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Things You Might Have Missed (8-18-12)

Written by Michelle Kretzer | August 18, 2012

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The perfect kickoff to the weekend: captivating photos of a mother dog who rescued her puppies one by one from a burning building and placed them safely on a fire truck.

Employees at a Sanderson Farms chicken slaughterhouse say they are forced to work in miserable 100-degree heat inside a building that’s “nasty” and that they have inadequate bathrooms and few water breaks. Sounds kind of like a factory farm … 

This is your brain on yolks. Any questions?

Finally, scientists conclude that animals are, in fact, “conscious beings.” And animals respond, “Um, duh?”

New Action Alerts

Tell Louisiana Tech to quit baking bulldogs. School mascot Tech XX died after being left outside in scorching heat, and his predecessor, Tech XIX, had to be retired after he nearly died of heat exhaustion during a game. Ask the school to use costumed human mascots at its sporting events instead of vulnerable dogs.

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Scene and Heard

If you haven’t yet read about Animal Rahat, treat yourself to some of the PETA-supported working-animal relief organization’s touching rescue stories.  

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  • Patricia Riggleman says:

    Why does so called people thinks they can get away with abusing animals and why does the government don’t give a d…? This needs to stop and unless congress steps in this will never end. Why torture GOD’S CREATURES? Can they pick on someone there own size or are they to scare they will get there butts kick and be the ones suffering? Wake up people and do what is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!