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Texas and Oklahoma Investigate Horse ‘Kill Buyer’

Written by Alisa Mullins | March 29, 2013

Authorities in Texas and Oklahoma are acting on complaints from PETA that a “kill buyer”—someone who purchases horses and transports them to slaughterhouses or feedlots—falsified forms certifying that horses who were being transported to slaughter were free of a deadly equine disease.

Twice last year, a PETA investigator rode along with the kill buyer as he moved dozens of horses he had purchased in Iowa through Missouri and Kansas to feedlots and transfer points in Oklahoma and Texas. The kill buyer was caught on tape admitting that the veterinary forms he carried “certifying” that the horses in his trailer were free of deadly equine infectious anemia (EIA)—a potentially fatal viral disease with no known cure or preventive vaccine—were actually those of other horses, not those on board his truck.

PETA alerted the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry and the Texas Animal Health Commission that the kill buyer, by his own admission, was bringing horses into the states without valid EIA paperwork, risking the health of hundreds of other horses when potentially infected horses were unloaded onto crowded feedlots.

The latest allegations in Oklahoma are part of a wider horse slaughter investigation involving allegations of stolen property, concealing stolen property, transporting stolen property across state lines, and other crimes.

What You Can Do

Obviously, this kill buyer needs to be brought to justice, but he is just one piece of a large and corrupt industry. This case is just more evidence of the pressing need to pass the Safeguard American Food Exports Act, which would make it illegal to slaughter horses in the U.S. and to transport them to slaughter in Canada and Mexico. Please contact your representatives today and urge them to support this vital bill. 

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  • g g says:

    Stop the abuse NOW. Americans Don’t eat Horses. Use the Most Highest Level of Punishment.

  • stopahorsethief says:

    Stop the horse thieves we have to do this! These people will infect animals at all the sales and when a buyer buys one of these animals for a pet to take care of they may infect their own animals as well. So result more lives lost! This is why the sale barns NEED to made responsible for the diseases brought in by killer buyers. And there ARE absolutely NO studies on how the EIA AFFECTS HUMANS OR HUMAN FETUSES. They just say oh well that’s just a horse illness, we cook the meats. Guess what-food handling and preparation spreads illnesses-this is the same with Hep, Lepto-spirosa and many other illnesses that they have NO studies proving it wont hurt you. AND how absolutely fitting this killer is one coming in and out of OKLAHOMA-the MOST televised pro-slaughter advocates in the world and they OWN the Auctions where men like this frequent! Whatcha bet they already knew this guy and what he’s doing? In clicks of pro-slaughter they laugh about the things that they do that is deceptive.