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Third Horse in Two Weeks Collapses in NYC

Written by PETA | November 8, 2011

If it seems like just last week that Mayor Bloomberg was callously dismissing the death of a horse used for New York’s infamous carriage rides, that’s because it was. And in the days since Bloomberg made unintentionally ironic comments like “[they] probably wouldn’t be alive if they didn’t have a job” (talk about a catch 22), there have been two more horse-drawn carriage “accidents.” (Although what else can be expected when sensitive, easily frightened horses are forced to work 10-hour days in all weather extremes on New York City’s crowded streets?)

On October 28, a horse hitched to an empty carriage became spooked and bolted straight into traffic. One witness said that the horse just missed several taxis, then crashed into a curb and fell on his side before running off again, only to become tangled in the broken carriage and harness.

The most recent incident happened during Friday’s rush hour when a horse fell down in the middle of the busy street. Witnesses said the horse either collapsed on his own or because his leg became caught in the carriage when he bucked.

New York State Senator Tony Avella has renewed his call on Mayor Slayer Bloomberg to ban the barbaric carriage rides, which are a hazard to horses and to public safety. Please join him and click here to contact the mayor and New York City lawmakers now to urge them to support Intro. Bill 86, which would replace horse-drawn carriages with eco-friendly (and horse-friendly) classic cars.


Written by Heather Faraid Drennan

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  • frances Letzer says:

    Please make your city even more friendly and clean by using eco cars instead of horses and carriages. this is not a city for horses carriages.

  • Lisanne Donohue says:

    Like everyone else has said, “Put a stop to this”. This is archaic and outdated, and cruel.

  • Laura Boro says:

    Horses do not deserve to live such a horrible and sad life. I love New york but I hate seeing the horses used as things. There are many ways to commute in Manhattan. Stop using horses!!

  • J.A. Dorgan says:

    Enough already! This is a horrendous business that is not romantic or sweet – it’s cruel and inhumane.

  • LeeAnna says:

    Please stop this! There are other ways to shuttle around ignorant tourists!

  • Helen says:

    This needs to stop. This is a horrible way for horses to live. Using classic cars will be safer for both the horses and people.

  • Paola redondo López says:

    Just stop!!!! They can’t talk but WE can!!!!!

  • Amy says:

    Just send an email to the mayor. I am actually going to be in NYC this weekend. My daughter asked if we could ride in the carriage. I said NO and then showed her this video. Afterwards, we were both crying and she said she no longer wanted to do that. Very timely video for our family.

  • Renee from Melbourne, Australia says:

    I can’t believe what I’m reading, that is disgusting! Come on new Yorkers PROTEST! Now! Don’t let this happen, the global community can’t believe u guys have not put an end to this! People power could end this in a heart beat!

  • Olga says:

    This is an embarrassment to NY!!! How much longer are New Yorkers going to put up with this inhumane practice?!

  • Elizabeth Rose says:

    People must boycott the NYC carriage rides. Only then will this barbaric practice be stopped. Shame on you Mayor Bloomberg!

  • Jen says:

    This has to stop

  • Janine says:

    Put a stop to this

  • stephen kemp says:

    get the classic cars in and save the horses

  • Larry says:

    This is a real eye-opener! I had never thought about where or how the horses in NYC were taken care of. It’s awful and something should be done about it! One concern, however: Classic cars are typically not eco-friendly. They are usually exempt from emission laws and owners are not required to maintain their vehicles to clean emission standards – even those from the year the vehicle was manufactured. They also use far more fuel than contemporary vehicles. Perhaps we should mandate rickshaws instead?? 🙂

  • Deven1 says:

    You would think that Mayor Bloomberg would support the welfare of horses considering his daughter is an international equestrian.

  • alisonrockchick says:

    I think that it is absolutly disgusting what they do to those horses. and i totally agree, the living conditions are terrible and are not fit to house horses!

  • lisa willinger says:

    Please end this trade that treats horses so badly or if you are going to allow it, regulate it much better. Horses are valiant companion animals, without which the human race could never have thrived. Please show these animals the respect that they deserve. Thanks!

  • slimick says:

    Things like this show change is needed.

  • Megan says:

    Please stop this horrible treatment of these gentle giants. They don’t deserve to live like that.

  • Wenche Medin says:

    I do not want to see these mistreated horses when I visit NY as a tourist. The way they are treated is a shame on the city!

