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That’s Why It’s Called the Sunset ‘Strip’

Written by PETA | June 23, 2010

No one likes to be stuck in traffic, but commuters on Hollywood’s famous Sunset Strip at least have some eye candy to help them pass the time: Olivia Munn, au naturel, in PETA’s sexy anti-circus billboard.


Olivia Munn Sunset Strip


In an exclusive PETA interview, the G4 Attack of the Show host, star of the upcoming NBC comedy series Perfect Couples,and new “Senior Asian Correspondent” for The Daily Show says that she was “brought to tears” after seeing PETA’s undercover footage of Ringling Bros. trainers beating elephants with bullhooks. Olivia is asking her fans to join her in boycotting the circus. “Everyone at home,” she says, “if you have a Twitter or MySpace or Facebook or … your own blog, you have to get the message out.”

You heard the lady: Please tell everyone you know why circuses are no fun for animals.

Written by Paula Moore

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  • Emma says:

    This is horrific STOP CIRCUSES! these animals would rather be free and wild then beaten by these trainers so stop tehe hurt and suffering.. STOP CIRCUSES! and thanks everyone at PeTA thefight isnt over yet.

  • ann says:

    When will people learn that a circus is just a means for another form of animal cruelty.It makes me sadmad and sick to heart to see these animals mistreated. What a sad life for these poor creatures.BOYCOTT THE CIRCUS! we don’t need to go and take our children to see them.