the right to life! I cannnot understand why more isnt being done to stop this happening. Animals do not voulounteer to be tested on they have no say in the matter so why should they indure such pain and cruelty?!

  • Daniela Vargas says:

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  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Very complete post Jack. This will be a quantum leap if everything goes according to plan.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Amber Falobas says:

    Thank you guys!! i hope you go through with it! If you don’t im gonna haunt you in your dreams…

  • minotaurus says:

    the mills of burocracy are a really deadly labyrinth! i’m bleeding for these poor abused creatures. here i just can ad that once again i admire the steadiness of the PETAangels!