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Tell WWE to Let Vegan Wrestler Lay the ‘Smackdown’ Once Again

Written by PETA | June 21, 2010
shawnsavior / CC by 2.0
American Dragon

You may remember that a couple of months ago we blogged about Daniel Bryan, an up-and-coming vegan wrestler in the WWE. Bryan was making waves and had even defeated one of the WWE’s top superstars, The Miz. But in a controversial decision that has outraged fans, stars, and wrestling legend Shawn Michaels, Daniel Bryan was fired from the company.

Now, there’s a grassroots movement to bring him back, and PETA is tossing our name in the ring in support. Check out the letter we just sent to WWE CEO Vince McMahon, and send a polite comment to the WWE asking it to bring Daniel Bryan back!

Written by Chris Holbein, manager of PETA’s Special Projects Division (and resident WWE super-fan)

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  • Will says:

    Bring back The American Dragon! Nothing will please me more than to see him kick Cena’s f’ing head in. I do find it kind of amusing that PETA is supporting a guy who sometimes uses a move called the Cattle Mutilation as a submission finisher.

  • Lisa says:

    Actually thats not the truth Jeffery there is no real rule about chocking I mean yeah you should do it because its unfair but no real rule. An he is still will WWE he will be back on TV shortly but still sign the petition as he is a great role model like CM Punk for children and should get reconized for it.

  • Chris Wright says:

    Heres hoping the right thing is done here and Dainelson is brought back. What he did wasnt a good enough reason to fire someone its hypocrytical if you fire him for real then why are the other guys there. They are doing the same type things that got Bryan fired. Why would you let go a guy who could end up going to the other wrestling show and lose out on his fan following. Your losing out on a great asset another Jericho another possible Shawn Michaels hes got more pure wrestling ability than the entire roster yet is forced out due to stupidity of what a story line carried away.

  • Daniel says:

    Please bring back Byran Danielson the best wrestler in the world and give him a full contract to fight on WWE.

  • Benjamin says:

    Even as a nonvegannonvegetarian I’m impressed by this one. You guys are really devoted to the cause and the consistency shows. I wish more organizations handled themselves with similar integrity in their actions. …and I’m on the petition. Bring back Daniel Bryan!

  • Kristi says:

    I didn’t know Daniel Bryan was a vegan. Well good for him. I hope they do bring him back. Not only because he is vegan but because he has some real talent.

  • Robert says:

    He was fired because he broke the rules and he choked someone with a tie which was illegal in their business. The main issue was his choking of Justin Roberts with Justin’s own tie which goes against a rule put in place after the Chris Benoit tragedy you cannot use ropes or other objects to choke your opponents. So Daniel deserved to be fired.

  • Jeffrey Henion says:

    I heard he was fired for choking an announcer on TV with his tie well if thats true it is hypocritical they showed the NXT guys throwing Brett hart in a limo and smashing the limo into other carsand that is acceptable? they can hire and fire who they want but I do not agree with it. Rehire bryan danielson

  • Jon says:

    Thank you so much for doing this! Can’t believe PETA did this!!!! I’m joining PETA though I still eat meat … I’m sorry I still can’t knock the habit

  • Andy says:

    Danielson should never have been fired for acting out WWE skits doing his job in other words. Please bring him back.

  • colonyink says:

    Probably shouldn’t have mentioned MIck Foley as he’s associated with TNA now but otherwise a good and homorous read.

  • Matt Original says:

    This is as shameful of a thing as eating a lobster head…ala Sheamus’ entrance music. Bring Back BryanSon.

  • TheDanMan71285 says:

    AMEN Brother! He was the absolute chikkitychina the chinese chicken!