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Third Horse in Two Weeks Collapses in NYC

Written by PETA | November 8, 2011

If it seems like just last week that Mayor Bloomberg was callously dismissing the death of a horse used for New York’s infamous carriage rides, that’s because it was. And in the days since Bloomberg made unintentionally ironic comments like “[they] probably wouldn’t be alive if they didn’t have a job” (talk about a catch 22), there have been two more horse-drawn carriage “accidents.” (Although what else can be expected when sensitive, easily frightened horses are forced to work 10-hour days in all weather extremes on New York City’s crowded streets?)

On October 28, a horse hitched to an empty carriage became spooked and bolted straight into traffic. One witness said that the horse just missed several taxis, then crashed into a curb and fell on his side before running off again, only to become tangled in the broken carriage and harness.

The most recent incident happened during Friday’s rush hour when a horse fell down in the middle of the busy street. Witnesses said the horse either collapsed on his own or because his leg became caught in the carriage when he bucked.

New York State Senator Tony Avella has renewed his call on Mayor Slayer Bloomberg to ban the barbaric carriage rides, which are a hazard to horses and to public safety. Please join him and click here to contact the mayor and New York City lawmakers now to urge them to support Intro. Bill 86, which would replace horse-drawn carriages with eco-friendly (and horse-friendly) classic cars.


Written by Heather Faraid Drennan

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  • Gatsy says:

    Please keep tohwrnig these posts up they help tons.

  • Erica says:

    A friend of mine rides in that Troxel Cheyenne. She’s a lifnloeg western rider and had never worn a helmet until very recently, but she actually really likes the look of the Cheyenne, so it’s a win all around. Of course, at age four, your son is going to outgrow whatever you get for him in about five seconds, isn’t he? I know the rule book states that any rider in any division can wear a helmet without penalty. I think a lot of saddle seat and western riders think that judges will still penalize them (maybe subconsciously). I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I would think you could plop a schooling helmet on your leadliner in any seat and the judge wouldn’t hold it against you. They might even appreciate that you put safety first. I’d be curious to hear a judge’s feedback on this one.

  • Chance Spiessbach says:

    this is sick, cruel and archaic

  • Leami Evola says:

    Please put a stop to this horrible abuse asap. Horses simply must not be treated this way. It’s totally insane.

  • Nicole says:

    I may not live in NY but no matter the location I do not belive animals should be used for entertainment. Unless you are observing them in their natural habitat where they are free. I live close to a portion of land that is reserved for a herd of wild horses. This is the way animals should provide entertainment. Animal suffering should not be held to a lesser degree than human suffering.

  • N says:

    I agree these horses have to be saved but what scares me what happens to the horse if they rides are stopped. Taken to a slaughter house we have to make sure that does not happen.

  • LMS6806 says:

    This is just awful and I can’t imagine people letting this go on. It needs to stop NOW.

  • Kim says:

    I contacted the NYC mayor and lawmakers and urge others to do the same. Thank you for the links. <3 Thank you guys. 🙂

  • Alycia Maria says:

    The busyness of the streets in today’s society no longer accords with having horses on the streets of NYC. These horses are overworked, and out of place in the traffic, pollution, and dangers of the streets. There is no reason to continue this, as it is dangerous not only to the health and safety of the animals, but to the individuals both as passengers, and also on the street. It is time to make the appropriate adjustment to the way of life of the city, and stop the cruelty to these horses.

  • Akira Makena says:

    Wow. It was understandable that horse carriages were used before cars were manufactured, but nowadays there are tons of other ways to get around NYC. Horse carriages are ridiculous and cruel. Just buy a Metro Pass and save a horse’s life.

  • Madhawa says:

    Please stop this. let these animal live freely.

  • Joan says:

    Please stop animal working!!!!!!

  • Rianne Laros says:

    I have never understood the use of animals for human entertainment. I don’t even own a pet. Even your average horse-riding is questionable, I think. But these poor NY horses in NY traffic with owners who don’t always look after them properly, it’s horrific. I’m from the Netherlands and have just sent a message to Mayor Bloomberg. I hope it helps. Keep up the good work, Peta!

  • Dawn Hubbard says:

    Recent video I saw was where horses were forced to climb stairs to loft stalls in bldgs intended for humans @ end of long day breathing monoxide, in cramped, feces-laden stalls with no rest.No respect for craetures with feelings and pain. STOP THE TORTURE!