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Terrell Suggs: Our Defender of the Month Too

Written by Michelle Kretzer | January 6, 2012

While Terrell Suggs is capturing awards for his defensive plays for the Baltimore Ravens, he’s also capturing hearts for playing defense for animals. The AFC Defensive Player of the Month stars in a PETA ad that’s making January a lot hotter. Quoth the Raven, Nevermore wear fur.

Photo: Gabrielle Revere • Makeup: Demi V.

Suggs slugs it out on the field every week, but as he’s quick to point out, “I hit people for a living, and even I couldn’t … handle the cruelty to these animals .” The linebacker who challenges every quarterback who crosses his path now has a challenge for everyone: “If you can endure … 10 seconds of the [fur farm] video, you gotta watch it .”

See the video and exclusive behind-the-scenes video footage from Terrell’s photo shoot here, and pledge to tackle cruelty by refusing to wear fur.

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  • PETA says:

    Rest assured: all props used in PETA ads are vegan, from the plastic wings (photo-shopped to look more feather-like) in our “Be an Angel for Animals” ads to the non-leather footballs in our “Ink Not Mink” ads starring sports figures.

  • budgiehugs says:

    meanwhile, aren’t footballs made out of leather?