  • Steve says:

    Please stop the horrible tradition of carriage horses! I lived in Manhattan and saw a horse collapsed on 2nd Avenue and 62nd Street. Please.

  • Julie Lepper says:

    Stop the horse carriage rides. Carriage rides in traffic jeopardize the safety of horses as well as humans. The recent collapses are evidence that the horses health is being negatively affected by the carriage business.

  • Krissy fradella says:

    Put a stop to this

  • Elise Marie says:

    ThiS should have ended a long time ago. We now have modern forms if transport this is unnecessary.

  • Krissy fradella says:

    Put a stop to this

  • Sandra says:

    Why is this still being debated? Do deaths have to reach a certain number before action is taken?

  • Jacky says:

    Disgusting, there is no need for this in ‘modern day’ America

  • Tania Salgado says:

    Not more working animals!!!

  • Mara Capovilla says:

    We must save this poor horses…Stop there and in Rome too. We don’t need to use them…

  • katie percival says:

    Please! No more horse drawn carriages in New York City. Make a change!

  • Elisa Purvis says:

    I have visited New York several times now and it breaks my heart to see how these beautiful animals are treated. Please end their suffering now.

  • Chi K says:

    We need to ban this practice NOW, those that use horse carriages should be walking or find other way to see the city.

  • Tina Dueholm says:

    Horses don’t belong in a big noisy city with cars all over and forced to run on hard asphalt all day and kept in “stables” that aren’t meant for housing horses but humans. Horses belong to the countryside with grass under their hooves, fresh air and stables that suits their need. Please ban horse-drawn carriages from New York.

  • Sarah says:

    Please stop horse drawn carriage rides.

  • Nicole Korensky says:

    There are other more modern fun ways to travel around the City, please stop the torture of these beautiful horses! Mayor, you have the power to do the Right thing!

  • dawn oliver says:

    Where’s the petition. i cannot believe this is happening inthe land of hope and glory, the land of the free, the land of opportunity! I am disgusted with New York. A country that is quick to tell the rest of the world what it does wrong. Now get your house in order! This is BARBARIC! And shame on slayer Bloomberg!

  • Tara says:

    It’s disgraceful that horses are still being used to fetch and carry people thru busy thoroughfares. Please change the law.

  • Laura Manz says:

    The third carriage horse in two weeks….beyond sad…reprehensible… When are you, Mayor Bloomberg, going to ban these carriage rides. Terrible! I am boycotting NYC and urging all my friends to do likewise until these poor carriage horses are replaced with some other means of taking tourist money!!!!

  • Lisa says:

    How inhumane we have become when people can willingly put an animal through all of that. It’s not right.

  • Clara Kisinyo-Locher says:

    Poor horses as already normal car streets are harming them – not considering the bad conditions they are maintained! :-((((

  • alex sturgess says:

    these beautiful, majestic creatures deserve so much better than to be enslaved, pulling people around crowded, dangerous streets. please, let us give them more respect, better treatment, and compassion.

  • Patty Meneses says:

    Please support Intro. Bill 86 (carriage rides are a hazard to horses and to public safety.) Thank you!

  • Irene Sami Juliano says:

    I agree, no more Horse Drawn carriages in NYC> These are beautiful animals and are being used for the expense of promoting Tourism and popularity to NYC. We don’t want this anymore. These beautiful animals should not be treated in this manner and should be respected.

  • Megan says:

    Enough is enough! Please consider the well-being of all living things, and put an end to this. We no longer live in a time where horse-drawn carriages are needed as mode for transportation, therefore animal distress and injury in this manner is unnecessary and cruel.

  • Caroline Fitzgerald says:

    Its cruel these poor horse’s having to work such long hard days, and they are worked to death

  • Sue Fitzpatrick says:

    Please ban these carriage rides! The horses are suffering!

  • Michaela Landau says:

    STOP THE HORSE-DRAWN CARRIAGES!! please, this is animal torture!

  • Angela Gamage says:

    Hi there, I actually never even considered this problem until reading this article. It is cruel to be using an animal purely for entertainment and should be replaced immediately with something save for the environment as well as harmless to animals. As the corny saying goes, “Animals have feelings too ya know.” -Angela

  • Adrienne Beischel says:

    Please put an end to horse drawn carriages!